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  1. 43,000 armor will drop so fast at those levels. I'm not sure how you can do more damage than literally Banshee in any new content.
  2. About midday today I was playing Vazarin Banshee. I was responsible for reviving my squad mates that all had 1 revive left (A few others had a few more revives but that was it). in a 2-3 hour relic kuva survival. I had 5 if that gives you insight to further back my point as to why this post is misguided. I agree with @Xzorn's statement about levels.
  3. *Meanwhile I do a Banshee in level 300+ levels as I've been playing her since normal Banshee came out* *Laughs in Vazarin* There are many alternatives to simply health and armor for Banshee for long long endurance. She is quite powerful but a very difficult frame to play for endgame, you simply have to learn how to use her. I'd advise players to start with Revenant or any other high tank frames if you are new to the frame game.
  4. Try doing full sac crit zeni now. Just needs to be built differently.
  5. Message me on here or ingame, 500p.
  6. I’d say allowing 4 liches to spawn per mission to prevent complaints of Lichs having trouble spawning. The Artificial Intelligence of Kuva Liches are equal to the average 2012 mob. They are wiped clean no matter their level (1-5) with ease and get stuck in one room/run into walls constantly. The Kuva Lich should be smart and teleport around following you because you are prey.
  7. Honestly on my 3rd Lich as a 7 year player, I enjoy this grind but it could use a significant nerf + a massive increase to reward.
  8. Then your feedback is not productive friend. You must include solutions to the problem. I’m sure they’d love to hear reasons and how to fix it.
  9. ^^ How do you suggest it be fixed?
  10. Just got my first Kuva Lich! Would like to suggest Kuva liches can help you farm more Kuva Liches and/or gather resources for you. The time and effort to get at least one lich converted was a good 6 hours...
  11. Melee rebalance is perfect. You are fixing major issues in your game everything is simply not a cake walk anymore. Condition Overload had to be super nerfed imo. The damage it dealt was unnecessary.
  12. A mission where I actually have to work for something and pay attention and coordinate with team mates that is vet content FINALLY
  13. Radial javelin just got an augment rework that now cubes your power strength with exalted blade active! Try it out!
  14. If condition overload is still exponential you may have a few problems still! @[DE]Bear
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