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  1. Soooo this is still a thing LOL. I hope it get's fixed soon.
  2. This got fixed, I saw it in the notes when I logged on today!!! Neat... sooo pumped!
  3. After using a forma on my pet MOA, I couln't swap it's polarities. I keep getting this annoying message "Reconfiguration could not be completed. Your Account has not been charged, Please try again later". Apparently, someone on the PC posted about this waaaaay back in March LOL. Boy oh boy, I hope it get's fixed soon.
  4. OMG... LOL... you posted this in March! Aaaaaaaaand it's still happening LOL. I just experienced this 2 days ago.
  5. Yeeees... this is a very annoying bug. I'm not sure why it's been happening to me lately. I'm on the PS4, hopefully it will get fixed soon.
  6. H Yeeees... this bug is annoying LOL. It's on the PS4 as well.
  7. Is it fixed for y'all? It got fixed on the PS4. I'm sooo happy.
  8. I looooooove this idea!!! Yes, a stand alone unlockable slot specifically designated for augment mods. #MUCHLOVEINDEED
  9. Nooooope, still not fixed ^_^.
  10. It's still very buggy. SIGH- maybe it's just not a very popular augment mod. This bug is hardly getting any traction.
  11. I like how you wrote that- chuckle. Hopefully she sees it because it's still currently VERY buggy if you arent the host. I had hoped this would be fixed when Wukong's Prime variant came out but noooope. Oh well, I still love this game. Hopefully it will be addressed soon.
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