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  1. So you halfed the armor, but only of the railjack enemies, not the boarding ground enemies that still have ridiculously high ehp compared to others of the same level? You also removed the quick repair after you got your quick buck from the poor souls who bought them, but did nothing to address absolutely insane build costs of RNG equipment that at Mk-III can be worse than the stuff you build in the Dojo? Lots of people in this thread have mentioned that they could barely build one or two of these RNG parts, and they've been playing a whole lot more Railjack than me. Honestly they should either be cheap, or straight up be pre-built on pickup. Refund the people who bought them if you have to, do something! And you removed the only efficient intrinsic farm, but did nothing to make the tortuous grind easier or fun at all. If that wasn't enough, now if you max out your intrinsics you get screwed over even more because you can't farm the extra instrinsics for command in advance, it's like you guys are deliberately sabotaging the few people who care enough to suffer through your horrible new system. And let's not even talk about Liches or the plethora of other bugs you guys just ignore in favor of making the next big update, it IS nice to see a big list of bug-fixes in this hotfix, I will say that. Seriously if you guys would just listen to feedback and stop pushing half finished updates and then abandoning them to the point where the playerbase is a glorified Public-test Server people like me wouldn't have lost our patience at this point, I'm MR28 because I like this game, it's fun to play, but all the new stuff is definitely not, but I don't have much else to do. Honestly you're gonna push a lot of your playerbase to different games if you don't fix these things, me included. Edit: And apparently Archguns have been made even worse after the update? Probably not intentional like the last stealth nerf which was removed from my message so i'm adding it back, but still seems like they're intent on ruining Archwing in general. Double Edit: Idk if there's a reason I'm unaware of, but my message has been heavily edited, and not by me, the heck is that? Reverted, hope that isn't used as an excuse to ban me or something.
  2. I would like an explanation for the stealth nerfs that archguns have had recently, they're serious nerfs that went unmentioned in patch notes, I think the players deserve to know why they was implemented.
  3. Please fix the archgun stealth nerfs, nobody asked for it and it makes archwing unbearable.
  4. I'm just not gonna touch Railjack until all the archgun nerfs are reverted or at least changed to a somewhat actually reasonable state, because right now we just have glorified space pea shooters that have falloff in space for some reason.
  5. For what it's worth, I thought the event was fun and decently challenging, yes the decay time is unforgiving, but I think that's better than the alternative, which is a glorified 15 minute survival. The secret is to bring a speedva.
  6. Being perfectly honest, this is a slap in the face for people who did the past nightwaves unless we get some kind of alternative reward for duplicates.
  7. Lol rip my catchmoon riven, not that that'll stop me from using it.
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