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  1. I've got to ask what levels are enemies for everyone else for he fissues?
  2. I would a lot more fine with the system if for the dress offering was the full list for the whole time rather that the timed refreshing list as it it with the earn rate of wolf creds bones over casual players even more than the old system as it doesn't insentivise other players to stock or waste wolf creds on other mods to give to others and waste their own creds
  3. Am I they only one who feels like the rate of wolf cred earn may be a little slow early on correct me if I'm wrong but it's going to take the better part of the week to earn creds for a casual player and doesn't really incentivise player that are on more often to pick said mods up to give/trade to others, I mean at this rate I feel like the old system even with the ring and chance elements was better for people that couldn't get on for larger amount of time everyday
  4. Can anyone tell me what the tier 3 reward is meant to be? I've got clan members asking as none of us can tell what it is Edit: Nevermind turns out my clans just blind
  5. The two things I want to know and they're both about warframes themselves is, 1) is a krubrow counterpart to khora in the works and 2) A support type warframe that can restore ammo so we don't have to rely on carrier for ammo
  6. To be perfectly honest as much as I'm concern about the range change (mainly because the amount of resources I sank into primed reach) the possible hangs I'm most worried about is the potential changes to blocking because I really like using the Silva and Aegis Prime but a large part of that weapon is its blocking and any changes to blocking would potentially be a huge Nerf to it, but not only that you be saying "Hey guys if you want to Tank you HAVE to take out a far that can draw the enemies agro with its abilities cause that's the only effective way to do it now". Let me clarify on that last point but saying IF and that's a big if at that, that blocking ends up consuming energy per hit blocked then it will quickly deplete you reserves where as a frame using an ability uses a chuck of energy the ability can out last a block like that when there's a large number of enemies tainted or fast attacking ones. So what I'm saying is as much as I love you guys DE please don't make it so I can't effectively tank in anything other than the "proper" tank frame like rhino cause I really do enjoy doing it in things like frost and oberon
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