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  1. Interesting insight, but now that it does it might be a nice addition, right? Which frame did you use, did you stealth it or cheese it? I'll try stealth. The archwing bug was the literal show stopper. Even after killing everything and getting out of combat, if I touched it(awing launcher) post combat to move to the next platform I'd just fall over. Not every time, but enough to fail the qualification. I did beat it a few times in practice, but even those runs had instakills.
  2. We have the equipment slot to equip our archwing, why are we forced to use what is obviously a buggy auto equip station that is more likely to autokill you than actually equip the archwing? Another qualification failed because rather than let me fly to the next orb the awing station decided it was just going to kill me twice on an empty platform. This after killing me on the previously cleared platform. There were no incoming projectiles or even any enemies aware of my position within any of the closest platforms, I grabbed the awing pickup and just instantly disappeared. What gives?
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