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  1. When I actually want to kill a Lich, 3-7 days. But my current one has been alive for what seems to be a year almost
  2. For me it's refreshing, and a hope for what the future can be. It's all chemistry really, figuring out what gameplay modes mix best. Overall I like choice, I just hope they fix these things and give them the attention they need.
  3. I feel you... I dream that we'll actually be able to explore the system and actually contribute to meaningful impacts on the world of Warframe. But RJ 1.0 was lacking, Scarlet Spear was just arcane grinding, Orphix was just a less buggy repetition of ground Scarlet Spear, and this update turned a space-themed sanity depriving mode into a ground-themed sanity depriving mode. At this rate we'll be waiting for another 10 years (hope not but it is what it is).
  4. Couldn't agree more As for being serious: DE fails to understand what balance is, instead they tip to one side too heavily. Hard to blame them when you get too much overwhelming criticism, but oh well.
  5. For the most part, I agree, the RJ is now just a glorified taxi. That said, it shouldn't discredit the whole update, I think incorporating some ground missions was necessary for the flow of the game. They just missed a crucial part which was making more mission types and missions for RJ. If they get this correct, then all the really amazing QOL and balancing will mean something. For now though we must wait. Let's hope Update 30 changes this, as we've only gotten a taste of the whole experience they're trying to deliver.
  6. Just wondering whether DE dropped the intrinsic class for "soonTM" or if it will come with HoD
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