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  1. Nami Solo is a good starting point, but look into the Prime Ballistica as well. For your primary, go with a shotgun I guess or anything really.
  2. Not all elements come from a viable frame. Also, whenever I use Protea her Blaze Artillery can't keep up with the Specters dashing out of their LoS. How'd you manage it?
  3. Unfortunately using Mesa is necessary even though it trivializes the idea of progenitor Warframes. I found using Pyrana Prime to be just enough to get 25-50 kills solo.
  4. I gave you a numerical representation because you accused me of wanting only my opinions being recognized by the game. As I said you can add multipliers to balance out the relevancy, but you still seemed to have missed the point entirely. I'm trying my best to show you that adding new systems (variables) improves variety and fun more so than any new frame could dream of achieving. It is not my opinion, others agree and maths is on my side. But carry on, you'll probably find something else to nit-pick in my response.
  5. I hope this issue does get raised by DE, and perhaps a revisit to Eidolons
  6. Seems to be RNG, unfortunately it's extremely annoying to get unwanted repeated drops because of it.
  7. It's a nice surprise in my eyes, but I do agree the k-drive aspect was taped on inconsiderately by the developers.
  8. I simply said adding new toys is mathematically inefficient when you want variety, the amount of modification and customization determines the amount of variety. Sure there are 40+ frames, but I can't mix 5 of them together. Where's my mathematical proof? I'll keep it short and provide theory but right now there a 4 slots in the arsenal. Let's create 4 variables: a, b, c, and d. Now if you've at least participated let's imagine all of the variables = 2 (I know there are many more than 2 items in each slot but let's keep it simple, the point will still come across). Since all of the 4 variables equal 2, let's just bundle them into x; x^4 = 16. So now we have 16 possible combinations. Let me now explain the magnitude of adding new systems and why it is lightyears more efficient than adding items. With the addition of helminth (dependent) we can swap abilities, so now our 2 frames double the amount of variety to 32. Kitguns and zaws are independent systems sadly so they merely add to the amount of items we have in our slots, but it's still a massive boost. If there are 2 items per modular slot which there are 3, 2^3 items = 8, 8 + 2 = `10, 10^3 * 2^2 = 4000. So in the end, we started with 16 combinations using your system of numerous items, but now we ended up with 4000 possible combinations with a mixture of dependent and independent systems being added. Of course certain additions are more game changing than others so you can add a multiplier according to your preference and then average the multipliers and divide, but I'm too bored so I'll leave that to you. If you are still not convinced, tell me and I'll provide you the numerical comparison, formula, and whatnot. Verdict: 16 vs 4000, your choice.
  9. I agree with these points, but I suggested there's a better way of going about it just like we did with kitguns, zaws and helminth. Making frames is cumbersome and isn't that efficient when it comes to bringing variety. An actual endgame or more customization would be preferable rather than yet another weapon or frame to dissect. It's merely just chemistry; it's more fun to combine multiple elements and test them all than be stuck with going one at a time. That's the reason why helminth brought so much more life and meme potential to the game, and I hope we get more of that.
  10. Read the OP and the replies carefully again. I'm merely asking whether or not there is going to be a limit on the amount of Warframes and suggesting rework or resources being shifted away from the creation of new Warframes to better the game design and avoid power creep, lack of usage, complexity of storage/programming and other technical issues. I specifically asked people to refrain from bringing the monetary card into play since we're probably going to get into a political/economic warzone, but very few seem to have actually read that and alas here we are.
  11. As I stated, they have completely different interactions, uses, and themes. You're cherry-picking the mobility and cc aspects of 1 of their abilities. To make it easier to understand, you're comparing Firewalker, Charge and Reave, and for cc you're using Stomp, Radial Javelin and finally Enthral. You seem to be misinterpreting every point I made in the OP and exaggerating them to a level where you compare 3 completely different frames. The only frame where I would agree that there is some similarity is Nezha but I wouldn't call them the same. As for Vauban and Protea, they share the same concept of deployable structures. The have damage dealing turrets, buffing stations and AoE damage stations. The only thing that separates them is the time travel ability which is underused and Bastille/Vortex. For Hydroid and Yareli, they literally have same ultimate where you deploy a cc/damage zone. Undertow and Tidal Surge serve a similar role to Merulina but the k-drive part is enough to pass is as different. Aqua Blades and Tempest Barrage are damage dealers, but the only difference is that the former moves with the frame and the latter doesn't.
  12. They have like one ability that is similar, and they have their own different versions of invincibility. Not to mention they have radically different themes.
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