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  1. While in my necramech, my team mates pick up the thermia canister to get the rewards. They reported getting the drops while I got 0. I can confirm this as simply never being the mech during the pickup ensures the drop. This is somewhat frustrating as a lot of team mates simply dont have the patience/deliberately pickup the rewards before I leave. I do not know anything else that would cause this except being in the mech. I've lost 10+ thermia to this and curious if anyone else has the same issue.
  2. true, but this is taking into consideration the level of efficiency they had doing rj
  3. Are you trying to contribute or are you trolling and wasting everyone's time
  4. i think you mean finish up the previous expansions. and even if you tried to show a contradiction: new expansions doesn't equal expand expansions
  5. spoiler alert: he died. and now mother wants to use the void as a means of time travel
  6. Eh, I feel it's pretty much gonna stay meta focused for a looooooooooooooong time, even after the helminth system
  7. It's fun imo (the Necramech fight), but unrewarding, that's what adds to the monotony. Also the survival part is a tad bit too long.
  8. guys, we all know its getting nerfed, so why not make the most of it while it lasts and stop giving DE ideas lol
  9. As you know, DE isn't great at sticking to promises and therefore we have lots of loose strings of random content. I fear this will only get worse as we keep on shoving content islands into Warframe. This is a list of updates in order to bundle up the work DE has put in over the past 2-3 years. Before all of this - Scaling rewards! 1 - Integrate liches into Railjack and rework them. While the requiem system is nice, the process of collecting the requiem sequence is dull and boring. Thralls can still exist as bonuses but the main focus should be on completing missions/objectives and l
  10. Cambion's bounties are by far some of the most presentable and unique bounties I've seen, although they may be a mish-mash of other mission types.
  11. Tbh I'm ok with the Necramechs being OP to fight if they result in being OP in gameplay (which they kinda are). The biggest issue is the microscopic weak-points which result in almost complete invincibility. If they change that, they're otherwise pretty fun fights, though hilariously unrewarding.
  12. Few ways to solve this problem: 1 - Change Void damage to be effective against sentients and stun non-sentient enemies every now and then 2 - Grasp of Lohk's damage needs to scale with the number of weapons stolen 3 - 4th ability needs to give some sort of damage reduction/damage boost otherwise it's utterly pointless to activate unless you wanna move faster After these changed I might invest in Xaku
  13. haha, um about that. DE creating resources for the sake of who knows what is kinda their things
  14. i mean, they look cool? they have decent survivabilty and damage. unless you have a mesa prime with 300 forma they should be relatively useful. im actually surprised how good unmodded mechs are tbh.
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