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  1. I've finished all Nightwave challenge so far(in July 10) and it supposed to rank up to 5, and I open the Nightwave UI it said i have unlock the Keratose Sugatra(rank 5 reward), the unlock animation pop up but i accidentally click the Escape button during the animation. When i open back the Nightwave UI, the Sugatra remain locked, my standing has been spend and I remain rank 4. This bug is kinda annoying since my Nightwave will always be late 1 rank compare to others, I just wish to get back the reward.
  2. So recently i built a Pet Moa and Forma it , and then i want to swap the polarity of my moa so i can adjust my Moa precept mod, but then it said "Reconfiguration could not be completed. Your Account has not been charged, Please try again later". I try to swap my polarity on other weapon and everything fine, and i try restart the game but only my Moa polarity cannot been swap and i find it kinda annoying.
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