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  1. It has not been fixed. Its still on the live game. That was the purpose of this report, i also doubt this is intentional. I fully assumed this ability would have been tweaked for usage on hildryn to give flat X energy, but nope. *Screams of joy* Hildryn with this subsume is now pretty much a trinity that does not require an enemy target and can armor strip with infinite shield gating. Heck modded right she can heal as well. With Vazarin focus school, your affinity range is increased and you can pretty much reach as far as a max range trin without sacrificing anything. Ofc the standard abilities that lock out energy regen acts accordingly, you cant give energy with this ability but hey, I pretty much cast this ability the second it runs out or i see someone that might not be topped off on energy, If energy aint regen'd i know they are running one such ability. I have a new meme build on hildryn i call energy overflow. I spam Metastasis, while keeping her 4 active with max range, producing an ENDLESS amount of energy orbs. I caused a friends PC to crash cause his screen was LITTERED with energy orbs xD
  2. Greetings! I came to report that Voracious Metastasis is hyperbugged on Hildryn. The total Energy cost/Shield cost conversion coding on Voracious Metastasis needs to be looked at. I hoped i was wrong when i thought of this and that it was just an UI thing when i subsumed it, but it turns out, this DOES work LIVE as of 5 min ago. Testing in ESO and Simulacrum and a random lich mission. 775 energy in 2 seconds flat after cast. OOOoooorrrrr.... intentional? *winks at DE pplz* Hildryn new EV Meta? xD
  3. Omnom, forma for the new corpus + lich weapons. The council of Tenno approves!
  4. Minor bug but, a high annoyance. Easily seen in ESO. If a vulpaphyla is in its downed 'larvae' state. If there is a host migration during this time, the pet simply vanishes. Not visible on the interface, its as if i didnt equip one at all. Nor is it running around on its own and its simply a UI bug (Checked that) Unsure as of now, if this bug happens every time, or just when the pet is scheduled to revive itself during the host migration.
  5. yes yes, there will be some who dont care. I however do not like the idea of finding such bugs where you can double amount of something and potentially get your rear end in trouble for abusing it and keep quiet about it. I will report it, i have. My part is done. The next part is up to DE.
  6. I just drained, two murmurs, from the same thrall. I was playing as Xaku, mobile defence. I used her 3's mind control, Accuse on a bunch of enemies to just.. ignore them while the objective was being done. A thrall spawned in, started running towards me so i left it to the mind control buggers. i cast accuse again to just get more slaves. I must have hit the thrall. Once the objective was done, i walked over and i could -Revive- the thrall like it was a rescue target. Thing is, i got a murmur doing it. Then i killed it normally and got a second murmur.
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