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  1. What do I think? Well literally me when I saw this CLEMing CLEM pile of CLEMing bullCLEM CLEMing morons at DE better reroll these challenges right now.
  2. Reach mods should have base values to help out weapons with shorter range not to abuse it on weapons with already long range.
  3. As a someone who is addicted to Life Strike mod my only issue is that channeling is now toggled on/off not hold like before...
  4. Timing affects amount of gems/minerals, not rarity. But sometimes appears this tiny zone that gives additional.
  5. Legend says that someone has ever died from Hysteria's self damage.
  6. As I despise all this Nightwave bs I only have one question mrs. Night. Where do I mute you.
  7. DE:Does anything to Warframe Warframe playerbase:
  8. What is Nightwave? Literally a Battlepass. What's the purpose of Battlepass? To keep players in game without content. BullCLEM? Yes. Could've been done better? Yes. Hotel? Trivago. I wish I could give you separate upvote for just that. We could just have alerts (reworked if needed) that give standing instead of replacing them with challenges (that can be total whack btw.). Have anyone thought about that? Sure not DE.
  9. That's all, honestly. And I wish I could just "nOt Do It" but damn Battlepass Pisswave came. Before it not that bad, I need few of these so I spend max 10 minutes on searching. But nooow... Mine 6 rare crystals on both Poe and Orb Vallis, with my luck it's 30 minutes each. 30 minutes of endless, CLEMing beeping Twice Edit: And since you need it to locate mining spots turning it down is not really an option.
  10. No, worst is that some smartass thought it will be funny to bind jump/dash to secondary fire.
  11. Valkyr's 4 augument Hysterical Assault could let her jump on enemies during her 4 using your current bind for "secondary fire". I'm pressing damn secondary fire and nothing happens anymore, tried also to rebind it somewhere else but it do not work. Since new ground smahsing is a thing it's kinda useless, but please, I liked jumping like that on enemies. ...I always thought that making a jump on secondary fire was a bad idea btw. ...please don't make me forma Valkyr for the seventh time, I already will have to because of umbra forma, don't make it 8. ;____; Anyway pretty cool changes.
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