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  1. -No hour long survivals or anything approaching that length for a single mission. Instead, have the hour (or 2 hours) be cumulative. -Remove any requirement for friend/clanmate. Or allow us to complete those with a Clem Clone! -More stealth based acts (similar to the level 30+ Exterminate while undetected act)
  2. Rebecca, Thank you for this news! Very interested to see how this affects trading.
  3. Kela De Thaym Likes: Hiking, Sport, Watching Contenders Murder Each Other For My Amusement Dislikes: Traitors, Cowards, Kavats (Sorry, Allergic 😿) Wake up, you gutsacks! I'm opening up my Arena of Love to all contenders! I'm a complicated woman with a demanding nature and a take-no-skoom attitude. I don't want to hear any whining! It just distracts you from what's most important in life: APPLAUSE FOR ME! And if you cheat I'LL TIE YOUR LIMBS TO ROLLERS AND LAUGH AS THEY TEAR YOU APART! So, do you really want this? Fine, let's do this!
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