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  1. Thank you for your hard work. it is much appreciated
  2. thank god. i thought this was the itzal nerf er something lol im not alone
  3. it would be nice to get something now... no updates since new years.
  4. ty for the update its awesome that systems are now part of vox solaris!
  5. DOJO NPCs and tau system? how bout a sneek peek at railjack!?!
  6. plz make an option for deadzones on controllers while decorating. cant rotate axis without it doing it by itself
  7. can we get some deadzone toggle on or off for controllers options for decorating PLZ! this zero deadzone is killing me! thank you.
  8. you guys have entertained the thought of NPCs in the dojo. youre concerns about them being abused are known but alot of us still want them.is there any plans for them to be added? if yes will they be placeable or auto generated in their placement. alot of us would like them placeable. Also please DONT nerf the enemies in fortuna. it should stay the way as it is as described in the fortuna notes stating
  9. whoever did this frame deserves a pat on the the back. no offense i never could stand the base chroma... just hated how he looked. chroma prime hes hella gorgeous. all of it is beautiful. and i love my ruby primeTHANK YOU!
  10. thank you for the update and the new content
  11. relooged and verified download cache 3 times no mask
  12. your work in its entirety is much appreciated!
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