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  1. everything that was shiny now looks matte. plz fix
  2. can you see we are hungry for the knowledge of the update
  3. can you see we are hungry for the knowledge of the update
  4. As stated at tennocon you said your aim was to release the new orbiter facelift soon since you were unable to after tennocon and that it would come with the new dojo room for the empyrean update. im sure some of us would like to know since its been 2 months what is the current hold up? we have also seen noting of resource costs as promised in devstream 129. what are they going to be???
  5. SOME AREAS WERE NOT SHOWN in this video in order to cut time and comply with contest rules. Our entry into Warframe's dojo contest. Our dojo is shaped like a phoenix ship as it was completely destroyed and remade. Clan: Archangels Legion Tier: Storm Rank 10 Platform: PC Founding Warlord & Architect: Azriel.
  6. thanks for the hotfix and update. will there ever be a sound rework on wukong?
  7. what are the odds of us getting our railjacks in our dojo early. curious about it because im so hyped!
  8. Thank you for your hard work. it is much appreciated
  9. it would be nice to get something now... no updates since new years.
  10. ty for the update its awesome that systems are now part of vox solaris!
  11. DOJO NPCs and tau system? how bout a sneek peek at railjack!?!
  12. plz make an option for deadzones on controllers while decorating. cant rotate axis without it doing it by itself
  13. can we get some deadzone toggle on or off for controllers options for decorating PLZ! this zero deadzone is killing me! thank you.
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