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  1. I came back into warframe to check out how great some of the new melee changes are I've been hearing about only to be extremely disappointing...not that the changes aren't good, they in fact are for the most part but it destroyed my play style and main warframe. The warframe I love the most is garuda, I've always been a big fan of blood mage style characters and when this came out I was instantly addicted. But my playstyle is no longer possible. See I tried to run as a garuda claws melee only setup, no gun use, being a queen of blades style thing, and one of the staple components was guardian derision: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Guardian_Derision I would use my one, then hold block to taunt things into damaging my shield as a tank for my team but also a way for me to spam damage faster, positioning being a key part of that as its an aoe taunt and a front shield but now I can't do that. Manual blocking is gone, or rather its "auto" but with the shield up it never triggers, I can no longer taunt enemies into filling up my shield, on top of that if I try and right click to manually trigger it, it just pulls out my ranged weapon instead. There doesn't seem to be any settings or keybindings I can change to revert it, so my whole play style I fell in love with is now gone, trying to play this frame with out it has put a sour taste in my mouth. Could we still allow if it was bound or as an option to manually block if we choose too? also if garuda's weapons are selected can we select none for the other 3 weapons as well, since you can do the same with a melee should be able to do the same with garuda's claws...
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