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  1. I actually don't see that as a change to Chroma per se. He was not the only one who got self-damage removed.
  2. They made his Vex Armor damage buff work additively (Like all frames sans Rhino) instead of multiplicatively some years ago. Oh, and now you can swap elements mid-mission by hold casting his 1 (No longer tied to energy colors). That's it. It makes little practical difference considering enemies have also since been nerfed to the point Steel Path enemies are weaker than the enemies Chroma was fighting back then.
  3. And DE don't seem to have the intention to fully rework Yareli if we go by the recent interview in Polygon. She's destined to rot thanks to her K-Drive.
  4. That is very well a possibility, but it is a hard pill to swallow if you like a WF explicitly because of its theme. It makes the deluxe feel alien and disconnected. At that point might as well make a transmog system for all skins if the theme doesn't matter.
  5. That's fair, but the Artist envisioned her as Mag. In addition, if name etymology was a consideration for deluxe skins then Excalibur would have gotten something vastly different. Same goes for Ash ("Koga" means "Old River"; nothing to do with cinders or ashes), and it would have been inexcusable for Limbo not getting Harrow's deluxe considering the ethereal nature of the skin as if it was split/trapped in between different planes of existence.... Like in Limbo. It's all very inconsistent, with different rules applying at different times while being ignored some other times. That is what I have a problem with.
  6. I'd honestly appreciate your insight there, particularly the ones that puzzled me the most. Namely, the Limbo and Harrow ones.
  7. Already having a deluxe skin didn't stop DE from making a new one for some other frames (Nyx, Nova, Ash, Excalibur) despite others having none at the time (Mirage). I don't use Mag or Protea, so I have no horse in that race. But I do find it rather curious that the artist's original intent is going elsewhere and I wonder if it happened before for other frames with skins that don't fit their themes. Quite funny if that is actually what happened. I would give up on the notion of future frames having skin consistency if that's the case.
  8. This concept art (Posted in January) belongs to the artist who designed "Protea's" upcoming deluxe skin: The red one is Equinox, and the blue one is Mag according to the artist. It seems it was eventually re-tooled (Mostly in the helmet) into what is now Protea deluxe. While most deluxe skins feel like the base frame itself is unrecognizable, the theme of the skin can often be used to link them.... Except for: - Limbo getting a Sentient skin instead of Revenant, the former Sentient-themed frame (Now just Eidolon-themed). Curiously, Volt is getting a Sentient skin instead of saving it for Caliban in the future. - Excalibur getting a nomadic traveler "Zen" skin instead of Baruuk (Weird missed opportunity there by not exploring a "futuristic medieval European knight" concept for the frame named Excalibur). - Harrow getting an ethereal skin instead of Limbo. You know, the frame that can travel across planes of existence and died in the process of doing so? - Ash getting a necromancer/mummy skin instead of Ash/Inaros. He looks like an undead Mortal Kombat character. I don't see a hint of ninja/assassin there unless all hooded figures represent assassins. - Revenant getting a Lunala skin instead of Sevagoth (Ember's and Revenant's are clearly gender-swapped Solgaleo and Lunala; Ember neatly embodies the Sun, but Revenant does not represent the Moon over Sevagoth. Else, Equinox with these 2 skins being each aspect). It's a rather curious development that indicates there's something in the pipeline that ultimately decides how a skin is going to be used. Otherwise, we would be getting a Mag skin (Even if it doesn't fully fit either) considering the skin was created with Mag in mind.
  9. I don't think Kuva Weapons are going to be expanded significantly more. And even then, they can start adding weapons to Steel Path Earth, Mars, and Ceres for 15 additional variants that I don't think will ever come. They can also give them via Steel Meridian like some of the Tenet weapons and Perrin Sequence.
  10. Close and personal melee-focused frames and/or tanks, with 2* exceptions. - Umbra. - Valkyr. - Garuda. - Gauss. - Wukong. - Ash. - Baruuk. - Gara. - Khora. - Mirage* (Thanks to cold Elemental Ward). - Ember*. - Lavos (Full Gladiator build since I don't have to worry about energy or duration).
  11. I don't play her for the same reason I don't play Harrow or 25 other frames: Not my style.
  12. I'd presume it's tied to Operators, whatever the change may be.
  13. Fun in the entire game is one thing. Fun when performing a specific action in said game at the expense of your effectiveness is a different thing. Sooner or later, the need to be effective will triumph over the specific fun action. The issues K-drives have are a lot more than just the controls: - You are cutting your arsenal to 1/3 because you can't melee or use primaries. - You are prevented from using abilities. Many frames need for some abilities to be active in order to stay alive. That's without considering that many frames are entirely designed and built around their abilities and expected frequent casting over gunplay (Gauss, Lavos, Ember, game poster boy Excalibur). This goes way beyond controls in tight corridors. The drawbacks for having "fun" by partaking the specific action of engaging in K-drive are simply massive. They are so unbalanced and tilted towards "fun at the expense of performance" that it is very hard for most people not to feel severely handicapped when partaking said action, thus they avoid it. Something doesn't have to be efficient in order to be fun, but the fun thing shouldn't massively decrease effectiveness by a such a wide margin either. Otherwise, it becomes a handicap rather than a simple preference. Might as well choose to remove all your mods and/or equip the dragon keys by the same token if having fun at the explicit expense of effectiveness is the goal. You can also try to play with one hand if you'd like just for the fun of it. And I write this as someone who supports the notion that developers have to protect players from themselves because players will otherwise optimize "fun" out of the game. Not anymore. DE decided to make a K-drive frame with said K-drive being front and center to the frame's performance and identity, which is further amplified by the fact said K-Drive is the frame's only defensive ability. A defensive ability that locks you out of primaries and melee, mind you. Not to mention the financial implications of such a frame remaining as unpopular and disliked as it is now all the way to its future Prime Access. Otherwise ask Atlas; he had his Prime Access cut short by an entire month because he was not popular enough as to be kept active for 3 whole months vs. releasing Ivara Prime during peak holiday sales season. Thus, it is on DE's best interest to ensure people have compelling reasons for choosing to engage with the "fun" thing beyond fun alone. After all, I am certain there were many players who were having a lot of fun with Atlas, but not enough buyers as to sustain his Prime Access for another month.
  14. Fun is indeed the reason, but fun will often take a backseat to effectiveness when fun feels like an obvious handicap to your performance because you know how you perform when not having fun.
  15. Last year, I proposed for DE to integrate Liches to RJ as shown in Tennocon. However, my proposal included making the RJ fight optional while giving you bonusses for choosing to kill your Lich/Sister that way: The current implementation just drags on the cycle for no benefit at all. I would much rather prefer for the second Lich fight resulting in their weapon's bonus getting a buff to ease the farming (Less copies needed to max it out), or a second chance to roll an Ephemera if it didn't have one before. They could do this by allowing you to fully kill your Lich on the first fight by giving you the option to vanquish or spare in the first fight (Spare makes the Lich run to RJ), and then convert or vanquish+ in the second fight.
  16. Update: Finally got the Kuva Zarr and Hek. Still need multiple copies (Alongside the Grattler) to max them out though. I'm not looking forward to this. 5.26% per attempt is brutal when you need so many copies of an item.
  17. I don't think K-drives will ever be "fixed" unless they are given huge compelling reasons to be used vs. Archwing beyond having fun. They need to be reworked to allow for the usage of primaries and melees (Even if for basic attacks per weapon class) as well as allowing you to cast abilities while riding them. They could be given generic casting animations rather than re-doing all of them to tailor the base frame. In addition, having K-drive mods be affected by WF mods for scaling would make them synergize better with the rest of your build. Still, handling and fall resistance has to be looked at. Currently, K-Drives compete in mobility and "fun". However, "fun" tends to be secondary to efficiency/effectiveness. Thus, K-drives are only able to offer mobility and they are vastly outclassed by Archwings, leaving them with no purpose. Archwing also using primaries doesn't help K-drives either. They would have to be re-worked so they only use Archwing weapons so K-drives get the exclusive benefit of primaries. That way, the K-Drives get a huge (Not slight, not mild; huge) distinctive combat/tactical advantage over Archwings. In turn, Archwings have the mobility advantage due to their speed. I don't see any other way to make K-drives compelling. I'm not going to do tricks and grind walls in the middle of a survival mission when I could be killing enemies instead, and their reception indicates I am not alone in this sentiment.
  18. DE, I just spent 2 hours and 53 minutes (Measured by a podcast I was listening to) doing Cassini over and over and over and over and over again trying to get the Kuva Hek or Kuva Zarr and still didn't get either. There are 19 Kuva weapons in the game. This means that the chance of getting the weapon you want is 5.2%, and depending on your luck, you may need 8 additional copies of said weapon in order to max it out. Those odds are simply absurd at this stage. Please split them over multiple planets. There's Saturn, Uranus, Sedna, and the Kuva Fortress for level 20+ Grineer missions. 3 of those planets could have 5 specific weapons and the last one gets the remaining 4. Thank you. Sincerely, an extremely frustrated player after nearly 3 hours of farming for something you need multiple copies of.
  19. Only on paper. The 888 is advertised as having a peak theoretical performance of 35 TOPS (Notice they skipped they F for Floating there). How much of that is FP32 as opposed to FP16? And for how long can it sustain or deliver said performance in a very close and tight space that uses passive cooling and a 5,000mAh battery? Heck, the Switch itself is a clean example of this. Performance is more than halved when not in the dock, and if you use homebrew to force it to run at dock level-performance in handheld mode not only does it get extremely hot to the touch (Which hurts internal components due to lack of active cooling as the fans are in the dock) but battery life is cut to 1/3. That applies to phones as well.
  20. I don't know about Molecular Prime, but Gloom further increases their damage reduction when active.
  21. In case you forgot or were taking a break from the game back then, "Working as intended" didn't stop DE from labeling Venari's target healing ability a bug during Scarlet Spear and removing it (Instated later) despite Venari having an in-game tooltip explicitly indicating it could heal defense targets.
  22. Scarlet Spear Venari and Limbo nerf is a thing that happened. Thus, I won't be surprised if they target Banshee because of how she performs in the new content despite no change being made to her.
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