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  1. Which is a wonderful experience when your pilot config and your crew config have different mods and you can't choose if you are going to be the pilot or crew without a dedicated squad because you can no longer guarantee you'll host the mission otherwise. Just a 10/10 design decision worthy of praise and an ever-lasting altar.
  2. Will the galvanized CO mods be fixed this year? I have lost count on the number of times I've reported this hotfix after hotfix after hotfix after hotfix after hotfix after hotfix.
  3. So you trust the credentials of a guy who will get a heart attack once the Decaying Dragon key exploit is eventually patched? You don't see a relation between him feeling PSF is a "mandatory" mod and his boring, crutch-oriented, challenge-negating, automated builds?
  4. Primed Sure Footed is a rotten, toxic, AIDS-infused cancer that should have never existed in its current form that protects you from self stagger and thus removes the ONLY possible risk for using large blast radius AoE weapons, which is one of, if not the biggest reason why there is no place for single-target weapons in the game because AoE weapons have more advantages and little to no drawbacks once PSF gets involved. I don't think it's healthy for the game to make PSF available earlier than it is, and even in its current state I have argued it should not protect you from self stagger:
  5. Early-mid December. Why? Caliban. Caliban is the quest reward for TNW. DE will show Caliban's gameplay for the first time at the end of the month during the devstream, and they usually release a WF 1 month to 1 and a half months after being shown. This all translates to a December release.
  6. "We don't like red, we want blue". "We hear you. No red; here's purple".
  7. Is Galvanized CO mods being broken since Nidus Prime going to be resolved before 2022?
  8. I want a fair time getting those weapons at +60. Right now, it's over 40 hours of sister grind for a guaranteed drop, or a 62.5% of not getting any per run if you go the Veil instead. And after you get 40 keys, it's anywhere from 3 days to forever if you want for the vendor to give you the correct element at +60 so you don't have to buy duplicates and start over for 40 additional hours per weapon per boost. If the current odds sound fair, acceptable, defensible or even understandable to you then this is moot. Apparently, what they want to hear. Again: 24 pages of people telling DE that increasing the amount instead of the chances was not going to change much. For over a month. Yet they still did exactly as they said they were going to do and closed the thread. They are hearing what they want to hear, and I hear they just ask for feedback out of PR courtesy.
  9. Did you not read the OP? Did you not read the 24 pages of people arguing with DE that their plans to "improve" the holokey grind was terrible because it didn't improve the odds? Again, are you THAT dense or are you gaslighting?
  10. I have said many times before that we need to be nerfed, loopholes need to be closed, and cheese needs to be trashed. Holokey grind is not TSP. There is nothing you can do to speed up the process. And even if you do get 40 holokeys, you are then at the mercy of the holokey vendor RNG, which can make you sit with the keys for months while you wait for the weapon you want at +60 if ever. Please stop mixing up gameplay/combat/mechanical difficulty with luck. RNG is not difficulty. RNG is not engagement. RNG is not challenge. RNG is not a progression system. It's a time-waster and nothing more beyond that.
  11. I disagree. I believe the game should offer a challenge for absolutely everything it has given you. If not, take it away for good. This is true for every single game. If you give me the best there is, make sure there's a place where I'll need it.
  12. It's almost as if people warned DE about it and they decided to ignore it. It's almost like DE gave us the tools we have but nowhere to use them. It's almost like the state of the game is due to DE ignoring feedback when people point out a potential problem, they go ahead and do what they want, and turn the problem that was warned into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  13. Are you implying that there's only a fake dichotomy choice available in which it's either extremely efficient or not efficient at all with no room in between? And have you forgotten who you're replying to after the many back in forth arguments in which I want for the game to be harder rather than easier? Are you honestly that dense or are you just gaslighting and pretending otherwise?
  14. So you have a 62.5% chance of not getting a holokey after 10-15 minutes. Might as well argue endo, Vitality, Redirection and credits are your "reward" while you're at it. Neat. So you need to do 40 full squad sister runs with each run taking 1 hour on average from sister generation to final showdown to get 1 of each weapon, which may not even be at +60 of the element you want because you can't even control that, meaning that it will realistically take way more than 40 full squad sister runs. Sounds perfectly reasonable. Particularly so when you completed the sister grind before they even announced they had decided to do this. On topic: After 24 pages of people trying to reason with DE, they ignored everyone and closed the thread. For me, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. It's the first time I've been this disillusioned with DE as a dev team. They don't care about feedback. I'm at the point I'm getting angry and feeling insulted when they ask for "feedback" out of PR when they have zero intention to act on it.
  15. Agreed. As I said: They are prioritizing the animations of an individual stance over the actual weapon on its own in a thinly disguised attempt to justify the bash lab's existence.
  16. Considering the 24 pages of Holokey drop chance feedback they decided to ignore, what you are expecting is sadly not out of the table.
  17. In a different thread, Reb said it's because of your ability to "ride" the GS like a K-Drive. An ability that is tied to the stance of the weapon rather than the weapon itself. In other words, they are prioritizing the animations of the Butcher stance over the actual weapon faction. This implies a future Corpus GS will also go to the Bash Lab as well by virtue of it using the same stance.
  18. Still no fix for Galvanized CO mods being once again broken since Nidus Prime?
  19. As someone who nearly quitted the game because of lack of initial story-progression guidance: Yes. Tutorials and a certain level of guidance would absolutely help. DE is now, after my 4 years here, adding a persistent quest marker which will hopefully let new players now there's more to the game than "complete missions".
  20. Fixed in July. Broken again with Nidus Prime. Reported at least 4 times:
  21. It's meaningless. fruitless, and worthless to do so. Warframe will never devote the necessary resources in order to make it ¨deep¨ because every second and budget cent allocated to said purpose means a second and a budget cent not allocated towards attracting new newcomers with fresh wallets and a game to explore and catch-up with. This was made crystal-clear without a sliver of doubt the moment they started selling Necramechs and then Railjacks, with the cherry on top being capitulating to demands of buffing guns so they can work better in hard mode. As I've said before, it's a matter of time before they start selling Steel Path/Arbitration access keys. You are not DE's target audience, neither am I. Thus, your (Our) only options are to make peace with that and play for brain-dead fun, or move on to another game. Here, you'll only find a new frame, a new weapon, a new mod, a new arcane, and some times a new game mode designed to prolong its lifespan as much as possible by hiding all of that behind RNG. Yes. I've given up. Yes, I'm tired of sharing feedback that gets ignored. I'm tired of expecting for an endgame to exist in WF. How many times do you have to feel like DE's priorities will never align with the idea of devoting resources towards intrinsic rewards and content that tests all you have earned to the limit? Let's count my own..... There's a point in which you just have to give up and lose all hope just so you won't start hating the game, and DE making new decisions and adding new content that repeat that revive and highlight the exact same points of contention as previous iterations (Holokey grind) just means they are not going to act on feedback that doesn't happen to align with what they already have in mind. 24 pages of people explaining to them as calmly as possible, as logically, respectfully and practically as possible why the Holokey changes ring hollow for nearly a month only for them to still go ahead and do what they said they were going to do exactly as proposed with no changes and then close the thread. Give up. For your own sanity. It's not about lack of good ideas. They have hundreds of pages of good feedback accumulated throughout several years. The recent Holokey fiasco just shows it's not about "good" ideas. It's about what aligns with what they intend to do.
  22. There are millions of ideas across the multiple years this has been an issue. It's not happening. DE made it crystal clear when they: 1) Decided to pollute the then good Arbitration tables. 2) Decided not to clean-up reward tables for The Steel Path. 3) Created the Holokey grind with no duplicate protection for Sevagoth parts. It's not that they don't have ideas or don't think they can work. They just don't want to and no amount of discussion is going to change that. We have no power over this and no feedback is valid if we go by the hundreds of pages of ignored feedback precisely about these issues, with the 24 pages just in the Holokey dev workshop alone being the latest example.
  23. Not needed in my opinion. They could simply not holster them at all. More so if DE decide to go melee-only for flavor.
  24. I don't see the relation. I don't see other posts pointing out the Infested can use weapons. The other post about the Zeloid is about who would be controlling the Liches.
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