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  1. No, because you could of done that in Solaris when slaying the orbs for you could of dab far distance and take a photo of it to remember by.
  2. Actually the probelm is there were 2 female frame out early then then the guys, pretty much the guys are coming out again, but keep this in mind that we will get female warframe again unless you want something ugly then probably patient should be an essence for good frame.
  3. I still had not recieved my Hydroid Prime and that hand cannon, I was online and mostly hushed during that time.
  4. not her husband, her father tapping it seems that the Man In The Wall was able trick the orokin.
  5. mine was only there for 4 mins, not been there for an hour. This is where we have to re-read the policy of being moderator and those who is obeying and not had been using their moderator's ability not for say and scoop and assume it it is the same. For note do apologized to moderator who is reading this for I am not qualities stander-ed for I understand I am not doing so and so but if moderator are not correcting themselves then it is pretty much to assumed they are doing the job correctly and not just force every single thread without confirmed job it is did it correct. https://www.warframe.com/community/volunteers#modscc
  6. Also I didn't use feedback page in general back and categorizing it feedback draw me little to the point being offended by the moderator without provided thoughts and just slap it off fusing into someone else page for assuming it is "FOR CLAIMING THE SAME THING" this is also violation of policy for it was assumed it was same thing but it is not for it isn't a sum it up as same for I am only discussing if there limitless bound of saying this but this person who own this thread did not sum it up like of mine and my own thread that was force to submerge into the person thread. This is clearly is act of incorrect for saying and making faults statement on the side of that moderator.
  7. I just sent in a report and if they don't reply I'll get going talk one of them like I did last time and put questions why did my thread fuse another person thread as an honest person would do go off ask question.
  8. It shouldn't merge at all for my thread is base on figure of "What if switching abilities has no cap limit" and so on stuff, this didn't made to be the following of follow of the leading post of this for it did not say of type of example sum it up similarities in the 1st place. Also I phrase it if a frame received a different and multiple type of abilities that it could cross if it doesn't have the cap.
  9. What if the switch ability was is not cap for as in switch any of your 1-4 abilities, able switch any ult power, able switch your passive to any passive that you liked as how would you turn this to be into your field of making your great creation of single that you chose frame and which one you choose and why? (Note you can have more then 1 frame if you feel like adding to it) ______________________________________________________________________________________ For me which frame I will pick is obviously either Chroma, for this boy is going have that thick regen health, change his Dragon Breath to be Rhino's Roar on his 1st ability, then I'll change Chroma's 4 to be actually Syran's alt more likely I would nuke the room for the time being and see how powerful does it get even further beyond. Another frame I would make it more powerful is Inaros for what ability I will change is his 1 ability to be Iron skin because I can and wanted to see how strong does it goes beyond the limits if there is no cap for it but see how greatly the armor becomes, then I probably will change Inaros's 3 ability switch it with Atlas's golem rock buddy because a king need his guards men. As for his passive I will just be Nidus's healing passive again.
  10. nope, I lived in U.S.A but some odd reason its is unavailable.
  11. that I do agreed. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Pretty much this concept sound like it is stolen or try copywriter from destiny 2 game.
  12. that is why they aren't suited for space for they more likely be ground heavy tank or that military what you ma call it? oh this here it is more likely is this picture here for it drives around and just got a gun for an arm...where is my ramming stick that is spiked at the end?
  13. Welp you know this means...I have to call in the troll team to see they are still actived in warframe here on out of view.
  14. note not an archwing but a mech if it doesn't have wings that means it is not archwing, if it lies for yes it does but it doesn't mean it is suited to be kept in space or move fast enough like an archwing, more of Hawken game where control feel like that way.
  15. I know, it is more likely his passive that type of "trash" is pretty much useless, more likely get Nidus's passive I mean who don't want be a tank that heals the same time? More likely Inaros would like this ability. Thx DE for making Inaros even further greater tank then before.. If you think about it this is DE's own trap but did we fall for the trap? yes we did and it just work.
  16. Yea I know but still every warframe is really for the truth their signature moves if you think about it like Nidus for every ability he has is absolute signature moves. That is the big problem and Frost do attend to use his ice waves for it should of been his other signature move but it didn't for it is slight possible that Roar more likely end up can be used in buffing self or either Iron Skin the true signature move. To come think about it if chroma get his hand on "Roar" it is basically is going end up being his most powerful move set on his 1 and it would be perfect build for him for he does rely every ability boosting and smacking and he will actually buffing only himself for making his weapon dmg even greater for it might able take down the Eidolon in the steel path. For that gotta team it that one.
  17. If they let Rhino's roar or Rhino's iron skin out for everyone knows that what happen you give it to Inaro the iron skin ability... Grineer: keep firing! *gun fire going off* Inaro: Your bullets mean nothing *grineer pull out massive bombardment on inaro* Grineer: Haha tenno scum just ea-... *coming out the smoke is Inaro with Iron Skin on while Inaro play some song* Inaro: what you just say me bruh? Grineer: Oh Vek... If it is Rhino's Roar then it is possible it is going end up with either with Mesa or high hitting frame who can let exalted weapons get buff by rhino's roar which rhino's roar is utterly king here which Chroma would of borrow that power from Rhino's Roar making him the force to recoken with.
  18. Yup when I nail it when doubt is flying for you let doubts come in. Basically we don't know that is true or not for the fact it might be not. They are trying scale it right every time and best they can to scale it for now but pretty much we wont' know it until later on. More likely the dev did announce it how the way it is being put into but it doesn't mean it is going be forgotten but the only "Deleted" was very old event that the dev regret making was Lunaro that ball catching mechanic and try score but it ended with no one touches it even the devs didn't touch it again. They finally threw that into the garbage after they had steel path released. At the time being these necromech are seem pretty fun to play around for the fact but too bad you can't really you know jack that PoE that the grineer had stomping around for that machine I want to jack because it is Leonardo's tank but with legs XD.
  19. I am only 1/10 hype but there is expectation of it then there is that sweet word "Doubt" for what could possibility it is going be like bugging out like crazy?
  20. same here, could you imagine calling mech from Cetus' Plan? Grineer: I see nothing new today *sigh* *grineer see something coming down the sky* Grineer: What da Hek is at? *grineer glance the site* Grineer: mmmmmhmm *grineer see rising mech* Grineer: oh...vek *mech start firing*
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