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  1. my 1st frame I fashion was excal prime for he was being picked on a lot during that time then I was getting that dark stalker vibe to give off to scare the players and mistaken the excal prime is the stalker so it was some fun funny confusion
  2. I hate to say it and your going hate it, I read your thing your suggestion but I have to kindly declined this idea because we had moments of making whole bunch of friendly lich buddies and making huge army of them is basically just pretty much. As we got specters actually do huge amount jobs during mission time and they are really powerful if anyone forgot that specters balance during mission and this vid is very old one too. we had spewing load of specters during this time and they were super great even by it's own even the extra specter frames which Atlas/Prime did really super good
  3. *sigh* Isn't this your google paper here? I just said that would be a new frame good on paper that would be the name for your new frame more likely you wrote that if you want this implanted into nekros or become a new frame, in a way you suggested for I am telling you simple as fact it sounded like a new frame because the fact is nekros is on the base discussion of rework but the idea you imported as property sounded the frame is a type of new frame that would be in the game. This is I refer giving a name of that frame that would of been nice ring for it lucrecio for your base on fram
  4. it is new frame more likely your idea post on google. Basically warframe frames are countless and unlimited amount there is which you can suggested your idea your frame, name, art and so on stuff.
  5. I hope your not planning going to bot it, plz don't have that idea just have ppl really reply and spam it
  6. it felt like we all should go in there and spam the daylight "rework nekros" in there because they hadn't been coming to the forum lately...
  7. That is depending in some point but we are basically talking about how terrible it is and energized arcane if you don't have it your basically screwed adding negative to survivability which I think not lots of players have it or either have it on full rank on it for they end up either relying on zaw weapons but getting riven for it is pretty much your playing a shuffle deck of cards as you pull out one is basically will not turn out be the card you wanted as for ppl sell riven mod zaw they attend sometime sell it but higher price and players aren't willing to hand out huge plat and sometime it
  8. if your talking about the helminth system then yes it did got nerf before it came out but if you use strength build it will increase small amount dmg but assuming aside if your talking about the main frame that is rhino then No because they nerf his roar too many time in the past. It isn't meant for other frame to actually take it in and be ok, it was actually meant for frames who need the self buffing dmg that focus on weapons and never attended apply other frame because on roar is only focus on weapons never the abilities. In other words, they will not nerf this and they nerf it no good re
  9. they do get a boost but different type of boost. Vome heals, while Fass I think it increase attack (I think) because these blood split all over the floor basically has nice radius aura to boost these infested but if they are in the range of Vome or Fass blood range aura field then yes it change them. This works on our frames because they are infested but it does not work on void kids because they are made out of the void stuff.
  10. *sigh* its the cursed bug that always find me everytime...it really really sux.
  11. Had you ever had leech stuck in the wall before? use google translate for they pronounce it for you.
  12. Then you had not run against leech enemies or either your fighting the wrong type of enemies. Try SP Corpus Survival prepare for be trigger.
  13. It is nice on paper but this means the dev have to "Rework the trailer" I think new frame sound good on paper and it sound like Spiritualist frame which I think it is nice ring to it. We had not a single frame focus on actually focus support and AoE stunlocks. Which I know Rhino is like that but everyone threw out Rhino's roar or stomp and it seem that it is more effective then nearly all frame. Naming the frame who acts like twilight from light and dark, more of fitting name it requires. *edit* I think a name perfect fitting and it's a boy name " Lucrecio "
  14. whoops then I miss the joke, what was the joke again?
  15. yup, list of complainer. *sigh* Felt like we need bring out the whip and let themselves whip themselves in the back to rethink their own action sometimes but some action are sometime right.
  16. Your not the only one, I had friend invited the grineer and corpus from long time ago...it was Baro's best friend's wedding and thous guys totally crash it. Here is their picture I have here. I don't have the picture but they actually did something close to this...
  17. When De is going update nekcros's 1 and 2 ability? Slowly disppointed the nekcros's fan boys who supported neckros wished for good version of nekros to be specif good.
  18. mission mode is like a dungeon so you basically can't even say that at all no more. No one said it is going be base on that game, it is players who is fan made made that suggestion K-Drive is sort of but no because they already have kubrow's racist thing which you go to the kid and get your K-Drive ready to get driving and see you can beat ppl's score No one said it only you did What? your talking about outter space RJ already exist which means RJ = Railjack no reason add the flip the bird at the Dev you mean mastery rank trials they already exist but i
  19. can I be sarcastic about this? fug it I am going do it anyway, good job DE you nerf things like you did like last time like the Bramma, here is applause for you.
  20. Hildryn eats enemies armor and helly mode is like vauban's 4 without the vortex, hildryn laugh at little men with shield even little men come with big shield. feel like bad time pull out this old meme when she 1st appeared but why not because she is like that is why she call thous corpus "little man" cuz she crush their shield like a juice box. Whatever you do don't give her sparr she crush little men between her strong legs. As again not going off the topic, Hildryn would have huge amount shield which I believed it would of reach about probably somewhere in 10k of shields and
  21. oh the next prime vault? well steam just announce it that frost and ember which fire and ice prime vault time.
  22. The reason why no one had come to his party was really in reality...
  23. Not really entirely against better redirection but this is still a no because you know the reason why. Hildryn no reason adding any more further with shields unless DE release warframe riven mods as in frame riven mods then why da fug not because they already broke the wall, why not add stuff while we are at it then it be top tier request by the players demand. Right now it is not needed because the fact we aren't reaching or facing lvl 250 enemies and rank would be high just now for frames and slots to be ready against thous guys. No, because the regular adaptation is too p
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