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  1. 1 minute ago, Wyrmius_Prime said:

    There is no point in further diluting the drop tables of RJ Avionics. That is very bad. It is better to have separate places to farm those things, because that way you can get whatever you are specifically looking for much quicker. Diluted drop tables have been a problem in this game for years.

    And then there is that old argument I heard before.  If RJ is getting free space flying around then I will repeat this like last time, why not have archwing has it's free roaming flight mode too, then there was more of type argument of free roaming killing enemies which all have problems.  Then the argument of players less complaining about who is having free roaming space freedom.  More likely we all know that players who get archwing is going face RJ like it or not because there was that random event "Scarlet Spear" is a thing and not progresses any further with RJ taking more advantage over the archwing now.  Pretty much right now they are gunning their own feet for not taking advantages using free space making a mode for players freely mess around in space to deal with getting endless hours free mods instead put your time into nodes will never be touch.  Then again free open space probably going be same as the nodes.

  2. they need put archwing mods and rest of the arch-weapons into RJ.  Sadly disappointed they didn't fuse it already when they just said they are going fuse the stage archwing and RJ but it didn't turn out it will happen for I was looking forward rate drop of archwing and archweapons drop rate will be high there.  Just feeling bit of let down about it.

    4 minutes ago, Wyrmius_Prime said:

    The mods aren't that rare, people just really rarely play the AW nodes. I made some really easy plat selling the basic multishot mods 50 plat each lmao.

    That is true, it isn't that rare in AW mission nodes because ppl stay away from it about 100 feet pole away unless your doing SP then your force to take it like a man.

  3. 3 minutes ago, quxier said:

    So what do you think?

    What I think?  This is my opinion so get ready for longest rant and text wall what I thought of Xaku.

    To think the frame with no dmg abilities is a frame without a doubt is this just being an ordinary man or woman?  If so if it fee like ordinary frame then what is the point to have a frame that is base on being weak, if said dodge seem good on paper is it weak?  Neither is correct answer for it depends on in stats and passive, lets take the example of, the Adventure Quest World game, that they have a class called "No Class" a April fool joke and yet somehow it still kick player's bottom bucket of the list in some what in way how it still able defeat strongest and terrifying enemies.  That were the game is base on stats and skills with the elemental of gear items to view it as water it down using the word potions and junk.  This game base on almost the same idea but more of revolutionary type RPG base on but warframe base on melee, range weapons and frame to do the done killing spree.

    This presumed as base on balance, the balance between melee, range and frame are pushing each other struggle in that type category of balance for example everyone know the opticore.  Base of power and super heavy blows this gun is good go with any frame even Xaku but let say you have the greatest weapons in melee that wipe the floor the enemies, Xaku is cool with it too but pulling back to the point where does Xaku stand on in power?  For Xaku stand on none in % scale actually put his own weight into the fight he more likely is a bystander frame and only meant for sentient killer as nothing else even thou you have dodge power it doesn't mean it is suited for everything even bombarder lvl 100 has shot you a missile even you dodge, that missile what the odd it will go down and hit you with the AoE even thou DE stated that 75% reduce incoming AoE muffle hit will not hurt you that is pretty much a lie when it come to steel path which there had been players been killed lot faster in Steel this time while they are playing Xaku.

    His support for the gun and melee is pretty much the gun and melee sit on topple on the frame more of "No your not great, Rhino's roar do better then your 1 ability" as Rhino is best for turtle-ing, buffing team (special augment let him re-roar), and also has his 4 for crowd control.  Where does Xaku sit in what category?  Well putting him in his ranking skills base on his ability

    • 1 Ability (self buffing) is Rank C barely you can't even down his/her strength at all for requires a lot out of it but seeing it isn't much it is pretty much down fall and still meant for sentient killing
    • 2nd ability ranking is still in the range Rank D+ but this is when you don't use other ability to support it when we actually have guns to kill grineer or top strong enemies at eased even paracises doesn't need a support from Xaku's abilities for the Rank would of rise up if it was actually scaled dmg but it tumbled down for it would of been Rank A if it was scaled dmg but sorry failed horrible.
    • 3rd ability isn't something isn't impress for Accused is Rank E because it isn't recastable or worth casting it at all, Gaze is Rank C+ but when you realized when your hitting the one who you cast on that enemy that single target, it will not received big dmg like how Garuda how she blood alter enemies which Xaku could of accidentally had bombardier in bind then once he is release he is free bombard your bottom tin suit which your dmg is denied which you only nick him some hp that is all.  Then we got Deny everyone was hype shooting laser out their face for it was the worst of the worst disappointment ever Rank D for it is nice and all but the range is a joke still, dmg is a joke, void is only bypassing though armor but never was actually a true hit for I rather have Nekros's soul punch for spamming meme at least Nekros's soul punch is D+ while Xaku's Deny is a spit in the face of the enemeis
    • 4th Abilities is Rank B+ like I said it isn't not bad on paper but the weak point is the really the AoE explosive and enemies have grenades, and few other explosive type of weapons and gas from the infested is super laughable.
    • His stats is really base world flimsy easy glass cannon but to a thin of barrel and whatever you try put into the barrel it will break with in instance.
    • Passive Rank D+ its somewhat it is ok but not really ok at all the time being.

    What this frame makes itself is pretty much is playing chasing the chicken and here is img that I selected in details Xaku is


    Xaku isn't a fighting frame, more of hit and run frame which it is poorly this doesn't help at all for the players.  The players doesn't like the idea of hit and run tactic at all for this frame is playing chicken all this time and this does count as it is going to the garbage dumpster that is the fact.  This frame isn't an improvement for any but more of the backlash consider as waste frame that is litter-y broken as trash no wonder why it was thrown into the dumpster because no one want deal with it.  This prove to the point this frame is never meant to suit any reasonable purpose to take on full on fight unless the chicken is corner then all it could do is use every abilities it has to fight for it's life.  This is pretty much my opinion from all my view for Xaku is just playing chicken, I won't be surprised that players play him in that stupid Arena PvP because his passive is legit stupid good only pvp.

  4. Oh, oh you got that type being stuck in bug or "Stun Bug", well I hate to break it to you but there is a way get out that bug then again your going hate it.  Ok you need another gaming controller like example xbox controller or PS4 or something that connect to the computer.  If that bug appeared use either wired controller or controller that connect to the computer which for me I have to use wired one plug into the computer.  For me how it happen, this happen 8 times but explaining how get out the bug in my view

    • If you can't move with your asdw or any movement, plug in the controller (I have wired one)
    • use the controller start moving
    • this strangely re-enable movement
    • if your character is able to move then unplug the controller and go back the keyboard
    • this should let you use the keyboard movement

    It is THE MOST 1 bug I so far solved getting around it, but then again I never try unpluging my keyboard and repluging it in.

  5. 23 minutes ago, pook-pook said:

    A number of us have tried out empower and it made no difference to Dex Pixia's damage output.

    This thread has some discussion of the issue:


    ???? when did it go bugged????  great DE bug's game issues again is running on Titania unless DE nerf it without telling us then they are asking us bring in rant banner flag on our back.

  6. you don't, all you do is use empower that is all you need to do, that is all what you can do.  The fact is empower just a 50% increase power so if Titania is base on just simple flying her 4th ability then do so and forget the rest because that is all she is good for hovering and spamming and giving empower letting her use that ability just give her power even more in their gun selection.  Sorry for that is all I can say and none of the other abilities are worth it for the only ability is worth it is just empower just ramming charging spam fire energy.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Fl_3 said:

    I can help with this!

    Smokefinger in Fortuna sells a Widget that silences your mining laser for all your prowling mining needs.

    (He also has another that ups the mining range to 14m.)

    really? I thought it is one thous 1 time uses only.

  8. Anyway, to the main subject as we go on talking about the auction.  We all easily understand auction seem a good to use and assume as good but not all players are for the auction for they still go against it because we all know they fear 1 things for that 1 thing is actually scared there will be no freedom of trading.  I believed the players misunderstood auction trading is symbol good sign which we really don't need eliminate the free of trading, they will exist but it is obvious that there will be a center for players who want to do auction can do auction to see the lvl where they are at will they win big or not.  I understand auction is sound bad but also sound good for there is good chose and bad chose every-time for peeling a band-aid off where the wound is already healed which by I mean the marketing is set to a limited how much time it will auction.  For there could be only a 5 min of auction time for it to be sold for it isn't a bad idea for we don't want mods going wrong direction or either it raise the price too high like the event happen during the time tyrant moment where the clan did their "personal auction" they still too have to limited the plat where they are started at from 0 to the limit bar where it is being sold as to be.

    Players has an option to gain good plats and might break away that type of hoarding riven mods that players been holding on to until to the point recycling it for it is an upper hand for the players to gain "grofit" but assuming if DE willing to make auction which due of the DE said they have to create a 3rd party to actually sort the auction which means by bots and moderator have to check in if the auction is following correct in order and little more hazarded may grow issues for that is why DE don't want make an auction system into the game which understand your side DE making a new system auction.  At the time being, DE can able make auction system but same time making 3rd party deal with the auction system may complicated things a lot further unless they got help by Tencent getting the auction system in then probably less complaining what is going on.

  9. 4 minutes ago, (PS4)guzmantt1977 said:

    It's not. It's that the ideas in your head aren't making sense when you are posting. 


    Do us a favour and type in your native language, and just put it in google translate. I don't think that the results will be any worse than what we're seeing. 

    Ok, Thy not know yet nay ye for the thy for told for neither among understand by thou, but auction may come with thy price with another member by thy cost but causing fearing the by thy person who auction by the items of these he owe that goods. Thy art thy fear doing auction because thy fear it to be like ebay.


  10. Just now, (PS4)Madurai-Prime said:

    I know English is a second language for you, but that was difficult to read.

    Are you trying to say that people don't want an Auction house because a clan used to have the monopoly on expensive rivens? And a few of them are still here and don't want an auction house so they can continue selling expensive rivens?

    Because the auction house is about more than just rivens....

    don't slap that down excuses to the person grammar is old school.  Its old school grammar and no you can't delete old school unless you want to deal with the worster that is one of "thous" grammar and uwu/owo grammar (yes there is now a thing uwu grammar also they made officially did make owo grammar as a grammar and if you want blame who made the owo grammar, you blame the next generation making bunch new grammar that is going be more worst broken grammar then this)



    At the time being that is correct ppl don't want auction because they "fear" of it the fact are they are afraid for the free of trading will be gone but more likely they are wrong but not only that I forgot to say DE had said "it have to make a 3rd party group" which bot or some kind have to keep on eye on all these players which in real world auction there is always a 3rd person party checking and deducting like tax in % they will deduct what you getting the money from the auction.  It is like that and it make different from other auction but this is one those players phobia things that players always get scared of about the auction.  It makes no different for me for the fact, I been doing auction too selling whole bunch of stuff in other video game but also prefer the grand exchange like RS because well it is heck one of balance worth it for it would be nice sell credits fast that way only but at the same time players wanted or demand plats only so pretty much I been blocked by that one.

    Anyway at the time being back to the subject.  That is the reason why they fear it, the reason why they are number 1 worried all the time that every earning of that plat you done trading will go to the toilet and so much hard work you work for the riven mod to get a good riven as they think it will become a nightmare like Ebay.  When Ebay is illegalling selling riven mods still which I am surpised DE didn't march to Ebay and start pressing charges and sueing.



  11. pfft, worst trolls is ripline with Nova, wait for player go afk, ripline the player all the way into a hallway as he/she try get back to defense point but really what is blocking his/her way is actually nova's portal.  Clap your hand for old obvious troll


    Banish is too obvious for all frame to have trolling...

    Then there is pull...mag's pull and you don't want to know how trolly it can be pulling them as your teammate like to aim with a rifle as they try get perfectly 100% headshots only...Yes I met a guy and a player was trolling him with a mag.  Now imagine you were trying headshots bunch enemies then a frame use the power pull.  That would be trolling triggering.

    Then again I can go back to nekros and use latern....soul punch and latern then soul punch another and then latern.  go ahead do it it's funny.


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  12. 1 minute ago, kgabor said:

    The rare times i mine, i'm just using Limbo, stay in the rift until i find an area with a lot of nodes, banish everything.

    Ivara, i have enemy radar mods stacked on Ivara, plus the companion mods, Sleep Arrow whatever is close, mining doesn't disrupt stealth if you're using Cloak arrows instead of Prowl iirc.

    But overall i find Limbo to be more convenient for this.

    yea limbo does help but the only problem is you have to spend lot energy to get a fish into a rift.  Ivar yes I am aware of that but too much steps to do all that switching and pressing then switch it again as you know it duration is running low then annoying energy running low for it is heck a doodle consuming energy if you didn't build Ivar right even if you did the mods require and forma eats heck a doodle that one too but prefer keep Ivar certain uses she can do.  I still go with Atlas because less energy consuming because well 1 min is good enough for 4 for it run wild and distracting.  The only thing what sux right about now Ivara's sleep arrow doesn't tranq animals for wished that would be easy.

  13. an auction is only the final result of dealing with players who attend break the rule further which lemme bring some dusty old history book...

      It happen during remembering 5 years ago that market was very freely and had one heck a doodle players until a clan was made and been doing this act behind the scene for years about it took DE few years to ban their clans due of the fact these tyrant clans were making plats and scandal with riven mods which pricing riven mod very extremely low that are being sold by other players that aren't in tyrant clan then the tyrant clan bought cheap riven mods by not making things fair and raise the price of single riven mod up to 1k-10k of plats because this brought the marketing sky rocketing with plats demands and it was monster in riven mod business which some the riven tyrant was selling overly price plat as it breaks the rules of DE's contract.

      So many complain about this scandal and up rising riven marketing that DE have to step down their foot and ended this tyrant clan which it had so many clans follow this single tyrant clan for acted like the purest cyber bully that was made in the game.  This gone out of hand during that time and so DE stomp the head of the stupid snake as the rest the snakes being stomped 1 by 1 like blink of the eye but some players were able get away with large amount of plat still for it was enough of thous snakes scurry into another hiding spot in their dens.  As soon as we know, thous tyrant maybe lurking in the shadow waiting to get their chance to strike again at the market again as they are waiting for the opening again.

      That is about it what happen in the marketing but if the marketing still going chaotic in utterly madness I think it is best not deal with them for the fact as new players are confused about the marketing for new players don't do marketing for it is hell hole in there.  At the time being the marketing is ment for free of trade that is right about now the marketer players worried that there will be no free trading because the auction.

  14. 14 hours ago, (PS4)jumpermichael said:

    Does anyone else get really frustrated with being CONSTANTLY bothered by enemies when you’re just trying to chill out and fish?

    pfft, try mining.


    14 hours ago, kgabor said:

    Have you tried using Ivara for this with Prowl?

    Yes that works, but it never works with mining, mining laser is consider as loud weapon so turn of the prowler mode off temporary until it is done.


    For fishing is easy get fishing quitely for yes the person answer with Ivar but mining is just another dang nutshell of hell hole for HoD is still bug even thou you turn on no shake the dang camera it still shake the camera for what is good run build to distract the enemies is actually Atlas because of if you got a augment change his rumbler guys to be one big guy which it will taunt enemies no matter what because their distance always will look at the rumbler and try attacking it and Atlas is a frame don't get his bottom kick off easily because at least long your on the ground by 2 toes.

    Another way is having Specter frame about tier 2 or 3 is good enough and getting specters frame is way easy which do tons rescue missions and yes it is grind-y as hell but still worth going though it.  Frame Specter can help auto aim and kill enemies while you fish or mining away for this is an optional chose if you don't feel like running Ivar or don't have Ivar that is why I suggested which Specter frame to set up as good base, that would be Atlas again because he can summon Rumbler as a specter giving you 2 free summon making the summoner class and gears even more ridiculous powerful even more because thanks to frame specters these are hell lot useful.

    Note Don't Recommended summon other specters for it may cause confusion if your with Red Veil or have their BP or either New Loka or Loki which their is infested healing orokin which I believed that is even more worst answered to be don't summon thous 2, better only a few and nothing necessary needed highly protection.

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