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  1. well...he isn't wrong... 😞 for they did nerf it so many time on the AMP even customized AMP too...
  2. don't forget it is decorative but overly decorative like how warhammer 40k would of place soo much patches papers on their mech suit sort of like this version that has lots paper on it and other on it something about them love papers and something written on these dreadnought. Yet I find it funny for these paper did not save their lives against bullets, plasma, phys attack, and ect stuff. Yet of course I nearly forgot how annoying you have to wait to get your dreadnought bless by a priest get official sign in paper and more annoying ect work. Yea yea, bless the Emperor a pond thes
  3. WTF? Why didn't give me any drops from twitch? I waited for yestarday and today and I didn't get my twitch hydroid prime and that new gun. Slowly I am not please but slow to anger I ran my on steam, watching it on my twitter account and yet it didn't give me my hydroid prime and that new gun. 😠
  4. oh like the bug that let you shoot while your driving it like a K-Drive? I think they are starting step up their games finally but you are right about it then again the mech could be lvl scaled the enemies like vauban's turret spike balls. Yes I know I am not doing the rave party for I know it is too soon and there is that sweet word that evil like to do and hit men' in the leg by shooting an arrow to the knee is "Doubt". This pretty much I still will enjoy the mech suit no matter what even thou it maybe gimmick for I will use it on low lvl enemies and spray with great mad man will enjoy a
  5. I only got 2 thing, the statue and the skin staff weapon, I am missing my hydroid prime and that new gun for I keep on forgetting the name every time. Note trying relog in to see it is delivered.
  6. *Ahem* Dear DE... Where is my hydroid primed and that gun?
  7. Fact Xaku is none sentient but made out of void Xaku is not Amalgams and wasn't forge by rare materials called "Tau" Xaku is made by the void essence and it isn't metal but living energy Xaku was confirmed by the dev that Xaku is a void frame This pretty much sum it up and yes I am aware the name for Corpus was able get their hand on "Tau" because the Lotus that cause a fusion between the corpus and sentient making them probably an android and less of cyborg because well if you got more planet and get rid of flesh and made you metallic then your an android now.
  8. Not really true, we had Lua that is "Just a Rock" as well and yet we jump up so high enough and yet we landed down on the ground. It is can now consider as planet for many reason if it has gravity then it is a planet, it was "Created" by the orokin so this assumed that it is a planet now. In Science logic planet are or can be just big giant rock like how Pluto is as in example and the Scientist had started argue it is a planet and not a planet at all. This presumed that if the rock was force to be made by infested or done experiment on it to make it to be like a planet then yes it is a plan
  9. dunno, but go ahead sleep. We have to wait it solve itself. If your hydroid primed is not here and the new gun is not here then now you can panik about it.
  10. I hope this new frame that is coming will not sux really bad for I would of hate it a lot.
  11. No, not really but he been a vampire warframe by controlling minions and just dash with his 3 button for it seem pretty much it is their "Meh, no one care" ability.
  12. *facepalm* he was trying referring a type of faults name as in definition of it's meaning to keep this simple lvl who can't understand what I am referring to.
  13. no no, I meant it was actually look like it and almost similar design but it is still act like almost the same which the deathwing company actually has a skull suit of space marine and pretty much slowly it happen to all their company have a skull head as they scream out "For The Emperor!" As for that I seen tons of games do skull easily resembled. The part I said orokin it is only a theories because we did witness cephlons turn to be you know little nugget data that slip in by giant big brain while they are being transfer. This may seem that it is possible to data transfer yo
  14. don't forget that Amalgams is nothing to do with mercury https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk02FSydVpVAgaRNSp5u5x12PoCulxA%3A1596372951137&source=hp&ei=17cmX-6JBoi5tAaaiY74Bw&q=amalgams&oq=Amalgams&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQARgAMgIIADICCAAyAggAMgIIADIECAAQCjICCAAyAggAMgIIADIECAAQCjIKCC4QxwEQowIQClD_BVj_BWDeLmgAcAB4AIABXYgBXZIBATGYAQCgAQKgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6&sclient=psy-ab or the content of metal or mercury metal for it is has nothing to do with the warframe.
  15. yes it would be for it would of been like titan fall game likeness but simliar to other game who can do call down mech suit before. Yea there was game before titan fall with drop form the sky before.
  16. we will troll about this for long time XD.
  17. Now imagine the dev is able switch the archwing guns into our 3rd heavy weapon gun like our 3rd back up gun like how destiny did it and the mech be in our gear summoning the mech from the sky coming down hot like crazy. Imagine if we could customized it the way how we like it it should be? We will go Nerd mode for this one for sure! I'll do absoultely going make those bloody sweet pure white and gold and if any chance sliver mix into the color to make it look like it is from warhammer 40k that I like to watch those nerds play. More of I am spectator guy instead playing it because each tim
  18. hmmm well we do got all these rhinos for we can feed those guys to the wall...
  19. Alchemist Warframe: Hey Syran try some goop juice Syran: geez thanks but I have enou- *splat goop juice on her* Syran: ahh what is this why is it white? Alchemist Warframe: its my energy
  20. Here is the end part of the show it is recorded link time so click to watch for it is a mech.
  21. I wonder if we throw Xaku into the infested wall thing, I wonder what happen if we throw all the frames into the wall? this made me think is it using the jedi trick to make us think it is ok to feed the infested ship to make it strong so it can take over the ship and murder us that will back fired or is it me that think that way to think our dear companion infested ship will not harm us at all? This is really take me uneased to think about it.
  22. To come think about it... The dear and founding Space Dad (The Stalker) this prove that he must of gone bio mutation like this because it seems that he is able do exalted blade and cancel other tenno's power and so on stuff. I ask why can't we get him stuck to our wall and we can actually unlock the true secret of switching our abilities that actually make us the true unique warframe. Feel like I want to write a script... Stalker: Your tenno power is useless! Player: Oh yea? *beat the stalker until he knock out* *stalker wakes up in Helminth's room* Stalker: What is this
  23. She was prepared by lots of pro players that players would of do the big whoop every warframe had done and done before back then if anyone remember the Junction whooping by pro players as in...1 shot frost and rhino or either just fat shaming the Junction warframe how lazy and how they got fat while they sat down watching netflix and eatting snacks while they are depress. Yea these Junction are being fat shaming a lot by the players. That is another reason why they boosted Protea during that time.
  24. we thought so too but it turns out it wasn't the true infested planet let say it is a sleeping infested planet that didn't thrived for infested don't have enough bio mass it needs for it wasn't the true home to the infestation. That is why we see only whole bunch of them in different locations for they were scouring looking for massive bio mass, nanonite needs find resources and it was underline as bio in the tenno's lab area which it consider as bio type uses that uses spores...come to think about it there is a special bio cell or known as cancer type cell that mass produce without food or w
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