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  1. Well your going hate it if you want to farm them which the easy result is getting them free is like freaking dealing with gacha or lottery ticket but keep this in mind it is free. As again you want to look for cache box thing or thous jar, not the pure infested one the orokin jar box now which there will be 2 type which 1 slowly getting infested and 1 is not for their name is Auroron Entrati Casket Spita Infested Cyst These will give you a chance or small chance get these Thaumic which it is hell annoying for more annoying how Argon use to be that annoying and now this material
  2. Wolf of Saturn and his gank group. It was funny watch all the rhino players dive into the fire thinking they can make it though because those molotov is really hard hitting when stack up really super high in 1 spot. That made my day liking his crew and him a lot more then the common grineer enemies and bosses.
  3. It won't show up this month or next month, Glass maker pose to be coming soon. then again if your running low on forma you still can run that Lua with the music memories floor panel thing.
  4. stick and stones takes too long and it is only effective in status effect is actually either impact or puncture (minor) but get it right sharpening it you'll get slash but only down side is actually is playing the waiting game. As again when Zaw aren't made out stick and stones, it is made out of tools of redneck (RESPECT).
  5. How about it guys, can we even get a chance to ask DE release new zaws?
  6. Then again you still got zabuza sword start to resembled slowly how it looks like...
  7. That is where you are wrong about it and it is basically the wrong design of "hand" or arm because of the fact it look like this from my view that is how I described necramech a lot when swinging it's arm a lot.
  8. At least we aren't stuck with sticks and stones and now probably I prefer keep it like Egyption style because DE seem wanted go that style a bit Then again I still want more different varieties of weapons still in melee zaw.
  9. wait minute didn't I made a comment about that one not long ago? oh wait nvm just check the hours and mins
  10. If I were you I'll regret for saying that Yes that I wanted to do so bad and be super bad bottom cheek but what we got was this mech doing swinging it's arm and this is how I see it is disappointing and the melee dmg doesn't make it up everything for all I got is slam on the ground, melee dmg is a joke and the guns are the only good thing and feel like that meme of the martix mech when I really wanted go seriously like this sometime I want to go like this
  11. From the day of HoD came out and Primary kitgun were made, all I see no new Zaw parts and felt like they hate it as in compassion with crimson red hate it because I dunno why DE isn't giving us new Zaws parts yet and that Plague Star is flipping way taking centuries and more likely unfair for most players who didn't or unable get parts of zaws from it (I do not blame them for complaining) for it been more then ages we got new zaw because the katana was the only single new zaw among all the zaw. This is actually really sad for I thought they will balance it out which one is going come out more
  12. Then again when we are going get archwing melee weapon for necramech to use? I would like to swing a massive weapon instead of seeing my useless stubby arm hitting the enemies.
  13. All I see the entire time is kitgun getting massive new parts for all I can say to DE It felt like DE had abandon the idea of Zaw weapons for nothing new ever sense for them.
  14. If they don't have a dojo, I think Maroo Bazaar should be the old school way of doing trade and mark room to do trading with in.
  15. That mean xaku's 1 ability will not be useless after all.
  16. If remembering Odius use to be so popular for he could match against Wolf of Saturn still if you think about it he is a grappler which means he grab opponent but not any ordinary grappler, he is bladed grappler for he can kill well train Dex soldiers which Dex soldiers were well known warriors that fight and being the pure body guard of the whoever hold the kuva scepter. They were known with great strength and power and they can do same thing like the tenno with their warframe blocking bullets and they were pose to be the top elite. When it come to glass maker face the same thing for sure th
  17. I thought the same thing but not everyone will agree to such an idea same here...I want feel really and being the dreadnought
  18. Or we could have it teleported in combat pushing all the enemies doing that arm stretching something like super hero land but more cooler if it is underground or in building. Outside for we all know and wanted our mech to do super hero landing like this then again there is landing style which cube landing style which your mech will sit like a cube then transform once it landed while in idol mode for at least 1-3 seconds as it doing standing up stance. Then there is soft landing style which the mech fly down softy to the ground but no we aren't going for that style, then the style I
  19. Had you use your kavat with charm, then use Rhino as your frame, then use these combination, have aura strengthen abilities, have empower being used for "Roar" have your kavat charm give you maximum luck power, make sure the Trumna is full on crit and crit dmg, focus on 1 dmg on Trumna. Then prepare the alt fire when you get a chance I freaking hit to 2mil dmg out of the blue and it was a red crit of death because all I saw big giant thick numbers in my life which this spam-nade hit everywhere but if you get it in the right spot you'll hit the biggest ball hitting in the game I ever seen my e
  20. More likely it would of been nice we get something like these or either actually make it look like warhammer 40k dreadnaught but when everytime I look at that pill middle guy which talking about skeleton bone man on the mech ppl say he look like corn man but for me I made a meme I am definally going strike meme gold here.
  21. sorry I forgot take a chill pill to break down the large amount of "Wall of Text".
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