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  1. For me I disagree and agree for some points I do agree but not all of your opinion. The map is perfect size which it is fine and no reason to extended even higher then before which we still got the underground have to deal with which DE HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE UNDERGROUND IN PoE and not only that there is underground city with the fortuna which their map was heck a lot bigger and no reason make it even more bigger then last time. What reason why not make the map even more bigger is because the fact is we are getting void island thing coming up next year and so don't blame them why they
  2. If you wanted fastest hitting, so far the only top is actually couple weapons can do that. Rapier, claw, fist weapon, dagger/twin daggers, sparr, sword (depending lightness), sort of the staff weapons, twin swords, and I think the last one is blade whip or something like that but going super fast is just flipping bazaarly is too much for the fun fact. The fact is that too much speed you really don't know what your doing because the sparr "was" fast which before the update melee system as they get rid of the sparr's advantages punching really fast like jojo refeance which they
  3. 🤔 ....welp To think about it.
  4. Did you use finisher is different from what you regularly hit? When using a finisher that is when your either using lull to do a move Finisher should work with that, but if your using as in full strength hitting that is not a finisher at all but I could be wrong about it, for it is possible chance that DE may had nerf it about finisher working with Baruuk if I recall it thought I read something that nerfing something about baruuk something with mod but I was skimming reading couple things so I am not too worry about it and if they did nerf it for reason then I can't blame them becau
  5. No...BUFF EVERYTHING! Not enough number! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anyway cutting the sarcastic mode off and back to the main topic. The one is overly too strong is the melee I meant by seriously melee is purely outrages dmg, simple charm by your kavat, crit power for melee as meta rises super high and some odd reason they make melee way super strong then guns. Kitgun primary guns freaking weak as wet soggy taco shell as in they need a serious buff but yet they nerf tombfringer
  6. Had you try Harrow or some other frame that do stunlock abilities that doesn't kill the creatures? Ivar is good for run up she got sleeping arrows just increase the range and duration for it makes huge field of sleeping bomb arrow work it's AoE and none dmg effect. This way you can work peacefully hunting. I always look for stunlock warframe because it always useful to use it on animals so I can at least farm them better. It does work which I am sad that sleeping arrow does not tranq them so you have to tranq them again while they are sleeping.
  7. simple, replace his either his barrage or his tidal waves with empower, empower does 50% increase of next ability being active for either you use puddle water or summon the kracken do massive Chuck Noris round house kick. It works really good for rhino's roar and his iron skin, as not only that but few other frame which you can do that on Chroma which it really really boosted the meta again. Thx dev giving our meta back.
  8. Either Pablo King had heard our cry and whiny about too much nerf was being made by evil troll dev for giving us a chance to try enjoy the game or that is just a fluke.
  9. Then try complete the challenge the 100 forma stug if your mad enough.
  10. Try Bass they still don't let me put it on my mooncatch.
  11. try wait for 3 days a new frame. Also waiting a day for a specter, then every bits of waiting game. P.S I forgot try mining the resource of the new HoD rarest metal, absolutely nuthsell RNG giving flip the bird.
  12. Couple strange bugs one of the subject I have to give a details and the rest other subjects I will show in picture There is a weird bug about coloring the warframe that is either your frame skins or necramech skins which force itself read as in this color doesn't belong and shouldn't get change which I exited out my arsenal in my ship and was using rhino doing repainted skin then I was force go back my old paint skin which I was angry because I WAS ABOUT DO COSPLAY MEME WITH MY NECRAMECH. So I hope you guys can fix that too and I'll be happy as butterfly can be as I don't have to redo it
  13. It is very simple concept if your Rhino player or Prime Rhino we all know we are going throw out the ability "Charge" and what you replace with? Obvious "Empower" No nerfing this DE, you had done too many nerfing these days. As for the players reason why you want Empower on Rhino is because your roar really get super power boosting heck a doodle by Empower and it help a lot with my toasty buns and players loved it a lot getting full on duration almost a min and getting the best dmg out of it. For you can go like actual Space Marine on this one.
  14. I keep on getting arggon instead the other materials that I desire more then the other one.
  15. The dev is fearing the "Meta" memes because ever sense Nova that was selected by the communties back then for it happen and it was the meta in the game but now DE fearing and now overly exaggerated about fearing it they nerf it with all their might to overkill it. It really stinks and sorry to say it is very stupid getting overly feared. It is like this back then, Meta is fun and it will continue to be fun, overly nerf and too much nerfing will get players rage quit more faster then speed of light.
  16. Nekros's soul punch is not in there, it is only "terrified" is in nekros for I tried this before. trying throw bunch rhino in there.
  17. with you for I can say no plz to this man... We don't want this turn out to be thous moment.
  18. no I meant the piller where the necraloid active for there isn't a symbol on top of them So basically hitting 1 pillar will automatic you got the thing wrong no matter what even thou you voice it it wouldn't matter either way. Also no we aren't talking about the puzzle door we are talking about the tree the dude was on about hitting the part of the necraloid just actived for voice come out these piller. As again I may refer them just decoration now on because these things only activated by hitting it for it only active by voice for nothing secret about it. As result I am only guessing i
  19. ok why not the whole list of the infested of HoD?
  20. problem is there is no symbol showing on top these triangles pillars for there is only 4 and non of them has symbol on top so guessing what is what isn't going help.
  21. We are getting extra necramech that is coming but wished there will be more of them but different varieties for example a corpus's mech and grineer's mech for both faction has ability operate mechs for corpus can easily turn some these MOA or either these Jackal into something useful or either the orb weaver just turn it to be like 2 legged super large moa with super power laser gun (opticor) or the grineer could of built an super grineer job sort of feel like they are like the warhammer 40k ork because their design... oh well, but they can easily make mech thanks to their factory they
  22. Carnis can do the upside down action, I ask why can't our pet do upside down ability? Oh accept for cataclysm... He attend to break the logic really badly...Do not ask how he is able do upside down thing... None our kavat can't do it except for this scary cat that is breaking every logic in the world always remain perfectly not understandable. Back to main discussion, I still would like have insect pet because it remind me that centipede but more terrified version of it. Plz DE make sure you scale this pet down size if it is going be a pet and I don't want giant bug that is 2 time
  23. still your talking about secrets and that is one the secrets as well even thou you may not consider as secret but it is a hint for players who doesn't know it still. Anyway it isn't a secret about hitting the little thing where loid active the thing for most of the players who is observer or secret hunters will check what is going on but I have to let you know there is no correct order by hitting these things because it just actives voice command for I spent about 10 hours in that area when I left the party for I was with a group who just want get out, for I try observed the room every nook
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