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  1. There is tons of void secret but nothing have to do with loid for the truth. If you remember there is big giant ring circle in the room for that has a secret void portal in that room because that ring is a portal. What you need to do is shoot 2 those triangle which they are located by the wall from both side near by the ring and not the one already really near by the ring. 2nd, Once you shots those thing there will be that same thing but upside down up the ceiling for there is wall open for they are at the ceiling just shoot those too then there is a hallway only same lvl of the floor f
  2. If you can't find it in inventory I guess there is 1 thing
  3. its a joke, you don't know the animals spawning inside walls and behind the walls or in the walls so I made a joke about who is behind the wall to get details about Man In The Wall guy. Geez, ppl are terrible for joke meme. Thx for killing the joke.
  4. I discover who is the Is behind the wall the one who is respond-able with....
  5. Reporting bug I was wondering why I was having hard time finding the animals for I found where they keep on spawning at either they fall though the world or either spawn in the walls or something. Note I try look around it to see I can find anywhere an opening but apparently they only end up spawning in different spots in the area in the map. This need to be fix as well. 2nd picture when I try capture the animal behind the wall...Welp I discover the Identity who is the real TMITW
  6. the animals is scatter the in HoD same as PoE, but they are just bloody hard to see but there is a bug is weirdly going on with the animals for I found the animals spawn in a wall or in the root of infested vines...
  7. I got few bugs... Mining bug blue spot Falling though the world which I did something with the k-drive which I've try selected my archwing but accidentally click on it did something cause me fall though the world for can't mvoe or anything but when I try re-selected all my gear items I was successfully getting out of it. And I don't know this is on purpose game mechanic but I have to show it, this is Fass and Vome materials where together
  8. well this should tell you...
  9. Here and there I do because sometime I do it out of boredom.
  10. that is the point. still getting ppl to say what still.
  11. pretty much your pose phase it all the player been for
  12. Well I hate to say it to the dev but they need implant some necramech as enemies on top because we only farming necramech underground because we want the necramech and hated the vault because massive grinding of hell for players are starting to mad and fury about it. So presenting new bounty that is only hunting necramech outside the vault and only on top so players can finish them. We seen tons of necramech on the top surffiace and the 1st thing I want to do is to murder it but can't because it is an ally necramech. Don't say you did not say in your head "I want kill this necramech and
  13. Try RJ in the nutshell trying get thous materials. Helminth eats a lot more of those instead of the other materials. They need nerf consuming amount eating.
  14. No, that is where I have to step in and apologized to say "your wrong this time". Basically this time Xaku isn't unable to dodge explosive rounds or AoE dmg which learn the hard way using the 4 button to test result. The only good ability is that I think was it gaze? deny? the one strip armor off easy for that is the only good ability that helps a lot but without it is just a bit ppl want laugh and cry ( T.T ) but there is plenty of salt to pass around this time. At the time being by reading the update there hadn't been much change on Xaku yet for they did discuss about buffing him/her/it
  15. *sigh* this feel like flashback issues again about PoE though how bad it got this time...remembering them it is still growing highly dark times and yes dark time indeed for everyone. We aren't getting much necramech mods for never not enough.
  16. why do I keep on hoping DE will change the drop rate chance? Done giving little hope for them because they hadn't fix the big issues about few other stuff they don't know about but had several ppl reported before I did and we both had same result.
  17. I hate u RNG curse... Not you Allia, I refering the stupid RNG curse that never got fix in the 1st place.
  18. yes some ppl know but really this guy is having traumatizing moment he is having with the fortuna's RP earning so take it slow for him.
  19. Welcome to insanity my friend this is 1 the many step your stepping in. Come now and sit at the edge where insanity can't grab us by the foot. For thankfully you for saw the same nuthsell casing happening all over again.
  20. I think I just... I guess the RNG's curse roam bigger then I thought.
  21. Plz, DE already have these necramech no not the dreadnaught I meant necramech still, we are getting the durviri paradox so possible we might get an island into what madness indeed?
  22. I dunno that work but I think it only meant for your frames only. I'll need ask couple guys does it work on theirs or not.
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