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  1. The mining is still an issues which RNG for it is bug as well for the mining and also including the RNG that repeat giving the same reward still, for it has weird bug repeat itself doing it still.
  2. Mining Bug, when you do drop directly into the HoD, you'll find no ore if you bring out your ore scanner which I found none. I was told leave in the area though the gate and come though the gate. Another bug is still the mining bug which the bug doesn't show while your mining the blue ore, which the blue ore make the blue point disappeared and not visible leading you have to guess where it is.. *edit* nvm it is on also the orange/redish orange ore too.
  3. You got that damn right. I been augring non stop about this everytime its a super gag, a absolutely mediocre and top of it all that abusive meme (I can make players fetch the enemy, don't ask how just his 1 and special ability to make enemies float in the air). this is about rework, not try replace with solution that is a biggest problem. He is dieing for super rework from the very start, his original before all his crazy rework was super terrible, everytime his desecrate ability is 3rd mediocre and they change it because his old desecrate if anyone remember you have to FLIPPING DANG
  4. This one I have to agreed. The problem is for the fact and truth is he eats too much energy like how Sumo frame did when he 1st come out. Even thou you stuck huge amount energy tank, you can't keep on spamming energy or either use it in the right time the fact we the players face too many leechers and leechers do come here and there depending which mode it is. The range is really mediocre-r and base on without the range your basically only taking small amount even his gaze (pulse void) it is pretty much the same as before mediocre as always and also the dmg of the void. This frame meant on
  5. that is true you can do that then again you can go void kid mode to wait for the procs effect to wear off.
  6. Story plot, those who didn't did the HoD's story quest do not read into the spoiler and also get ready for block of text
  7. we had discussed this before, I talked about mecramechs could easy get the infusion or transform by "Archwings" if the dev let us attach it to it then it would be flying into the space but cannot fly in OM (open map) not OSM (Open Space Map), just regular OM.
  8. I always hate the cap for wished unlimited.
  9. fun but meh, thought they will give us gun option already implanted on the K-Drive. disappointed this is more really is.
  10. 1 absolute gag ability, 2 ability need super loving put into work.
  11. Why you come here to discuss it when you could of go twitter or twitch account and try get to talk to them about vr system support?
  12. HoD (Heart of Deimos) the only thing I like the reward is they are giving free and I got it. This is going be fun to watch the stock market crashing this way in the plat area. it pop up once a while here and there.
  13. Now I guess the dev pull a meme on us didn't they if we think about it...sort of pay back about nova?
  14. then your going hate it even further, because it doesn't matter you said without forma, it means tweaking grades on mods doesn't mean. Yes I am aware Xaku isn't perfect but I don't think the person who thought the ability for xaku doesn't wanted this way and seeing it just pile of trash. Gaze is some what good but what sux about it the one in the catch takes longer to be killed for relying on meta weapons. The only issues Xaku is never meant to do long survival missions also I don't think you'll last long enough to reach an good hour if your doing lvl 100 enemies that has explosive or toxic
  15. hmmm... I think it is a bug because for me he never show up on my ship at all. All I see it is just a fart in the wind. 😛
  16. to come think about it, I think Ordis will be fine driving our nercomech. now I can start imagine it. The funny thing about thought about it even more, why can't we put our arch guns on the necromech?
  17. not really, it depends what your play style is but putting 3 forma is just show that xaku is huge energy eatting fatty then grendal when he 1st started. plus we had more ppl hate xaku because he does sux and hopefully they will buff him and instead of being dramatic about it.
  18. try one the infested had corrosive dmg inflection. My adaption mod detected while I was fighting on top some goo white spider slime.
  19. this rumor is true, because I play with other players who only know about the secrets about this. I didn't able take pictures because I was being lazy bum of a pirate to actually don't want take a photo as proof. I really don't know how to open the ring correctly but I hope they put it on youtube so players actually get more loots.
  20. yet you require forma 3 time...I don't think I am willing forma a frame still the fact how bad the 1st impression requires lots energy consuming and having right zaw for the job takes another probably players who try find right zaw will have to use more then 1-5 forma to actually get a good zaw. For it felt like, that you need buy 3 day booster and 100 forma to make another 100 forma zaw and xaku.
  21. if you meant rev's slave mind control? Yes I had but it doesn't work on necromech for it only a sparkling dust moment as in you had 1 second then it was done. For no don't recommend bring rev on this mission at all for whatever mind control or whatever you had for put basically will lit up in flame. The mech is damn annoying the only way if your lucky enough to super crit the enemy if you had kavat with charm and having a gun do super crit and crit dmg high enough that lead to 1 hit kill then it is possible yes. There is a way to hold the necromech but your going hate it. You need Harr
  22. got couple bugs report. enemies under the slug water. *caution* do not attack the enemy in the water for once you kill it with the spear throwing your bug and stuck because somehow the body of that will fling and your warframe will be stuck and all you can do is use the aim button. To unstuck yourself this is where the painful part is, you have to get either a xbox controller or some sort controller that can wired up to your computer then use the controller to move yourself to de-bug yourself then you can switch back once your able use other ability then your freely go back to your
  23. I had discuss this on my thread here bad it just awful bad. I don't know why the dev worried so much about being OP. as I said again from my thread discussing about it. "They are fearing and letting it being overly exaggerated about how powerful things are" and they are still today fearing and overly exaggerated about dmg high number is haunting them a lot.
  24. I think I made a thread for that and yet everyone ignore and let it be burred... now I rethink about his 1 pretty much here and there but I don't think his/her 1 sux it just bubble annoying. Now where is that moderator pose to "narrow down threads a talk about Xaku"
  25. I think I already made a post but it seem that all this chaos pile up really made huge in thought of the players about the impression of the game. it is true by the dev themselves but dislike how they thinking but it wasn't that strong which I tried it using defy and the dmg is actually a gag type
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