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  1. According to the high level Arbitrations posts we have seen on reddit enemies reach level 700+ after 2 hours with current scaling (It was something like 240 with the old scaling). Doubling that for additional rewards doesn't solve anything for any of the other modes. It just helps make Excavation the only viable mode and faster to complete. They should never have reverted the double rotation length when they increased scaling with their last change. I haven't bothered doing arbitrations since.
  2. So you chose to add a toxic element that can't be avoided to arbitrations? Now people will demand to get revived (even if they aren't contributing) and we can't even simply ignore them thanks to the debuffing effect you forced upon us? It seems premades or solo will be the only way that mode is bearable in the future. And combine all that with an increased enemy scaling, while rewards will still stay as slow as they are already? Can we choose to keep the old system? If you are adding additional rivens... What about that increase of riven capacity for all the people who are capped? Edit: Thinking some more about it. You created a system where a player dying is now worse for the other players than it currently is. The debuff can lead to a squadwipe thanks to decreased survivability of the players who didn't die. How did you consider this a good choice? Dead players now are a burden to the team.
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