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  1. The reduction of rotation length for the different modes was LONG overdue and hardly worth of praise considering it took you so long. Most of other changes you made are pretty horrible though. While the rewards of the modes everyone ignored beforehand are now at least somewhat in line with Excavation they are still slower based on what we have seen from the dedicated squads even before you changed the extractor timer back down. I understand the change in rotation and endo rewards as well as the increase in Vitus Essence prices. Those, while a nerf to rewards, aren't a big problem... And then you chose to make it as unrewarding as possible by diluting the reward table with such a staggering amount of crap it blows my mind. From experience none of those auras will be worth a damn and my expectation for the arcanes is also pretty low. Not to mention that there is no reason anyone would want several copies of those items. You seem totally incapable of learning it is shocking. People have complained about duplicate Ephemera drops for months and you chose to add several more of those to the pile. In addition to that you even went further and added a 5x Cyan Star bundle to the table? At least you added a Vitus Essence bundle as well so players can use them... /s This is a bad joke. All in all what I expected after the first change. One step forward two steps back. I expect the "player feedback" will be ignored and pretty much everything here will be released as is. This sure as hell hasn't increased my desire to play this mess of a mode.
  2. I am very disappointed with this. I really wonder who at DE makes decisions about the reward tables. You made the Universal Medallion a waste of a drop now. Before I thought that this would at least be one (VERY, VERY slow) way to get those things locked behind the horrible abomination of PvP. Now the medallion is just useless. At 1000 standing it gives high MR players less than 5% of their daily standing cap. They are also just worth twice the amount of the worst syndicate one of which you can get 24 per day per syndicate. Not to mention that they are a sad joke for Vent kids. Doing a single race takes 30 seconds and gives more standing than that. Now we can be happy that they are just 5% drop rate because they are a total waste on the loot table now. Allowing the medallions to be used at conclave would have more likely increased conclave players than the opposite because it would they might have wanted to get the rewards faster. This just continues to make it not worth doing at all.
  3. This was clearly not fixed. Both in the inventory and in the arsenal they still have multiple entries.
  4. So you chose to add a toxic element that can't be avoided to arbitrations? Now people will demand to get revived (even if they aren't contributing) and we can't even simply ignore them thanks to the debuffing effect you forced upon us? It seems premades or solo will be the only way that mode is bearable in the future. And combine all that with an increased enemy scaling, while rewards will still stay as slow as they are already? Can we choose to keep the old system? If you are adding additional rivens... What about that increase of riven capacity for all the people who are capped? Edit: Thinking some more about it. You created a system where a player dying is now worse for the other players than it currently is. The debuff can lead to a squadwipe thanks to decreased survivability of the players who didn't die. How did you consider this a good choice? Dead players now are a burden to the team.
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