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  1. Hello everyone, here is my question is what you can change the rewards of Fomorian and Amada Razorback 2 When Empyrean comes out on Pc view the gap between the console and the pc 3 Could you increase the number of 5 rooms for the creative room for the rank of Fantome 4 could you add a decoration in the dojo and also allow us to put articula and other vessel decorations that we can not put in the dojo thank you for answering Question ask
  2. can we have more information about Railjack ?
  3. toujours rien et il devient agaçant d'attendre un accord de certification
  4. to my avie it is necessary to wait until xbox and nitendo validates their cert
  5. Do you have any information on the problem of the theme Fortuna Playstation Store EU?
  6. avez-vous des informations sur le problème du fond écrand Fortuna sûr playstation store UE ?
  7. for my birthday tell me than Fortuna will come out on console this year ?
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