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  1. I all agree with you I do not understand pk this method does not apply to the output of railjack
  2. hello @[DE]Danielle can you remove the system by which members who join your own railjack cannot access the navigation control at the end of the mission indeed I just made a railjack mission with my own railjack and at the end of the mission I don't have time to cultivate the resources that my team members have launched another mission without my consent I find that it is the owner of the railjack to choose and not the squad members to choose on the navigation of the railjack .
  3. take your time I prefer a good correction of beug to enjoy railjack correctly than a correction and re beuger 😉
  4. hello @[DE]Danielle could you patch in the next update the shedu a lot of scam on the price of its riven can go up to 1k see 35k for some perssone I find it exaggerated that we tolerate that people put exorbitant prices
  5. it makes me cry to see railjack finally on console thank you😭
  6. I do not look at the award ceremony to continue to languish on railjack while on console we have nothing dsl but it does not interest!
  7. Kuva Lich et un ennui J'arrête de le faire à partir de 12 est le mode de jeu et répétitif et ennuyeux Je ne reviendrai sur warframe que si nous aurons RailJack
  8. Hello @[DE]Danielle when the console player will have the discount on the platinum ?
  9. Hello [De]Danielle when the console player will have the discount on the platinum ?
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