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  1. I levelled Kuva Ayanga to 32 using the event. I forma'd again today and I didn't get any of the exp, despite what the mission report says. I had the Ayanga equipped in the Archwing slot too so that might be related. I don't think the gravimag slot affects exp because I levelled the Mausolon with it equipped in Necramech and gravimag. I think the archgun slot is hard coded to not gain exp unless archwing is in use. So there's spaghetti code that affects necramech gun exp.
  2. The bug occured in the Profit Taker phase 4 bounty
  3. My Bonewidow spawned with a base mausolon. The changes I made to appearance were not applied either. None of the mods I applied to mausolon seem to have been applied. The archgun deployer used the correct mausolon.
  4. On Alad's Jupiter tileset, there's a room where the resonators can spawn in an unreachable area. The resonators spawned in this wall 4 times. Two times it was a single resonator. One time there were two resonators.
  5. Please change Vast Untime to retain more appearance customizations. I know the whole point of the ability is to become spooky spooky skeleton but Xaku doesn't have to stay as just a skeleton. The ability has enough incentive (50% more dodge) for players to have 90% uptime. So Xaku is just bones for the whole mission A good middle ground would be to make the armor pieces become ephemeral looking (ghost-y) instead of gone. Attachments and syandanas shouldn't come off Also, void status effect is bad.
  6. @CoRRh Your message just made me realize I phrased what I said wrong. I typed that up when I needed to sleep. I meant the solution to these events. I get what you're saying about Moon clans but these expectations don't hold up. 2 people going to 2000 points is easier than 65 people doing it. Those two people were in a single group. The 65 people would have to be split up into multiple groups and then there's the factors of improving the people with the worst scores, bad gear, bad connection, busy schedules, etc. These flaws are made clear due to the high number D
  7. Never said that, you're not reading This was never even mentioned. The top 10% thing isn't a topic for debate. Most think it's fair. The problem is precedence, not the difference between a built weapon and a blueprint. This is the first clan based event DE is made. They need to make changes because the current system throws Moon clans under the bus. Since you like analogies; what you've said here is like warning people you have a firearm and it's their fault if they get you mad. The problem was carrying the firearm but you're trying to justify the p
  8. This is the gist of the three posts you've made, along with it's not DE's fault and a few analogies that don't apply correctly. You don't have much to go off of when the words don't carry much meaning. --- @Azlen Everyone in a Moon clan If you want to keep saying that go ahead.
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