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  1. So I did the 20 round Nightwave challenge...But didn't receive rewards for the first 10 rounds. Was i reported as AFK by one of the other players?.. As you can see from the mission final screen i wasn't rewarded for the end of round 5 or 10 But from the mission summary i was anything but inactive I stood on top of the mission objective and killed things.. So help me understand what happen here?.. If i was indeed reported for afk .. then that's harassment by the reporting player If it was some automated system.. then that's broken and need to get fixed... but in over 7k hours of game play i have never seen this.. So please explain
  2. SO my two fully ranked kuva nukors thats 10 forma... you change and i get 2 forma? thanks....
  3. I run carrier /looter/animal ins kubrows /kavats /ect will attack once the enemy aggro.. is looking for you so i only run the loot dog retrieve mod... when i solo isos for the extra drop chance.. even after the nerf its fine plant scans with botanist are nice.. helios i guess if you still need codex scans Djinn/reawaken is always a great combo if you have problems with your sent dying While i love the de~evolve mods from the foxes .. they like the kubrow and kavats can be a PiTa when you just trying to stealth thru and not aggro everything like if your doing stealth scans But we all have our own play-styles Btw PiTa Pain In The _ _ _ I use a combo of rolling and jumps .. remapped roll was the best thing i ever did from shift or what ever default was, and void dash to cross maps very fast.. but what ever your ok with
  4. wow i thought ignore keep them from matching up with you... well guess back to solo or invite only again Learned something new i guess
  5. So more then a couple of time while in public groups... ive had, hate to say this Wukong player,.. who either dont leave the spawn.. or rush to the exit and seem to afk the entire mission.. Now i get real life stuff happens... and some time you just have to deal with things NOW... but it seems to be a real trend. So far i been just placing them on ignore to avoid that player if they dont respond to any questions... or just dont move is this the proper way to handle this? Tia
  6. Well thanks for clearing up this mess.. but a little late... after watching DE Megan stream on 6/7/21 @ 55 min mark she says any riffle...far as she knows....Kinda sucks it doesnt fit on most rifles After purchasing.... Well yet another DE lesson learned... Take everything DE employees say with a grain of salt
  7. Free items are no strings attached.... while you do give these out they aren't free they require you to tune in watch for 30 mins and claim your reward while the bar isn't a high one they aren't free While i do appreciate your drops campaign... they do require a time investment
  8. So Basically your saying its done for PC? But to bad You have to wait while we go thru the cert process Any chance we can get a graph showing Wf player base on PC vs Console One of those great pie charts Reb loves to make would be amazing Tia
  9. So far...Hildryn cant use normal pistol after using balefire in any railjack mission magus repair doesnt work at all in railjack OV mission havnt tested else where.... perhaps that's intended<< seems some how i had it unequiped ... not sure how but further testing showed it not equiped.. Kubrodon lure will not show up in orb vallis .. yes i do own it and have many many perfect captures carmine penta doesnt show mastered in profile at rank 30 Feel free to reconfigure these in your form.... I feel it was nice enough of me to bother to post them have a nice day =)
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