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  1. Wow.. also 100% and cant claim as it expired. Tbh had no idea i had to mash that button before the end of stream ...rip I guess it expires really fast lesson learned DE/Twitch 1 Thawfoot 0 Btw 100% link according to Twitch and DE item sitting in inbox got the Error occurred banner across the top even tho it say it was claimed on the bottom... never showed up ingame mail Ok update 2.0.. re logged and item was in the in game mailbox Ty De....Score even
  2. Try 5 mods... and some people play more then one frame and use a few different weapons.. fairly sure Steel path and Iso vaults are optional... meaning if you think it takes up to much of your time. then dont do it if you cant be bothered to group up or solo it.. then skip it.. And comparing iso vaults to eidlon light show nightmare... yea
  3. will the hotfix for the lavos and stuff also address the Nightwave glitch? primarily the double rescue mission bug and it not counting ?
  4. Having the same issue with rescue missions. tried fisure reg all solo. it shows progress at the end of mission recap. but looking at the Nightwave mission board its back to 0/3 Also have a double rescue mission bounty listed. meaning the same bounty is listed twice . I have not recovered bounties to do. so thats with the new events had no problems with the perfect captures. except hunting for different species as it 6 different and there is only 7 in the vallis
  5. are you by chance using Runtime on your Parazon? after popping the entry cypher it will kick in and if you run that will pop you out of prowl but your still invis so you dont notice
  6. number of ways to do this... for me i like loki on Gabii i cast decoy to group up infested. invis then bulk kill with a catchmoon/pistol mods like Tractor Beam Aero Vantage help but there are more then a few ways todo this and if it still giving you problems w/ me on PC i,ll do it for you =)
  7. yea i think the point of the MR 30 test is to use all the skills you acquired from the game? while for me it was fairly easy with nezha /melee build and using my operator to dash from life support tower to tower magus lock down for cc. I,m sure there a ton of valid ways to do this judging by other player posts I hate to say it ... But perhaps you are not quite ready for this then you are using the practice rather then train to get use to it? and figure out the best "playstyle" for you?
  8. Wow thanks for the time to explain all that. it sounds "Interesting" But hourly riven changes... god i hope not it takes "23" hours to build a forma X amount of time to level said weapon to create a build , X here because some people can do this very quick. While others take time So you create a 4 forma weapon based on certain % of weapon stats high crit/status what have you and .. this would change hourly? NO Thanks As it Now we have to wait roughly 90 day cycle for the "Riven gods" to decree which weapons will get a buff or demoted.. an
  9. yep that exactly what happens at rank 10 across the board no reason to do railjack.. beside the odd trip for NW or messing around.. thanks to a certain person who decided to hard cap that.. after another person who shall not be named ... .. did that and stored up a bunch lets all crab rave. now kinda like a use for all that dirac or focus above max everything just sits there...
  10. Nope... did a t1 vault yesterday.. came back today to hit t2 got a nope from mom.. start over... need a little break from the event runs so i run a full set and check back tomorrow and update
  11. I did find it a bit SUS that we were looking at a 5 forma and umbral modded version... who while seem to be doing ok.. those were lvl 30 what happens at sp mode and 130+ I sure hope those skills scale I get it.. more will be revealed.. as we beta test it =)
  12. some thing/ anything with that focus tree... kills me that i have about 50 mil over max everything...maybe someday i could get something to spend it on
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