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  1. Indeed, and i think we all want that... but at what cost
  2. Perhaps cross save But cross~play would be a nightmare every update would have to go thru cert process every hotfix atm PC is the test bed for in~ game and finding the bugs/problems/exploits I just dont think cross play would ever be viable or imo that you wouldn't really want it .. after you had to wait days if not weeks for fixes while they went thru cert process which is about 5-7 days on average...but that depends on the size of the update
  3. Well hope is a quick fix for the OP. And this is why i,ll wait for a bit before bothering with MR 30 test Granted this is a console thing perhaps Pc is fine either-way DE has taught me early adopters often get the short end But i,m ready
  4. @Lewitas Thanks for posting this But really intel... a 7 day affinity booster a mk-1 furax..... cpu sale must really be down
  5. Wow just now a response? back on oct 11 we have https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1230816-i-passed-the-nightwave-max-rank-of-90/ here oct 6th The forum are full of people asking about this 256k/10k rank 90 as of posting.... why not make it endless... nevermind the focus... i have in excess
  6. That what the Op asked... and i gave an example and it was more about showing the Tools to theory craft and what not I would like to think Warframe allows people to play the playstyle they want. your opinion on your type of build and what best is just that... your opinion and thanks for sharing it But can we keep it civil?
  7. Maybe i,m over looking something here but the Veldt https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Veldt cant equip Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Primed_Rifle_Ammo_Mutation I was fairly sure is use rifle ammo
  8. Also have the never ending repairing gun or at least is shows up in the scrap summary screen But no where else
  9. Yep... got to agree i think we see this coming a mile away Rip khora... you will be missed
  10. Ok .. your point has been made and Regardless of what You think a players motivation or playstyle is OR what YOU think is junk OR your concern for their well being Or you sharing your feeling about what you assume we feel What you seem to be missing is that ENDLESS Part adjective adjective: endless having or seeming to have no end or limit. Its Not about I want it "NOW" it's about interaction with a game that i like to play ...
  11. I do know this .. but they happened. and i,m not talking GoTL stuff A many as 5 at a time could be up and issued at 20 to 40 min intervals. and yes a lot of them were stuff you already had ... much like most of the things in NW store are you spending your NW credits on those aura mods you have 10 of ... i doubt it. the point being they were endless... yea NW offers nitain at a easy to get price But the hard cap on prestige ranks vs the endless alerts system was the point here the reasoning i,m hearing here is the abuse of buy orokin reactors or some other ite
  12. Potatoes were pretty uncommon in many people's experiences. The closest thing to a "sure thing" was gift from the lotus every fortnight. from the wiki "Alerts are temporary, usually lasting between 30 and 70 minutes (doubled if the bonus award is a special item) and issued at intervals of 20 to 40 minutes. They spawn linked to a specific mission and are available to any given player until the time passes or until the player completes the alert. The timer restricts the time in which the alert can be started; the alert must be completed within one hour of expiring in order to gran
  13. Congratulations, you just figured out why it's not infinite. Well done, Tenno, very well done. So 15 credits per prestige rank... taters cost 75 credits 5 ranks per tater..... i guess its possible to "hoard" them But that was possible with alert system night~wave replaced? no Granted those were Bps and not premade taters i feel like prestige ranks should be endless ...
  14. Sorry should have been clearer here, at max rank desecrate Its 54% as far as another loot ability besides ore gaze. well i have to disagree as ore gaze much like these other loot augments is that.. an augment allowing player to decide if that what they want like the way they decide is roar or empower or eclipse is what they want and if there is a worry about the multi loot aka double dip if that not already solved by the recent changes it seem like the power buffing abilities perhaps one could override the other Anyway its a discussion ... i would just
  15. Meet Pugg Mete hes sporting a 50% tox Kuva brakk and that ephemera guessing on pricing here so like 250p or offer?
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