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  1. Ohhhh. Soo basically where condition Overload can basically always be giving 120 just from pure IPS. If not more. What good does a additional 120 do. I think I got it. Soo then when WOULD you use Primed Pressure Point?
  2. Can someone please explain to me why people keep talking about forgoing Primed Pressure Point entirely? I'm just confused is all. I would really appreciate a detailed answer maybe with an example, because the simple short answers I have been getting really haven't been helping much.
  3. technically they could just make finishers suck less, but yes that would be nice.
  4. Hmmmm I definitely expected some of the disagreement, but honestly I figured I would get a bit more interest in what I was going for. I wouldn't say that DW is BETTER per say, but I feel it fits the game a whole heck of a lot more due to the speed and massive aoe of it, and more importantly it's a 1000 time more satisfying to use in my opinion. That at least was my point. I can't stand Excal's current 4 because of the stupid and boring gameplay it promotes. Yes it does more damage but unlike DW it's feels a whole heck of a lot more underwhelming. The way the projectiles are slower than me, the way you just stand in place turning into a silly looking sentry turrent. I honestly truly feel Excal would go from what I feel is one of the most boring warframes I have to one of my most used if his kit actually made him an active swordsman instead of well. A boring turrent. To be honest I never really EXPECTED anyone to completely agreed about his 2, and 3. I just don't care for the blind because I personally find finishers boring, and slow. However I did not expect as much defense for his javelins as it got. I can understand it being iconic, but is that realllly a reason to keep them? I how the do they really fit his kit? I'm not honestly going to fight for it gone, but it would take a lot of work to make it an interesting ability that fits him if you ask me.
  5. Prologue: I love the IDEA of Excalibur. When I was still new to the game just getting through the star chart. I realized I reallllly liked melee. Soo I looked through the frames and decided Excalibur is pretty cool and should fit that kind of play-style. I even went through the pain staking trouble of farming him from the Ambulas which was mildly difficult for my newbish self. The reality though when I actually started to play him is I just didn't find him fun and found that there were other warframes better suited for it. Rhino and Inaros are tankier and easier to get. Valkyr is tankier and has her warcry. For being the poster boy of the game having the only exclusive prime warframe, and the first umbra frame I find this just sad. I mean his 4 IS really strong and he does have a lot of utility, but everything he has going for him I feel doesn't suit him, or there are other frames that do it better. Changes: First off I feel his passive should apply to heavy blades. I mean it applies to rapiers so I feel it only makes sense it should also apply to something like war. Next I actually REALLY like his first ability. I feel it's his only ability besides his 4 that really suits him. However there are a couple tweaks I think it needs. First it definitely needs an up in pace. It's a really slow ability for what it is. Second isn't really a big deal, but it would be nice to see an improvement to the animation. Right now he kinda just slides across the floor towards the enemy which might work for atlas's punch but Excalibur is a swordsman. According to the wiki his 1 is affected by melee mods which is perfect. Anything other than that I would like to hear second opinions on. Like maybe not using exalted blade for it so it could just be a amplified melee and it could crit and status. his second ability is just... it's cc and it's nice, but it honestly just feels like unless your using it for a reason like finisher based challenges(like nightwave or rivens) it's just faster to kill the enemy with your 4. He doesn't have Inaros's passive soo it's not like he can heal off it. Honestly I feel this would be the perfect place in his kit to give him some survivablity. something he kind of lacks in higher level missions. A way to heal, damage reduction anything. The specifics aren't really important and I'm sure someone will suggest something bellow, but DE can easily come up with something good. The third ability is even more lame than the second. It's a aoe damage that may have decent base numbers but It will still only ever actually do anything in lower level missions. 75 energy for a liiiiittle bit of damage? All when he once again could press 4 and deal ten times more? Honestly I really DON'T know what to replace it with, but more than any other I feel this one needs to be changed. Honestly something that actually you know plays into him being a swordsmen would actually be cool. Like an attack speed buff or something. One of the things I hate most about eternal war is that this would be PERFECT for Excalibur on his third ability, but alas I doubt they would ever just swap abilities and augments around like that. Finally his fourth ability, his exalted blade. You would think by the way I have been mentioning this ability I was completely fine with it, but that couldn't be even further from the truth. It just feels like an inferior desert winds. My suggestion on changes and what would make it better can go one of two ways. AOE focus or Single target focus. One of the reasons I feel his exalted blade is inferior is the AOE of desert wind is faster and larger which is NICE. It feels really good in the kind of game that warframe has become. While Excalibur's exalted blade has a tiny slow moving projectile. So if they want him to still have range on it. That's what I feel needs some work. The AOE needs to actually even remotely compare to Barruk's desert wind. However I personally feel he should take a completely different approach soo as not to have the two step on each others toes and give Excalibur a more defined role. One thing that exalted blades DOES have going for it that desert wind does not. It actually has a combo counter. However BECAUSE the stupid slow moving projectile is there you might not have known this(you probably did though) because the projectile does not actually count towards the combo counter. Soo what I recommend is instead take the projectile away all together and instead when his 4 is activated either lower or remove the cost of his first ability soo that Excalibur can turn into this amazing high damage, high speed, single target machine. I feel like this would SIGNIFICANTLY make him actually feel like a gosh darned swordsman. Cause right now. You press 4 and do the freaking running man as you throw high damage projectiles at people that fall off in damage as level's start to get higher. THAT'S why I can't stand the current Excalibur. *drops the mic* PEACE OUT (sorry couldn't help it.)
  6. Honestly I don't see your point. Like I said from the beginning I KNOW it's not that big a deal. I know that it has its place. But to say that it shows something about my appreciation of the game? that seems dramatic. I LOVE farming relics. For them, and unlocking them, but that's because I get to use my fully formed and built weapons. To put my builds to the test and to cause absolute mayhem and destruction. As for the grind of forma. What's the fun in sitting in the center of hydron hoping other people kill things as fast as possible while you sit there and soak xp? What's soo wrong wondering if there is a better way?
  7. soooo at level three does it start at level 30? I mean it could be a cool idea, and you could change it based on what mastery you want people to not feel the grind so dramatically.
  8. But I mean I didn't say ELIMINATE forma. There would still be a need for forma, but there wouldn't be a need for the endless grind.
  9. Is it just me or does anyone else DREAD the thought of having to forma a new weapon? Before anyone says it. I know it's not THAT big a deal. But I truly hate everything about the process. It's time consuming, and boring, and I can't REALLY use the weapon until I am done. There's nothing fun and honestly nothing satisfying about the whole process. It feels like a chore. I wanted to start this topic cause I was curious if there are other people who hate the whole process, and ask what would you do to fix it? get rid of forma resetting your weapon? It's drastic but honestly, why not? Allow the ability to forma more than once? I'm curious what do you think?
  10. I actually agree heavily on all these points. And to be honest I have lots of ideas about melee as a whole, but this was my first post and I wanted to focus on something I actually had you know... An idea of what I was looking for XD
  11. yea I Just thought about it too, and essentially what I am asking for is Atlas's 1 on all melee's just without the aoe. Which would REALLY make them feel nicer. I also agree just adding the UI element would also really help and make it feel that much better.
  12. Fist weapons are, OKAY, but something that I feel would make them feel AMAZING is a snap functionality. Something that locks you into your target and closes gaps based on melee range. The current aim assistance is nice, but with fist weapons I think it could be more aggressive.
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