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  1. LazerSkink

    Why is Saryn motherly?

    ( ◔ ʖ̯ ◔ )
  2. LazerSkink

    Is plains of (next one) going to rework the mining system again?

    holy, you have my respect, stark
  3. Anti archive update May need to remove some links given a few dead images
  4. LazerSkink

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but it flops so unfathomably fast, they shut down the servers 30 minutes after launch. I wish I had the ability to freeze time.
  5. LazerSkink

    UM WHAT!? Thanks Reb and Meg!

    much deserve ~ o3o
  6. LazerSkink

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

  7. LazerSkink

    Who is the most attractive character in all warframe??

    Between and Palladino and Little Duck ~
  8. LazerSkink

    Our Eldritch Queen Wisp

    magnificent i luv i need moar
  9. LazerSkink

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    hair fire af
  10. LazerSkink

    Virmink Plush

    Understandable, but the final product turned out great! Excited to see what you'll do down the road!~
  11. LazerSkink

    Virmink Plush

    Awh, lovely work!!~
  12. LazerSkink


    only the best ~ uwu
  13. LazerSkink

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    Yikes, ty
  14. LazerSkink

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    I'm lost, elaborate?
  15. LazerSkink

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    slayin, fam ~ Aye, good to hear! Hopefully recovery's speedy! ello switch dude o3o