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  1. I'm not finding any header for Atlas, so if someone could help with that by either finding what I couldn't/making an edit, that'd be super appreciated
  2. Perfect, thank you, and I'll try to update this thread quicker now cus I been slackin a bit lately
  3. Granted, but since consequence is inevitable, the consequences are transferred to your next of kin I wish I had gotten the Eidolon Ephemera
  4. Also, I feel it's worth noting that while I don't know if link expiration is inevitable, a lot of DE's URLs disappear eventually (both webm and header), so I usually end up saving the images separately and upload them to Imgur/Gyazo in case they go down. Would be greatly appreciated if a few more people could do the same cus idk how much longer my computer is gonna live, hah (unless you/others already do in which case ignore this ;;;;)
  5. What it look like when moving? Is it just unnoticeable?
  6. Granted, but you receive every disease you cure and cannot cure yourself I wish I had the Infinity Gauntlet with all six stones
  7. --- Granted, but now any feedback (positive or negative) on reveals is punishable by brute force I wish I too had a good reason to get back into Warframe
  8. Granted, but it isn't reusable and can't be reobtained I wish DE would introduce dual nunchaku
  9. ye i just have trouble expressing my feelings bruv ❤️😁
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