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  1. Not entirely on topic, but I'll never understand how they managed such a feat with their quality of food. Chipotle is in my honest opinion mediocre at best, and the hype surrounding it is just as baffling. I hold the same opinion over bubble tea (no point in saying this, just felt like sharing).
  2. Granted, but you receive every disease you cure and cannot cure yourself I wish I had the Infinity Gauntlet with all six stones
  3. --- Granted, but now any feedback (positive or negative) on reveals is punishable by brute force I wish I too had a good reason to get back into Warframe
  4. Granted, but it isn't reusable and can't be reobtained I wish DE would introduce dual nunchaku
  5. ye i just have trouble expressing my feelings bruv ❤️😁
  6. THIS. I. LIKE. Just skimmed and I'm on board, at long last I won't have to make a genuine (and very draining) effort to like Wukong. Can't wait to play with this! ilyall
  7. Granted, thank you very much, but it comes at the cost of you being hit with a swordfish to the face every time you open a door for the rest of your life I wish I could make dust go away permanently
  8. Granted, but he's choked to death by Thanos in front of you I wish for Gatorade
  9. Jesus, this is incredible and such a great interpretation. Your work never ceases to impress, keep it up!
  10. Granted, but since every wish comes at a cost, you start racking up cosmic debt and soon the universe will bring about your inevitable doom. You may postpone your inevitable doom, but attempting to avoid it is futile and only worsens said inevitable doom I wish I could avoid my inevitable doom
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