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  1. Not 100% sure about the discord logo, but the clan logo is a flag decoration inside the other decorations, you can even see the outline of it.
  2. NieR:Automata x Warframe, wouldn't mind seeing a crossover like this.
  3. Thats the thing, I dont want to make someone kick someone from their clan because of their behavior on Alliance, since Alliance is a chat moderated by the clan that made it (mine) and so, someone causing a problem there should not affect the clan they belong to, hence why I find it weird that DE hasn't implemented a toggle for "allow player to view alliance chat" to either the founding clan or the warlord of the other clans.
  4. Sorry about that, fixed the wording XD
  5. So, I noticed something after making an Alliance: There is no way to completely block someone from using the Alliance chat wen said person is in the Alliance. Say there was someone in a clan that does not fallow the Alliance rules, but you do not wish to have neither the clan kicked from the Alliance or the person kicked from the clan, shouldn't the creator of the Alliance or the Warlord of the clan the player belongs to be able to restrict the use of Alliance to the player instead of having to Ban said players for 1 day every day ? Or is there something I am missing and that is already a option ? What are you guys thoughts ?
  6. I have, many times, I tried everything to get the Wolf to spawn and I always got nothing, I would just get lucky every now and then on MD of Invasions.
  7. I still think its RNG based, before the 6% increase I found the Wolf once, but after the 6% chance I was able to farm him in the MD of Saturn, and haven't gotten him much in Hydron (only those 2 times) so I will stick whit the openion of RNG and you are just unlucky, like I said its 6%, 6% is VERY low, and for what people have noticed he usually only spawns in the first 5 mins of the mission.
  8. Im pretty sure it isnt though... At the day the 6% spawn chance got released I went and did some MD on Saturn (Ironic) which is basically the first level 20+ Grineer Planet whit my best loadout for the Wolf (Rad Weapons whit a Kavat to remove armor), and low and behold, I got the Wolf 2 mission in a row, whit him then spawning from time to time there, and once Episode 5 came out, I went Hydron and low and behold, I also got him 2 missions in a row and then nothing at all for about 6 missions of Hydron. So, maybe you just arent lucky ? I mean, its RNG in the end of the day, plus, it would be S#&$ty of DE to make it so your arsenal and higher level missions changed the % of their spawn since they recently made it so Field Bosses levels didn't get affected by your gear but by the level of the mission (Which is why I was doing MD on Saturn) so I would find it weird, but I digress, I honestly believe its just you that is unlucky, 6% is still a really low spawn chance, so I wouldn't be surprised if I did 20 missions on a low level node and then do a higher level node and be unlucky enough for him to spawn.
  9. Wolf spawn rate is or will increase to 4% across all platforms and to 6% in level 20+ missions.
  10. Scott : "Its very limited to a piece of gear, basically telling players "if you want that speed, you most take this Archwing" and I think thats game braking and takes away choice from the game, at it shouldn't be the be-all end-all that we say if you want movement speed that we are requiring in game you have to take this Archwing, and I think thats terrible, so eventually, thats going away." Steve : "I think the problems are that Itzal feels required wen you have an open world whit only 1 exit point, so I think that if we are gonna do that or when we are gonna do that I think we also need to solve some of the getting the bounty and have to traverse whit nothing to do for a lot of long periods" "Wen we did Orb Vallis its original design was the deal or merge at different points and we never accomplished that goal." So no, its not about efficiency, but removing choice since you NEED Itzal to get from point A to point B whiteout having 1 mins of silence and nothing to do.
  11. Depends, placing a timer on Itzal 1 would make Itzal have the same "Travel Speed" as the other Archwings, making it a Nerf, but if DE makes it so all other Archings are fast its a buff. But the nerf is easier then the buff.
  12. To Buff everything to Itzal levels of travel, you would need to give all Archwing the blink ability. DE simply doesn't want that 1 Archwing is the necessary for travel, so they would either need to give every Archwing a Blink ability passive (and give Itzal a new 1) or nerf Itzal 1 so that its balanced Togheter whit the other frames, like a timer for example. That or make every Archwing but Itzald fast has hell. Nothing, just DE thinking about nerfing Italz 1 so that Blink isnt mandatory for travelling in PoE and OV.
  13. I have to say I love the region I am on, apart from the usual trolls (trying to trigger people or kickbaiting) people can joke around about any kind of subject (even controversial ones) and everyone rightfully takes it as a joke, I know that DE has the rigth to moderate the chat has they please, but I can see that PC regions have a 0 policy tolerance. The users that said "No, I beat my wife", "I like little girls" and "there is only one gender, male, females are property" need context to be properly used as an example. "No, I beat my wife" could have been used as a joke for all we know, the "I LIKE LITTLE GIRLS" could be a reference to the so popular song that is hard not to come by, and the "there is only one gender, male, females are property" should not be shown has an apart example but together whit every comment related to gender/sex (both pro and con since gender/sex isn't something you should discuss in region at all, be it supportive or not) One thing Moderation fails at is context, banning only if it is something against an idea that might offend someone (which is basically most things, be it politics, religion, gender/sex, sexuality, RP and so on), wen the ban should apply to talking about certain topics as a whole. (For example banning people over talking bad about X gender or Y religion and doing nothing wen people openly talk about those things in region as long as it is pro and not con, wen it point blank should not event be spoken of at all since all it does is create a war of opinions and ideas) isnt right in many ways, if you want to moderate a chat dont ban the "bad opinions" but ban the subject as a whole, dont want people talking about gender ? Ban the topic. Dont want people talking about religion ? Ban the topic. Dont want people talking about Politics ? Ban th- I think you get the point. I hope that the whole bias stops once and for all, giving slaps on the wrists because some players (that I will not specify) fill the "diversity quota" while banning others who did the same but dont fill the "diversity quota" isn't the best way to show indifference. (And this comes from me who would also fill the "diversity quota" spot), you guys have to understand people arent mad/worried about "I got banned for X, this is unfair !" but because of "I got banned for X but Y did the same and didnt get banned because Y is Z". So has someone interested in moderation (since my region has no moderation whatsoever and I will try to go for GotL wen the new tryouts start. (maybe thats why we are so chill whit everything apart from the usual troll)) I will leave my 2 cents here, keep an eye on the bias, teach the mods that they cant have a bias because X is friends of Y, and punish them wen they disregard that ; for the love of god give players the reasons why they got banned to stop the "Why did I get banned threads", if reason was given (like : you said X phrase) people would not suspect so much about unfair bans ; Please pay more attention to your GotLs and Mods, and DO NOT give them slaps on the wrists because they have a controversial aspect to them (I speak about gender/sex, sexuality and religion). If DE menages to checkmark all of this aspects of moderation, then on that day will I personally find moderation fair and unbiased, from both DE and the Mods.
  14. DE has planed to release other Umbra Frames, they just dont know how yet, specially because they have to make them make sense lore wise, BUT, unlike Primes, only a few Frames will get Umbra variants, probably the first frames the game had (Like Ash, Trinity, Rhino, Ember, etc...). So, pretty sure if Steve goes trough whit adding more Umbras, they will have to come in small sized mini quests like the "Prologues" explaining their existence and why we should care.
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