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  1. Either you found something huge or it might be a work in progress Stalker mode, like being able to attack as the Stalker 7 times per day in those 7 nodes ? This would mean that we couldn't abuse the system and would also mean people would be able to go to those nodes to farm the "player stalkers".
  2. Oi, existe um forum especifico para a nossa lingua, tenta lá ou então fala ingles aqui, boa sorte.
  3. Info we have : Railjack will be modular and the parts will be researched on your dojo. It will probably be linked whit our Orbiter given that PC players found a placeholder near the engine between the rooms saying "tube" or something. DE wants Railjack to be present in several planets, not only Venus, but we will probably only start whit Venus. Each clan member will be bale to custom their own Railjack, it wont be clan tied. Railjack will come this year, hopefully before Tennocon together whit "The New War".
  4. First of all, remove the Megathread tag since its exclusive for DE staff. Now to the topic : Its on you tbh. The whole point of the MR system is to force you to try other weapons, even if they suck, because eventually you might find good/fun weapons you like and keep them, obviously no one whit high MR would keep a Skana or an MR fooder weapon on them wen they have a melee like Gram Prime or Gallantine Prime, but I have to say that it was thanks to the MR system that I found out about Redeemer and Staticor (even though I got bored of them eventually). Dont know what "plat problem" you are talking about unless you are referring to weapon slots that in which case should not be a problem since as you said it pump and dump so you will always have a free slot unless you want to keep the weapon, but even so getting 20p to buy 2 more slots isn't that hard. About Excal Umbra, thats specially on you, you are the one whit the mindset that its pump and dump, Excal Umbra is indeed a good frame and I use him from time to time, if you get a fully ranked weapon and immediately drop it whiteout trying some builds means that you are the one at fault and not the system.
  5. During the main quests we can see Operators calling Teshin : "You infested piece of..." so I would say infested is a swear word for the Tenno.
  6. The thing is that the bugs that are patched are usually bugs that could have been prevented or are quickly fixed (usually simple errors on the coding or just 2 scripts going against each other). But if you wanna go for the "Less bugs = more stable" then still, in the end of the day, PC will have a much better and stable build, since DE can quickly hotfix any bug PC has while Console usually only get hotfixed after a few bugs are found since DE cant spam hotfixes on Consoles, so sure, we start better then PC, but the PC build will end up being much more clean then ours by the end of the day.
  7. Thank you, was trying to process what he was trying to say. Need mod space ? Forma the Archgun. Enough Forma should make you able to remove a random mod ya dont need and replace it for the riven.
  8. NSW is fairly new to Warframe so DE has to slowly get used to it until they menage to bring NSW to similar ground as PS4 and XBOX, now dont get me wrong, you are both right and wrong. Even though DE truly cares about consoles and sadly as to fallow their rules, our game isn't that much stable compared to PC, what you can say is that we get updates that lack some major bugs (like bugs that crash the game, even though some still come trough like the infinite elevator), but at the end of the day the PC build will be superior since its in constant update, specially wen it comes to lighting since it seems DE sometimes forgets to add some visuals to the console builds (Saturn Six Captura lacked the red light even though PC had it). So yes, DE does indeed care as much for the console players (we are still a source of money) as they care for PC, but we also cant really call the console versions more stable wen all it doesn't have is major bugs that should have been detected before being sent to PC.
  9. Not really since DE hasn't confirmed that thats the pattern, until they say that plague star has a pattern its just a random event DE does from time to time.
  10. We have had Plague Star 2 times, there isn't a pattern yet, DE hasn't even said if Plague Star has a schedule like Thermia (Bi-weekly), so we might has well just guess DE is saving the event for wen most of their players are at home.
  11. Plague Star will probably come during the Summer, chill.
  12. Okay okay, since I see both extremes of each side I will give my 2 cents. Consoles require much more work then PC, specially wen it comes to Tennogen (Look what happened to Switch lately) so lets go by parts. Tennogen : Tennogen items need licensing before being placed on consoles so that the creators receive profits, not doing so opens DE to lawsuits by the creators of said items. Even though we are behind Tennogen and on Atlas Deluxe, [DE] Danielle has stated that they are releasing it together whit Arbitration's 2.0 and that they were working on the build. Updates : Has some have said, and others more extremely then what it really is, Warframe is first made on PC and then revamped for Consoles, this also helps DE finding major bugs which means that we console players wont have bugs that can make our game crash, but obviously we still get our fair share of small/annoying bugs since PC players arent "beta testers" like some call themselves, they simply have to deal whit the major bugs since they are the main build, because if DE could update Console like they can PC then PC wouldn't have to take the major bugs by themselves. Certs are the problem that we and DE have to deal whit, DE not only has to pays for each cert/hotfix they have to make, but consoles have to approve of the cert build (unlike Steam) which means DE has to make sure the build is much more perfected then the PC one (even after fixing the major bugs) so that they dont fail cert. Same time updates are possible, we have seen this whit Nightwave, BUT, it was a surprise update, which means DE probably had Nightwave ready for PC for a while but chose to wait and take their time to perfect the build and release it for everyone at the same time, now, this could be done whit every update, but that would mean that we would have updates maybe each 3 months rather then 1 update each month, which means DE would have to delay PC (and lets be honest PC players would not like that). Conclusion : As a PS4 player, I wish we were in sinc whit PC and maybe once DE starts getting bigger this becomes a reality, but as of now I see why things are what they are, consoles are the ones mainly at fault for DE not being able to have same time updates because of the cert process (same reason why cross-play as of now is impossible), so DE would need to have a contract whit consoles similar to how Steam works so that they could hotfix Warframe on consoles as they please, but right now ? Impossible.
  13. Tbh it would be fun to have an event where we build a Dyson Sphere around the Sun to harvest energy to all the colony's we are helping and defend it from time to time.
  14. Pretty sure Kavats whit Sharpened Claws and Corrosive Projection affect his armor.
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