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  1. Thats no excuse to not hide lore related stuff from new players, why show players stuff like Amalgams, Conduits, Little Duck and Alad V out of order if they will only lern about them MUCH later on ?
  2. Yea, I miss the times wen you could go outside the Liset and place things inside the aquariums and stuff, shame they patched it by making it teleport us, wish there was another way to leave.
  3. As many have stated, the closest thing to "exclusive" is the Prime Access and Prime Vault, as Prime Access and Prime Vault gives you 2 exclusive profile pics of the Warframe they are selling you for buying it, and, eventually, a Prime Noggle of the same, while the Prime Access and Prime Vault Cosmetic Packs brings whit it Prime Cosmetics that you can only get by paying, just like the Glyphs and the Noggle. So, no, there isnt any service or p2w system in WF that would exactly make the game easier (there are boosters to make your grind faster though), as all weapons and mods can be either farmed or traded for platinum, which you can get by selling items to other players. If you wish to donate to DE because you like the game, then either buy some platinum for the sake of supporting DE or check out their merchandise store, there are some cool statuettes there, or, wait for them to release your favorite Warframe as a Prime and buy it then.
  4. For us to talk about warnings, we would have to talk about chat censorship as a whole, since, while some things, like spam and caps-lock, get warnings, usually Bot trigger words award you a immediate kick, either the good 7 days or just a quick region switch. Now, you might ask, and what are those trigger words ? Well, good luck finding out, because the game sure wont tell ya till you are kicked from chat and you are left thinking what was the word that might have trigger it, even though there are some obvious ones. In my opinion, Region needs to be reworked as a whole, not only the warnings but also how the Bot is triggered and the fact that a reason should be given for the kick (a simple message in the chat wen you are kicked saying "you were kicked because of : [insert random comment]" isnt much to ask), as you cant even mention the word PC (as in computer) on region whiteout the Bot telling you to go to trade chat, meaning that the bot gets triggered by the word and not the phrase or the context in some cases, leading to the usual kick baits. Plus, we cant forget about the Mods (which are none-excitante in EU on PS4 btw, meaning that the players themselves have to keep telling others to move to the correct chats, but, also gives players the chance to talk about other more heavily censured topics I guess), their job is, in one way or another, to moderate the chat and warn people wen they are misbehaving, so, it all comes down to everything needing to be reworked.
  5. Tbh each frame could get the Wisp treatment, walking and sprinting animations unique for the specific frame and not based on stance at least, no need to touch on melee unless they make the Warframe float.
  6. All Disruptions should be locked behind The Sacrifice, same for the labs, as Amalgmas only happen after The Sacrifice. While the concept isnt spoiled, the content is still not in order, which is my main problem, since you can still see Amalgams in the labs if you haven't opened the door. My suggestion ? Either remove Alad V sending in Amalgams or make nodes that stay locked untill you do The Sacrifice in where you can find said labs and the Amalgams, and also, obviously, remove said labs from the normal nodes.
  7. Exactly, DE shoot themselves in the foot, Amalgams and NightWave are the most lore braking concepts the game has right now, new players can literally read a story that is set AFTER the major quests, wen they arent even near there, not only that, they get access to Sentient tech (disruptions) that hasn't been made yet since they still very much so have the Lotus, WHICH WAS THE ONE THAT FORCED ALAD TO MAKE SAID TEC. All in all, either DE needs to make nodes where the secret labs are and lock them for new players or make it so said labs do not appear wen playing whit new players, same for the amalgams.
  8. 1. So there is a obviously OP tech (synthesizing) that practically EVERY Tenno carries, and yet not even Alad V has made use of it after capturing so many of us ? Seems much more like the usual laziness since you HAVE to use the foundry to craft something and scanners were the only thing DE could think of, like scanning for plants instead of picking them up like normal people, I get what you want to try to explain, but certain things just dont have an explenation, like how the Scanners even work, I just leave it to the "Dont think about it". 2. You are literally taking this the wrong way, wen I say a host I mean it has to infect something, in this case, they infected her and from her many came, but they still infected her, so, the infestation cant just think "Oh, I am bored, lemme spew some more infested" and have new ones created, no, it has to consume something and make more out of it. 3. Technocyte and Infestation are basically the same thing just different names at this point, Technocyte at this point is just the name of the virus instead of the faction, the Helminth is a TOTALLY different thing, its something that was selected from the Technocyte/Infestation, basically a strain, its like going to your DNA and taking away what says you have blue eyes, all it contains is the fact you have blue eyes, not the fact that you are blond or what the color of your skin is, the Helminth is just that, a strain that mutates the host whiteout infecting him whit the infested madness, it just so happens that it kinda makes them go berserk whit the pain. 1. No, Ordis fragmented his memory as to forget who he was since he was afraid he would turn on us, what we do he finding them, not finding their backups, wen it comes to Cy I just cant accept we re-made it, it sounds illogical to create something based on backups, or else we could probably find Jordas somewhere no ? 2. We didn't kill Hunhow though, all we did was kick him out of the Cephalon Weave, pretty sure he is still very much so alive in Uranus, if remaking Cephalons whit backups were a thing, we could just disconnect Suda from the weave and make a Suda 2.0, maybe is because we cant that the quest happened, since Ordis wanted to SAVE Suda, pretty sure you cant Save something that has a backup. 3. I see it as not every Titania is the same, because they arent a husk, they are human beings, so her being assigned Titania just means that she was tasked to make a human into Titania, plus, she says she was assigned her after others, so now Silvana is the creator of all first Warframes ? Doubt. 4. The pseudo-benevolent hive minds just doesn't click to me, Helminth is afraid of us and worships Nidus, its just not the behavior of something that could control anything else but what it is linked to.
  9. 1. What I am trying to make you understand is that the foundry gives 0 cares about lore right now, its a "Dont think about it" device just like the Market or Captura, the foundry doesn't make sense because it simply doesn't, plus, wen I say fix, I mean that in the sense of using resources on broken Warframe parts so to help the tissue grow back, as we saw that in 2nd Dream and Sacrifice, after being almost cut in half and whit Umbra missing his eye cover, a Warframe can heal itself using energy, so it would make sense that wen the damage is major, resources are needed since energy can only do so much. This would be much more plausible then herp a derp I scanned a blade, a elbow, a head and a scarf, now I have a brain scan whit memory's and that transference bolt that has never been seen before included, that I can shove together whit some alloy, nano spores and Kuva and boom make something that was once Human. (See how it sounds ridiculous ? 3D printing a Human ?) 2. You are compering Infested and Helminth as both one and the same, they obviously are not. Plus, where exactly did you get the info in the game that Infestation creates things whiteout needing a host ? All the infestation we have seen so far have had hosts to take its shape, or else it simply end up whit a very deformed shape, like Jordas or the infested tilesets. 3. INFESTATION and HELMINTH arent the same, thats like calling a gene the same as DNA, They DO NOT work the same way, as the Helminth has no trace of leaving the host whit the infestation, therefor literally not giving the Helminth any info about the host anyways.
  10. 1. Its not a headcanon, in all of Warframe we have only seen 1 Cephalon of each, if Cephalons could be replicated just like that, Octavia's Anthem wouldn't even be a thing, as Suda could just be made again, and therefor, Cephalons would have no risk of being destroyed, as you could just make a copy of one, plus, Ordis sends us a message telling us that he has found a signal, which should imply Cy is already "there" in the weave. 2. No, she was ASSIGNED Titania as her next project (check the quest dialogue on the wiki) after she has done other Warframes, Titania was simply her last project before becoming the Silver Grove, a killer made by a healer. 1. No, the fact that Warframes were made from humans was the plot-twist, as we see a NORMAL Excalibur being made from a human in the Vitruvian, plus, the Orokin made the Warframes, not us, therefor my suggestion on us "fixing" them instead of "building a new one", since the Tenno would have no knowledge on how to make a bloody Warframe, at best fix it. 2. Infestation can infest everything (apart from feral Kavats), as chargers are Grineer and runners are Corpus, but it cant make Warframes, only the Helminth strain can, which only the Orokin and us have access to, plus no where does it show that the Helminth has control over what it infests, as Umbra, despite being infested whit the Helminth wasnt being controlled by the good ol chair in the back of the Orbiter, plus there is also the Helminth charger, that still acts like a Kubrow despite being Helminth infested. 3. But they cant? Only type of cloning we know for a fact that the Orokin could make were the Grineer, and those guys were use for slave labor, and thats it. You guys keep bringing up "clone this" "clone that" but you still haven't shown anywhere where it says that they did clone them.
  11. Proof ? 1.We know there are several normal frames, but from what we know they were also humans, as seen by a Human getting turned into a regular Excalibur Warframe on the Vitruvian, no where does it say the Orokin cloned them, plus, by Ballas words: "We took our greatest, volunteers or not", this should imply they always used humans, plus, given how the Orokin Empire is, seems fishy they would work whit anything that wasnt good, specially clones that probably by Orokin design were meant to decay. 2.Again, no proof of that, all we know is that she was told that her next project was Titania after she had done other Warframes, nothing says Titania was built to be mass produced or to be Primed. 3. Only diference is that they keep their memory's, our Warframes while being sapient carry over no memory's wen we make a new one, the whole project behind Umbra was to turn a Dax Soldier (someone bound by the oath) into a Warframe that could not disobey Ballas, and to do so it needs its memory's (So the oath still lives), plus, already explained how "artificial humans" (aka grineer) wouldn't be used on a project wen they were probably always meant to decay. Cephalons arent simple programs, they are digitized humans, while they can be deleted its not like you can just CTRL+C & CTRL+V and boom you get a copy, from what we know,each Cephalon is unique, as there is only 1 Ordis, 1 Suda, 1 Jordas, 1 Simaris 1 Samodeus, 1 Cordylon and so on, so, there should also only be 1 Cy, one thing is Cy getting lost in the Cephalon Weave after his Railjack got rekt and Ordis finds a trace of him and we manage to find him (which is the research), another thing is BUILDING a Cephalon, you can recover data and give it a new body, but you cant make a body and it magically has data, so therefor, unless we fixed Cy by simply giving him a "mainframe" (Think thats what Cephalon Cordylon called it in one of his posts) aboard the Railjack, BUILDING a Cephalon makes just as much sense as cloning Warframes, which is none. Like you said, your "replication" theory still doesn't make sense (see above), plus, I am not complaining about the market, I am just saying that its obvious the Foundry (just like the market) is simply a "Dont question it" feature, as in it isnt linked to the game lore, like cosmetics.
  12. For the whole "Making a Warframe" process to make sense whit Lore, we would need to FIX (not build) parts of Warframes we find in our Adventures and then put them back together to something that would have its "memory's" (maybe the Main BP comes whit the mind of the Warframe) and therefor we would wait 3 days so that the Warframe can reconnect itself back together to its fixed parts that could just belong to another frame of the same type. Same for Cephalon Cy, it makes sense that we researched his Location in the weave, it just doesn't make sense how we then have to build him and not fix him.
  13. Well, obviously you SHOULDN'T, given that all Lisets are equipped whit a foundry (and given they are Orokin-era stealth ships and therefor Orokin made), why didn't the Orokin just make 1 Warframe and clone it over and over again ? Why infest several humans if we can just craft a clone that does the same job of being a alive golem to be controlled ? If we can do it whit Umbra via some codex/Simaris scans what enabled Ballas from making a few hundred Umbras that cant hurt him by themselves and set them lose, I mean, pretty sure the Tenno back then didn't have the mental capacity to just control a bunch of Warframes whit a serious case of PTSD. It just doesn't make sense in terms of LORE, not exactly "reality", the animals in OV are thought to be "extinct" and by what we can speculate after capturing them is that they were just hiding/surviving and the activation of the Orokin Coolant Towers brought them out of hiding, plus, "Rubidium" is most likely something related to Warframes common ore Rubedo and not related to the IRL mineral obviously. Specters are a thing, but using a Foundry to make Warframes and a Cephalon is just DE being lazy and not wanting to have a separate place to make them, like I said, its another "dont think about it" feature just like the Market.
  14. But how does that make sense ? So we can just make a 3D print of a bloody Infested "spoiler" together whit a way to keep its memory just from a few scans from its blown up parts ? In all honesty the whole Foundry aspect for Warframes is just... dumb. Why not have the BPs as broken parts from a dead Warframe or something and we just fix them whit the materials needed ? I can understand Weapons as reversing the process and making us use parts of certain weapons and screw them together whit some resources to make something alike the BP (Like how we probably use Galantine parts for the Paracesis), but we it comes to Warframes it doesn't make sense, you cant MAKE a living sapient organism out of a drawing (BP) and a few resources. Either DE changes the desc of the main BP to something like it containing the "Core" of the Warframe (and therefor being what makes it "alive") or the foundry is just another "dont think about it" concept like the Market, and how we buy whole Warframes out of it.
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