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  1. I love how this whole topic can be summed up to "I am not having fun so neither should you". First, the Sentient CC complaint: From what this thread has stated, Sentients DO adapt to CC, it just seems to work similar to Magus Lockdown, where after you use it 3 times it stops doing CC, for example. Second, the nerf: Dunno how Grendel is since I have really not played him, but if you have complaints about nerfings, general aint the place, thats what feedack is for, you complaining here is basically you asking/expecting a discussion/argument whit other players, and not to actually make a change on the Frame. (basically, I am calling this thread pointless) Third, Limbo: My most used frames would probably Limbo and Equinox, and one thing I have never done whit Limbo is go AFK, I pop my 4th and 2nd and I start killing, the point of CC is to stop enemy's so you can kill them, so, if there is need to talk about the AFK-ism in Warframe, make that a topic of itself, since that is a problem whit players, not the Frame. Fourth, fairness and fun: This is the dumbest argument I have seen from this topic, fairness and fun is subjective, some have fun enjoying the power fantasy Warframe gives, others seek fun in creating challange, others seek fun in diversity, and some simply like to go whit the META, same goes whit fairness, for some, a nerf might not be fair wen a cerain frame isnt changed, others, simply face reality and suck it up because DE is the lord of this game and they do whatever they want and coming to the forums asking for dumb arguments wont change a thing. My point is, if you find the fact that Limbo makes the game easy, thats your personal problem, not a community problem that needs to be solved and imo much less addressed here (thats what feedback is for), if you are seeking challenge and dont like a "0% fail rate", make a private session, or else dont complain about what you get in public, since you should not expect people to be like you (this is Warframe 101), simply because players do not all seek the same, I, for starters, play Warframe to chill, not to fail, lose or be challenged, I play because I like to kill everything whit a swing of my Gram Prime and a press of my Equinox 4th, I like to grab my Limbo and just walk trough Spy vault lasers or keeping objectives safe from harm, while there are others that like to use 1 Frame for everything or some who like to just solo in private, you just simply cant expect people in Pub to behave and use the things you want because you find X, Y and Z boring.
  2. If you are talking about the building you went head first into while doing the Glitch, thats the Deck 12 elevator, you can see frozen bodys in front of it and it is also place where the Exploiter Orb comes from during the battle on Deck 12 (it climbs down a hole in the ceiling where the elevator should be). If you are talking about the circular thing you shot at, it just seems to be a skybox for an animation or even for the OV sky. The 3rd Orb has been observed for a while now, still nothing new to it sadly.
  3. Has many stated, it boils down to the fact that not everyone in the world knows about American holidays, even Canadian and American thanksgiving are on different days so obviously they wont really know what people were talking about. Plus, DE really has no need to celebrate such events or to even mention them, as that just isnt their job, they are making a game, not a calendar, hell, they even go out of their way to support charity's and support what has been happening in Australia, even that isnt something they had to do. Basically, not every holiday will be celebrated, we get Easter, Halloween/Day of the Dead, Valentines and Christmas/Chinese New Year (tennobaum), and that is really the most lore believable holidays I could even seen holding till the year Warframe is set at.
  4. Short answer : Because gameplay. Lore wise, the Corpus sell anything to anyone, even to the Grineer (yes their literal enemies on the "conquer the world race"), the Corpus, like you stated, are mainly a cult of merchants that take grofit over anything, even sacrificing their own for it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, I might have a... small theory over a way we could see this : During the PS4 trailer (I believe) we see Alad selling a regular Mag to other Corpus, and we see her going for 4000k PLATINUM, so, my guess would be that either the Corpus mainly trades using platinum (like we do) or that 1 orokin sell would go for 1T creds based on the fact that people were willing to give Alad V 4000000 Platinum for a regular Mag, which is a HUGE diference from our Black Market prices about our little Orbiter.
  5. Given that Chinaframe has some exclusive content, I would bet on no. DE loves to unnecessarily make exclusive content, but in this case I bet it was something they had to do because of Excaliur Umbra Prime being their founder pack.
  6. If it isnt in the codex then It most have done nothing, did you check it ?
  7. Okay, gonna try looking around that area tomorrow, did you try scanning it or was it unscannable ?
  8. Yep, thats the carrier alright, is that near the Profit-Taker ? Cant exactly see the map location XD
  9. It wasnt black, it was gray, what you saw was a Sentient Carrier whiteout texture most likely, which isnt surprising given its a [PH] enemy.
  10. By what DE has stated during the many Devstreams, their intention whit TNW is to make it more than a quest, but an all out invasion of the system, so I would say it is plausible that we will be seeing Sentients all over the system, how they will make that work for newbies ? Dunno. Maybe they will do something like the Stalker where it only goes after people in that quest line.
  11. The [PH] tag is used for content that is being worked on, so you probably saw something that is still in the works (lucky you), if you search "Sentient Carrier" on Google you will see what you probably saw, which is a Sentient that deploys other Sentients. My speculation is that it was simply something DE left coded into the game and forgot to remove wen they deployed the latest update (like the Sentient interference during the Lich Mission on Nepture or Uranus). Well, enjoy knowing you saw something in the works.
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