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  1. Because there is a thing called "Trolls", and the people who actually take them serious are just people who took their bait.
  2. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    Maybe a celebration quest with ordis for the anniversary?

    Mini Ordis Quest ? Thats news to me, care to shine a light on it ?
  3. Has all of this state, the solution isn't to censor, but to make a place where questions can be asked. DE has to make a chat specially made for Q&A, this way, people who have questions and people who want to use their time to help solving this questions can come together, but, obviously, this chat would need to have either a BIG timer (like 3 mins or so) and a system like : "[Username] has a question : [Question], click on the username to PM him." so that you dont need to wait 3 mins if you want to write a big explanation, this way, keeping squad requests and "I need taxi/help" comments on the proper chats.
  4. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    Maybe a celebration quest with ordis for the anniversary?

    Id rather have DE working on Railjack and the Gas City Rework rather then wasting time making a quest.
  5. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    Profile pictures

    Profile picture here are the same has your glyph in Warframe.
  6. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    The Index Sucks And Here Is Why

    OP said they wanted to farm, using the META ensures efficiency, all i said is that if OP goes Rhino and expects the other people to help him out, going random isn't the best option.
  7. Anyone at endgame content could demolish 4 stalkers in secs, dont see the fun of a battle that is already won by me pressing 4 whit a Mesa Prime like some of the Bosses,
  8. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    The Index Sucks And Here Is Why

    This could all be fixed if you used something that the game has, what was the name of it again ? Ha yes, Recruitment Chat. Going randomly to the Index will mean that you will find : People doing only 1 round, Newbies, People who dont use the META, Leechers, etc... If you want to FARM the Index, your best option is to find a squad and establish roles for each team member, that way, no one will steal your points, and you will be able to farm just how many credits has you wish, complaining that you find people who dont do the same has you do doesn't make Index suck at all, it just means that you didn't bother to get a proper squad to farm.
  9. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    Will DE ever plan to link Warframe.Market with Warframe?

    Not likely, Warframe.Market isn't a official Warframe website so i dont see it happening.
  10. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    The Red King

    So... after Octavia's Anthem, Hunhow goes silent, no news from him until now despite Natah being back, could this "Red King" be Hunhow ? You know, the huge red Sentient destroyed of worlds ?
  11. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    I am sure if the did it would only be for Index.
  12. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    Thats for the OP to tell us XD i usually only write reports wen i have screenshots has proof, but i dont know about OPs friend report cases.
  13. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    Dont see how i am being aggressively ignorant but you do you i guess ? You cant expect people to take your quote on quote "jokes" has jokes wen said people were previously having a none ironic argument about the subject, i saw what you wrote, and took it has what you honestly thought, so i replied to your view whit my view, i have my view of things, you have yours, i took my time a wrote a reply based on what you said, so no, i didn't let my "emotions" guide me has you said, but i still find your talk about toxicity out of place here, since i haven't seen anyone here being toxic for the purpose of being toxic, just people sharing their views on the subject without insulting anyone. You also most understand that 5 years ago isn't the same has now, things changed, the player base got MUCH bigger, people whit different views of what is fun and what is not have joined the community, and you will have to coexist whit them despite the game not going the path it was founded on 5 years ago, you have your input, just like everyone else, but you cant expect that being a founder will have any weight on your words, because DE will see it has 1 comment in a wave of million others. If DE asks, people give, if you dont want to give your input, then its up to you, but then you wont be able to complain wen the game doesn't turn out to be like you viewed it has. In the subject of this Thread, everyone sees pros and con, if you think Umbra should be used, then I disagree, but its not like your opinion is worth less because i believe in something else. *But despite you telling me i wouldn't be able to understand your opinion i would still love to.
  14. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    The same can be said for OPs friend, if you dont like getting reported then go play solo or whit friends. See the problem now ? I do agree that if DE doesn't want this to happen then they should block Umbras ability on Index, that way everything is solved. Its really AFK-ish wen all you have to do is stay in Void Mode while your Umbra takes care of everything (wen the enemy's go near his field of view that is).
  15. (PS4)d_HopeCraft_b

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    Thats not the point dude... the point is that the guy was CAUGHT standing still in 1 place while Umbra did the job, it doesn't meter what his stats were, if I go to a mission whit my Operator and use Umbra has my side pall, people will still see me doing something, while this guys was really doing nothing while his Umbra toke care of everything, therefor he got reported. I am sure that if DE sent a warning is because they dont want players to do what OPs friend was doing, but i digress. Even if DE gives you the possibility to do something, doesn't mean its alright, AFK-ing whit a Umbra is still AFK-ing despite of Umbra getting kills whenever enemy's decide to pop up on its field of view, because enemy's dont always spawn on your spawn and sometimes stay near their own spawn, a AFK Umbra should be (imo) either used wen playing whit people you know or not be used at all wen going whit randoms since stuff like this will happen. Also, where the hell did you get that "Well I don't like mesa because she's a girl wearing guys clothes. I'm offended! CHANGE IT OR ELSE I WONT PLAY YOUR GAME!" quote from ? Because after 1 year in this game i have never seen people complaining about that, the only thing i saw because of Mesa was because of the collapse Mesa Primes hips had wen she crouched ? Also, DE themselves ask for input of the fans, obliviously constructive input, but still input none the less, if DE lessens to the input the fans give its up to them, telling people to shut up and let DE do the game how they want makes no sense wen DE are the ones asking for input, and, i dont know wen you joined, but this game is one of the games whit less toxicity i have seen (apart from the regular trolls here and there but everyone can see they are just bating) I have seen many good ideas and opinions on the game just has i have seen tons of people disagreeing whit trolls, so, i dont really see how Warframe is ruled by "toxic kids" wen at least in PS4 all i find is people above the age of 18 playing the game and giving their opinions, i barely see kids actually interested in the game.