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  1. Count me in-I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. any plans on changing catchmoon primary mods from shotgun to rifle?
  3. The new Q & A chat tab sounds a lot like the job for guide of the lotus. Any plans on releasing a different version for Mantle of the Lotus?
  4. The colors for ash shroud skin doesn't match the shroud helmet
  5. Just hope the elite weeklies won't turn into daily-like challenges due to the community not putting in "effort"
  6. Still no response on adding the pictograph of the weapon when you click on riven links. Along with that showing the different disposition based on the weapon variant. You wanted to make the change with the disposition but also give no effort explaining it in game
  7. Reminder that waypoints are still terrible in this game. Fixing the problem in lua doesn't change the fact that the system itself needs a complete overhaul.
  8. Since you want to have different disposition for weapon variants why not have an option to see the different dispositions along with the picture when you click on the riven link? P.S. Mantle of the lotus when? Would be nice for a separate version for the public
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