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  1. Any plans on adding the "Fits in" picture at the bottom right shown when rolling rivens to riven mod links?
  2. Could you add the "Fits in" picture at the bottom right shown when rolling rivens to riven mod links?
  3. Any plans on adding the "Fits in" picture of the weapon when you click on riven mod links?
  4. Intrinsics is the same as focus so yes, it affects intrinsics. You do not loose itrinsics if you die.
  5. It's a bug that happens in both crimson branch and the regular trading post. Leave the dojo and join back
  6. Any plans on fixing gunnery rank 10 perk? Still stutters when trying to lock on a target. P.S. -Will there be a complete remake for way-points? It just feels like you keep making tiny fixes for certain areas while the system overall needs remodeling. --Also Mantle of the Lotus when? Could have a public and separate version of it.
  7. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/180-pc-trading-post/
  8. Sending a support ticket can fix that for you https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  9. if you want a fast hitting weapon they you should go with a sephan setup if you can build zaws atm
  10. banshee, ash, ember since heat rework at the top of my head, hydroid
  11. Lich weapon or grade does not matter Message me in-game
  12. Best bet is to farm endurance dark sector where the planet drops fieldron samples. Low level would be Kadesh on Mars as a decent farm
  13. Been asked multiple times already but they have no plans to change it since it's encouraged to rather buy individual forma or the bundle.
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