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  1. Jaw Sword / Plague Kripath / Akbolto / Azima / Ocucor / Pandero / Harpak / Opticor / Tiberon / Mire / Daikyu / Amphis rivens for Sale. Open for offers in-game
  2. the waypoint system still needs to be reworked
  3. How can you implement waypoints to be detected when you are airborne?
  4. I don't know how but waypoints have gotten extremely worse during the past updates. Lua was just one of them. Could you please update us when waypoints are getting an overhaul?
  5. Glad to see the update! Seriously interested to see this new operation!
  6. I really hope fixing waypoints isn't placed in the backburner as well as other plans
  7. this bug is still here after the hotfix
  8. i can't purchase a pack through steam wallet
  9. A simple reminder to please fix waypoints Will we be able to have atomos mask with ceno helmet again? https://imgur.com/lryfNHW https://i.imgur.com/QKfMnZE.png
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