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  1. Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

    -Orokin style dojo second-coming ? -Dedicated server karma rewards/commendation ? -Dojo decoration capacity for platinum ?
  2. Coming Soon: Devstream #99!

    Are you open to question submits ?
  3. Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange!

    IGN: The-Aurora Platform: PC My wishlist: Kavat Genetic Code(-s) Weapon / Warframe slots Valkyr Immortal Skin Nyx Athena Skin Orokin Catalyst / Reactor Greater Zenurik Lens Thanks and happy holidays.
  4. Dedicated Conclave Servers

    Two things I would gladly see to come: 1. Give us a way (or tell us a way how to create a bat file with all arguments and such) to launch a dedicated server without having to open up a launcher. 2. Make an option which makes the server to be adaptive and host pve game modes too, what I mean by that is that the server could run any game mode depending on "demand". So for example, if I was to make such server it could load any game mode and any map that has no other dedicated server available (or other dedicated server that has this adaptive option).
  5. Dedicated Conclave Servers

    Not really, the dedicated server run on current PC build.
  6. The Vacuum Within 

    um, there were news, yesterday, what you want ?
  7. The Vacuum Within 

    You guys can be such a trolls lmao (not in bad way).
  8. Connection Issues (Chat, Game Launcher And Server) [Megathread]

    thats not how you install ram, thats gotta be the problem
  9. Connection Issues (Chat, Game Launcher And Server) [Megathread]

    DE deployed clem and fixed it already (for now)
  10. Thanks For Watching Devstream #60!

    Is the warframe version coming before update 18 ?
  11. Race who gets on coach first, thats how I imagine
  12. Pc Operation: Tubemen Of Regor