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  1. Combos were already easy to pull with the old system, and you had quick melee for crowd control
  2. @Airwolfen I kinda can't unequip my stances because of the extra slots it gives me
  3. It's completely screwed up my play style with greatswords too, tempo Royale had great quick melee for paracesis, and now it feels sluggish
  4. I'm not calling out the system as a whole but these aspects they put in make the new system seem worse than the old one. I don't recall anyone asking for these changes (except for people that only use the zenistar)
  5. Personally speaking this update has taken a lot of fun out of the game for me. The removal of quick melee and this auto block nonsense have completely neutered the effectiveness of most of my favorite melees, and I'm not the only one who has a problem with it. Take the hirudo for example. Was good at it's job with quick melee, and you only switched to the stance strikes to show off due to them not FLOWING like the quick ones. DE said this was to make combat more fluid, but it seems to just have gotten chunkier
  6. The light melee made several weapons with kind of bad stances actually fun to use, this ain't fun
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