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  1. +1 Best topic so far about UI. Well done. Plus i like the design of mods you showed.
  2. If you wanna see my internet download&upload speed: PS: Game was on.
  3. My upload speed is around 3-5 mbps and i can't be the host, keep getting "Host migration in progress" when i wanna host a void run.
  4. Ordis should -go and kill himself- stay. He's annoying but i'd miss him if he's gone D:
  5. Thought that affinity helps people to see that the target has died but...
  6. 1. Run far away from him as possible 2. Aim at his dummy head 3. Shoot and kill the bastard 4. Enjoy At least that's how i do except the part with running.
  7. Warframe's logic: you have to pay the full price no matter what. By they way, +1
  8. Many games have some things in common but they are not the same. Every game has its own set of challenge, leveling system, killing etc.
  9. 1. Turn off volume? (Just saying) 2. Why so much animal cruel from you? D: That little kubrow wants your attention because he misses and you... wanna shut him/her out D:
  10. The video doesn't say anything or it's just me? I see a player sliding and killing everything... Or you want that angle? I'd say it will be a bit confusing for the player. But an option to set it would be good. I see no problem with the actual camera angle. (My opinion, respect it or not)
  11. Make a list? Let us see. What the... *sarcasm* You're so right :o
  12. Yes i like it easy, problem? I want to kill everything in my way without getting hurt, problem? It's fun. Valkyr is OP and hope it won't be nerfed/changed in any way. And 'wow', you had to copy what i say? Nice of you. (In a bad way) Not gonna spam around for a simple argue. I see lot of people complaining about a weapon/frame that it's too OP, after nerfing it, they will cry. /end
  13. Let me tell you in other way, in T4 Survival, +45 minutes, your team keep going down, you use valkyr. How will you revive your teammates without going down too if you don't have the god mode skill? Valkyr it's very good as it is. Don't like it? There are other frames to be played. Have a nice day.
  14. It's not that hard to look at your energy (if it's full) , use the skill and see how much your skill cost. But still good idea. "-x energy" on my screen
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