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  1. If we could get an option in the C rotation that isn't rivens that would be great. Otherwise it's just going to be a glorified 60/90 plat selling them veiled because I refuse to touch the slot machines with a 10 foot pole.
  2. Danse Macabre costs 5 more energy/sec than Peacemaker OMEGALUL
  3. How about we don't nerf limbo and only do the change to allies weapons? He's only reliably used in 2 mission types as is
  4. "those people enjoy efficiency when killing. It's satisfying for them to spin or cast an ult and watch a whole room of dudes vanish."
  5. This is a worse workshop than Damage 2.5 when it comes to how it will negatively impact the game. By removing Combo working on Light Attacks you are not just nerfing the atterax. You are nerfing every single melee weapon in the game. Even the S#&$ ones. If you want to nerf Maiming, Just Nerf Maiming. Or just whips, because Tonfa's require Maiming to do decent damage. Nobody wants to use Charge/Heavy attacks, their always clunky and it would be more effective to just use an AoE frame or the Amprex at that point. But hey go ahead and ignore all the negative feedback and send this through anyway. You wont lose any players at all I swear :)))
  6. "We added Cinematic Quests, We added Archwing, We added Lunaro which turned out nobody really plays. Which is fine you're allowed to make mistakes that's cool. But you need to try." - Reb What you just did was make a mistake. Take the next hotfix. And Try. Else Sanctuary Onslaught will go the way of Lunaro and Archwing.
  7. "When she dies, she will be revived when you Revive." Or we could just hit 3 again, Or we could just revive the cat like any other cat. Or we could not have compensation nerfs for an ability that needed nothing but buffs.
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