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  1. I have a riven to "Kill 100 enemies with finishers without failing a mission" and when I kill mobs with Ash's Bladestorm ability (which uses finishers), I don't get credit towards this riven completion.
  2. I just built all the infested k-drive parts this week, no problems.
  3. I still cannot trade Prisma Dual Decurion. This fix didn't do anything for that.
  4. I put the item in the trade window and I see it, but the person I'm trading it to does not.
  5. I'm playing octavia on Mot SP and my sly vulpaphyla does not re-invis after reviving itself. Since I'm playing solo with a visible pet, he gets killed instantly, making it impossible to use this pet.
  6. I did a survival arbitration for 124 minutes and extracted, but when I tried to do another arbitration, it wasn't available (like I had already done it, but obviously had not). I assume this is a bug, thought I'd report it
  7. bump... this still hasn't been updated, and now the newest unvaulted frames are right around the corner.
  8. Something is wrong with linking the Equilibrium mod. It doesn't show up as an option.
  9. bump... Every single time I play Xaku this bug happens. It's 100% reproducible within about 10 minutes of playing. I have 6 forma in Xaku including an umbral forma, and I can't even play him now.
  10. I put PULL on my Xaku and when I use it in the Cambion Drift, nothing happens. I get the sound effect, but the loot does not get pulled towards me.
  11. When you look at My Profile>Equipment and set filter to All, Voidrig Necramech appears twice in the list. The first correctly shows maxed, the second is unleveled. If you filter on Vehicles, the Voidrig Necramech correctly shows up only once. So it appears there is a bug showing 2 Voidrig Necramechs when you don't have any filters on.
  12. The PC drop tables here: Drops The drop tables for the Void missions still show Nova/Trinity relics as dropping even though they've been vaulted. You should update the PC drop tables to show the Ember/Frost relics are dropping there now.
  13. The PC drop tables (Drops) still show Nova/Trinity relics dropping in The Void. Also, I have been farming Void for a while, over 30 relics, and not one of the unvaulted relics dropped. I know it's RNG and I could have bad luck, but I'm skeptical that The Void drop tables are correct.
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