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  1. Earth, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Phobos, Ceres, Jupiter, Europa, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris, Sedna, Void, Kuva Forrest, Derelict Which one did I miss?
  2. I believe I finished Steel Path since I have all 17 trophies as seen here. When I check my profile, it shows: Missions: 27,501 Steel Path Missions: 26,397 So I'm confused. Are there nodes that give mastery that are not required for the trophy, or is this just a bug?
  3. I have actually been scanning them for Simaris, so be careful if you change this now, some people might get locked out of scanning the excal spectre.
  4. I logged on today (was Wukong) and went to the last featured dojo on the list (mountain clan) and didn't get any credit. I then went to the second-to-last featured dojo and didn't get credit there either. I changed warframes in the arsonel (to Ash) and went to the first dojo on the list and then I got credit. Hope that helps.
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