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  1. I was doing an Arbitration Survival mission and my teammates wanted to extract, but I wanted to stay. It turns out that I extracted too, like a non-endless mission. I assume this is a bug since every other time I play a survival mission, I have the option to extract with my teammates or not.
  2. I found out Moas count as pets. This is not obvious and took me a lot of extra effort to "figure out". This is simply a bad riven challenge and should be removed from companion rivens.
  3. I got a COMPANION riven from Simaris, but it requires a PET to unveil it. Since you cannot have a COMPANION and a PET at the same time, and it doesn't fit in a regular rifle, and a companion does not count as a PET, this riven is impossible to unveil.
  4. Perrin Sequence, Capture mission on Earth. There is a medallion in the silver grove part of the map that doesn't give you an option to pick it up.
  5. In the new Nightwave, emotes triggered by a hotkey don't count towards the "Graffiti" challenge. You have to trigger the emote using the emote wheel if you want it to count.
  6. Please DE, can you clarify this. The table you linked DOES NOT show an increased drop rate. Nobody knows what you meant by this.
  7. This doesn't appear to have fixed the problem. I just had the stalker appear in an axi fissure mission after the mission summary screen was already up.
  8. When it got postponed, they said they would let us all know when it was going to be rescheduled. The rescheduled date is what didn't get announced.
  9. Why was this devstream not announced on the in-game news section of the orbiter, like every other dev stream? You dropped the ball on that one.
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