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  1. Ah thanks! Didn't think to search, I'm dum, bumped^^
  2. Still happening, posted my own topic without realizing this one was here, so bumping I guess:P
  3. Hey folks! Ever since Deimos, the three new challenges that came with the update (Namely: Bug Our Ride, Jugger-Not and Kill It With Fire) have not registered any progress at all. I attempted even after hotfixes and major updates (Just checked again), but I still haven't noticed any changes. Also, wasn't sure whether to post this in UI or Mission, so here it is! Thanks!
  4. Best of luck to everybody! Sending love and hugs to the community^^:3
  5. You probably know this too but if you're looking to max out on MR, Intrinsics from RJ also give you MR, and completing Steel Path planets too. As soon as I hit MR 30 all I've been doing since is stacking up Forma, experimenting with builds, clan construction, and helping out any fellow Tenno on their way. Have fun and if you need or want to take a break between updates, it is always a good thing:)
  6. I've started annoying my friend with it just now and we can both confirm there are massive fps drops especially with the uncharged shot from drakgoon, charged too but not as much so.
  7. Now that I'm in-game, I realized that i didn't get the syandanaD:
  8. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for that Flak Cannon and Rocket Launcher OMMMMGGG
  9. While in the grand scheme of things it may be a small thing, the necramech aiming bind hover on keyboards is pretty bad at the moment in my opinion. It was much more comfortable when the jump bind was to be held. Any plans to change this back on keyboards perhaps? One more problem I had with the new bounties is the one with the throwable where you have to be efficient with enemies. 1-2 people is fine, 3+ it gets hard because enemies don't spawn properly sometimes or companions get in the way. Here's where companion commands would come in handy! Other than that everything looks pretty good, goi
  10. Having the same feelings about this right now. It was already hard enough to get any of the weapon parts, before Arcana I did quite a few runs (30-40) and I only managed to get a single weapon part. Now that we have 2 weapons to grind out for, it feels excessive, especially seeing that the mechs you have to defeat now seem quite a bit harder too. For someone who prefers to solo the vaults, where before I had to spend a little more time on the final stage of the Iso Vaults to defeat the 3 mechs trying not to die, now I barely made it out of there with a single revive. On the better side of thin
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