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  1. Ah, so that's the problem! I was about to report a bug but now it all makes sense lul
  2. WHOOP! Finally! Thanks for this opening!
  3. As always, after the update hit, I instantly visited the market to see what I should start saving up for! I was a little surprised how limited the new bundles are. I pretty much never buy anything that advances progression in anyway at all, so I wasn't really interested in the relic pack or the mod bundle. The first thing I checked out was the huge 825 plat bundle. Usually, the bundles give you more choice over what you actually buy, for example I would expect those armors and palettes to be separate to the mods and the addition of a single relic pack, as they usually are. While I'm already saving up for that bundle, many other are too, and many have already bought it, will new and smaller bundles be added? It's not really a massive concern, and the support is always needed, but a lot of people have been mentioning it (some to the point of considering this "a spit in the face", which I think it's far from and also unnecessary, but you see my point). Most of all, to me at least, it's just surprising - especially for someone who's used to buying cosmetic only bundles. Would love to see more options if that's possible!
  4. Hey community! This is not necessarily feedback directed only at The Old Blood. Although, I've heard from a couple of players that the Kuva Quartakk actually has an automatic hip fire mode, which I would love to try! Yet, what disappoints is that there isn't simply a fire mode switch universal to weapons with multiple fire modes. Many players (Probably most), including myself, do not like the Aim/Hip-fire mechanic that I first recognized on the Quatz pistol. I loved the look of the weapon, but then was really put off by the strange fire mode switch. I love aiming. I'm not much of a hip fire user even on automatic weapons, and I leave close quarters to melee which is exactly why I'm loving this update so far, but the fact that this Quartakk variation has the same mechanic really scares me since I love that weapon and was looking forward to getting it. Perhaps it is viewed as a somewhat unique mechanic, but personally I'd much rather just have a simple fire mode switch. Just wanted to drop this around here and see how many of you are on the same page as me. Maybe it could be addressed! Thanks!
  5. I have finally vanquished my first Lich and was able to test a toxic drakgoon. I have to say, contrary to what I hoped for at first, the kuva weapon variations are a little underwhelming. It doesn't really matter how they're buffed, but the drakgoon for example could use some more magazine ammo and even less charge time. Damage could be buffed but it is really up to what makes it most balanced, but right now, even though personally I prefer this drakgoon variation, it still feels like it needs something more.
  6. I've encountered a couple bugs since I last posted One I'm not sure are intended: - Wolf Sledge throw doesn't count as heavy attack, thus no life steal affects it. Heavy slam is fine though! One I'm sure is not intended: - Lich appears even if it's vanquished. (I did receive the weapon, but the lich randomly appeared in a mission.)
  7. The operator woke up one day, realizing his Rhino had something strange on his face. Mubrows! And so, he decided to show them off at the relay.
  8. Well then, why not create a feedback thread about it or mention it in the megathreads?
  9. Great to hear! So I was wrong about it being underpowered. I'll test it out myself soon enough!^^
  10. As long as people explain why they don't like something, or why it doesn't satisfy their expectations, and perhaps give some ideas, that's great! As soon as it becomes a simple "I don't like it" in the most brutal or sarcastic of ways, it isn't so constructive anymore. Sadly, forums seem to be that often. But hey, that's why we should all be more positive and confident in the people who create games such as Warframe!
  11. I really like that idea, could be another use for Kuva with how obtainable it is now. If you don't wanna excuse them, that's your opinion on the matter and I cannot change that. Then again, it takes time for things to get adjusted correctly, which is something everyone should consider thoroughly. Personally, I already gave my feedback so far and going to give more once I get to my Lich, farm Grendel etc.
  12. I've been enjoying the new combo changes and combo counter too! I never really bothered with it before to be honest. The removal of channeling is also something I've been looking forward to since they announced it, life strike feels... different now, might take some time to adjust but so far it flows way better than it used to with channeling! Blocking is way more controlled now and you can feel it! I used to use Skiajati on my Frost, but for some reason it feels like its a little underpowered compared to other melee changes? Perhaps it is the crit that is underwhelming indeed!
  13. Then why are you talking like you are? If you were here since the beginning, then you know that DE makes good on their promises eventually and that all they want and create is goodwill. And yet again, going back to this for the third or forth time, this is why feedback matters. If you don't like the grind, make your own post about it explaining why and asking for a solution or even giving your own one, what's so hard about that? The update has been out for not even 2 days! They can't just focus on everything at once. People need to rest, think, find solutions, they're not robots. They need to address everything in their own time. If you're so concerned about it, and I can tell you that many people agree on the fact that these relics and liches are extremely grindy, go add to the feedback.
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