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  1. While in the grand scheme of things it may be a small thing, the necramech aiming bind hover on keyboards is pretty bad at the moment in my opinion. It was much more comfortable when the jump bind was to be held. Any plans to change this back on keyboards perhaps? One more problem I had with the new bounties is the one with the throwable where you have to be efficient with enemies. 1-2 people is fine, 3+ it gets hard because enemies don't spawn properly sometimes or companions get in the way. Here's where companion commands would come in handy! Other than that everything looks pretty good, goi
  2. Having the same feelings about this right now. It was already hard enough to get any of the weapon parts, before Arcana I did quite a few runs (30-40) and I only managed to get a single weapon part. Now that we have 2 weapons to grind out for, it feels excessive, especially seeing that the mechs you have to defeat now seem quite a bit harder too. For someone who prefers to solo the vaults, where before I had to spend a little more time on the final stage of the Iso Vaults to defeat the 3 mechs trying not to die, now I barely made it out of there with a single revive. On the better side of thin
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