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  1. That would require DE to remember Plague Star is a thing people would actually want to play.
  2. DE's Overzealous Philosophy to Panic Nerf Things. Limbo and Khora in Scarlet Spear being the recent ones. Instead of stopping, taking a breath, and actually thinking about what the problem is, and how to make as few people mad about the changes as possible. Keeping everyone happy about a change is impossible, but being smart about them can keep all but the loudest minority of players from being mad. Example being Warframe Revised, the update that was (far as memory serves) all positives. An inevitable change that we'll see is a nerf to Marked for Death finisher damage.
  3. Title says it all, I keep getting the "Reconfiguration could not be completed. Your account has not been charged. Please try again later." message. It probably matters, so I'll specify that this is a Gilded and 1 forma Panzer Vulpaphyla. Is this a bug a lot of people are getting? or did I Shy/Tear of Grace it and find a random bug?
  4. Will Elemental Ward function the same as Chroma? ie, element following energy color? Or will it be tied to just one element?
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