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    Warframe Builder

    While i understand you concern about the current situation, i feel really bad about removing popularity, i put an effort creating detailed builds for several warframes (Mesa, Limbo, Octavia, Ivara, Ash, Inaros, Titania, Nekros) and i was happy when i saw them at the top, i don't know if the system was really accurate, but i can tell that even when there were old builds at the top (specially for Nekros and Mesa), in few days, almost all of my builds took 1st place over builds with 1-2 years old, not because i cheated, i know that people liked them, i had several people asking me in game about them, and giving me feed back, and that was amazing. Today i went to check build for frost, and now i see a lot of build just sorted for the date that they were submitted, and most of them are bad or lack of explanation, i can tell for sure that i can make a new one and solve my problem, but what about new players?, i would feel bad for them for spending time and resources in a bad build, something that almost happened to me at the beginning when i started playing. Personally, i think that upvote / downvote + comments could work if you can use a system like, where your user is liked to your steam account, but i hope that something will be done soon, without some reference, the build list is just a big trap for new players and discourage others to contribute.
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    Warframe Builder

    Well it seems that the site is down atm, any news?