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  1. So I maxed out my Ship Yesterday, then sometime last night I was watching aweblade and he was giving some advice on underrated avionics that we should try, so I decided to try them the next day. Fast forward to the next day and I signed on and went to the Dry Dock, first think I noticed was that my ship wasnt there, so I ran around then it just appeared (Not suspicious at all). I went over to the panel activated it navigated over to my avionics section and right clicked on my avionics mod that I upgraded the other day to try something new. I realize I dont have the mods I wanted to try so I went back to add the ones I had before only to realize that I cant find them, like, at all. I asked in region whats happening and no one could answer. Spent like 15-20K Dirac maxing those only to have them disappear. And I know upgraded mods differ from other none upgraded ones but maan, I am not going to take a unmodded rail jack to a mission. Please tell me if there is a solution or a way to get them back cause I am really hoping that I am not looking in the right place because this is just demoralizing.
  2. So this happened while I was maxing the Shedu, I go into the mission with it, and for 4 rounds/wave I could fire the Shedu, even though it had Full Ammo. I dont know why, I went into another mission and had to go 30 waves with secondary because Shedu wouldnt Fire. This bug seems to happen at random by the way with it happening right after a mission. Additionally, is it supposed to override warframe stance animations when equiped ? Does seem a little sad having to pay plat for a warframe animation only to have it get overwritten when you equip a weapon.
  3. It stayed like that for entire mission and on wards lolz. I had to go back to Dojo.
  4. So I was playing rail jack, farming for Void Hole, Killed crew ships and fighters you know, doing my thing, Until I went into a Crew Ship, Killed the enemies, destroyed the reactor then TP back to the Rail jack only to see my Cat this big. Lol
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