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  1. 1 month farming u can buy infinite formas :) with farmed pls _o/
  2. maybe you're just worried about it, and have nothing to do in-game as mr10 #we_are_with_you #u_can : D
  3. well, put a randon podcast or netflix series and spam missions and abuse of oull mod I guarantee it will be faster than your method
  4. well well, i got all formas 4free i dont need use them in meme weapons or build every single new weapon xDDDD so i saved many for sisters weapons xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  5. jesus, that's why i got all my weapons in first day xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD complains when some warframe does nothing but also complains when it does something J E S U S
  6. Effects Intensify - > 0 Reduce Teammate Visual Effects > ON!!
  7. well, let thing about it every update we have a single weapon with a hardest grind, so 's more fast: u open randon relics from fast captures in hepit/ukko ( on void ) and sell prime stuffs and get "X platinuns" to buy in market. u can do arbitrations, farm endo and maybe (adaptation), with endo u ll buy r0 corruped mods, usefull mods and leveling them and sell in wf.market and get "X platinuns" to buy in market. u can sell syndicate stuffs to complement ur daily plats and get "X platinuns" to buy in market. if u like, do sorties and sell good rewards and get "X platinuns" to buy in market. Well, if u have more than 2000 hours and still opening posts in forum complaining about the grind, u have a bit of time to do the things I suggested. xD
  8. ??????? i said that i never did any specific trick or high combo chain before this quest. I just pressed what was written on the page. XDDDDDDDDDDDD
  9. well , i never did any high combo or advanced tricks and was easy the pages. So's noob friendly mini quest.
  10. mehhh u dont need good %, it's just a few damage added a infinite damage. so u dont need do this meme grind to get (∞ + % damage). We have infinite damage in many weapons soooooo.... it's time wasted for nothing :)))))))))
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