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  1. Any chance you will ever fix the pulse generator door bug? Its one of the oldest railjack bugs and its still happening. It completely breaks the mission. It happens in solo and team, doesn't matter what warframe you use, if you host or if someone else does, or what. Its just random (from our end) and its game breaking.
  2. Yeeeah, then you don't play enough Railjack. I've seen this bug 6 or 7 times and in all sorts of situations with all sorts of frames both solo and single. Case point, RIGHT NOW at the time of typing this this is what I am looking at.... No I wasn't stealthed when I walked up to it, I did that so grineer wouldnt shoot me while I posted this, and besides had the same happen with Wisp, Protea and Nezha so its not my frame or anything else. Its also not host migration because as you can see I am playing solo with crew (and no I am not lagging). Its something else entirely and its annoying AF
  3. You are crossing your issues. Its not about "making the side guns useless" the point is tether is strong because quite frankly all other options are weak. I don't even like tether but I use it because the ability I do like ... seeker volley.... does a fraction of the damage even though it costs more to use. But the solution isn't to remove the damage burst from tether, its to make skills like seeker volley comparable. "But that means we kill too fast" .. so what? Warframe at its core is a game about grinding. No matter what you do you will have to repeat those missions tens if not hundreds of
  4. Yeah that would be great if it was remotely what they did but history proves its not remotely true. They nerf the crap out of things to the point they become broken and then give at best a marginal, and frequently no real buff to the other stuff in return so the game becomes more of a slog because you are forced to use mediocre gear until the next meta comes along and they nerf that too. In fact the DE approach to balancing something seems to literally be break it utterly and they slowly edge it back up till its usable but not especially interesting. Besides that we shouldn't need level 200 en
  5. Hahahahaha .. silly me, I read the title and thought "Oh yay .. they are gonna make Baro's prices less painful to grind for."... what was I thinking...
  6. I genuinely want to understand this... just being a humble casual player and all I don't understand this logic. From my perspective anyways something becomes META because its good.... either its strong or feels good to play, right? So why do you constantly feel the need to destroy these things to elevate the things we don't like to use. I mean, we aren't not using them because we are being mean to them or whatever, we don't use things... be it guns, frames, railjack mods (I mention because of the impending tether nerf), etc because quite frankly compared to the meta they feel bad to use. So ma
  7. One of the biggest problems I have with the Kuva Lich system (aside from the requiem grind... ugh.. requiem boosters when?) is how while it feels rewarding in the sense you get a good gun, the spare them side feels a bit lackluster (yes I know they are integrating them into railjack, don't @ me) and I feel like the "kuva" part of them is just flavor text add on, so these are some ideas I had ... and I am nuts so some of them might be too ... that I wanted to spit ball out there and see what anyone thinks of them.. Kuva Lich Beacon - Why is this not a thing? I spared that jackholes life a
  8. Hello Tenno, Title kind of says my problem ... I have amalgam shotgun spazz but not serration. I wouldn't have sold the mod because I never sell unique items so I am wondering if something bugged out and it wasn't delivered. In any case my real question is is there any way to get it again?
  9. As the title says, there is a visual artifact that floats in front of the warframe when wearing either of these Syandana. They use the same model so its clearly attached to that somehow. Its not specific to my frame or anything and shows up on all the frames I use it with. Its a small rectangular object floating in the air and I doubt its intentional.
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