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  1. As someone who recently got it, getting to even 4 status effects is a pain in the rear, requiring weapon switching or ability usage to accomplish unless you're high enough to already be in massive trouble. Otherwise things are simply dying before you get stacked up. If they bring it to 90% per Status effect, it'll cap out above what 4 Status effects have now, with more damage during the ramp up period and taking much less work to reach. At 120% per Status Effect, you can exceed the current 5-effect damage multiplier. With the increase to base damage, which seems to be around 80% given the Skana example, the overall performance of high-end Status weapons should be fairly similar, if not generally improved, unless you've come completely off the deep end for Status stacking to get to 7 effects constantly. Before the preceding double-digit multipliers kill them, mind you. I'd also prefer to see the balance point on the new Reach be rather high, so that we can observe full jank with six-meter Daggers (which would fit a 0.5m per rank Primed Reach). For reference, Titania's Dwati dash has a 10m. range. Of course, jank could be reduced significantly with Energy effects based on the Tekko Prime's blade-things displaying the increased range. Not necessarily for Status weapons, especially more casually. As listed above, it doesn't take too much to keep the more realistic to reach Status number bonuses, and the increase to base damage looks to be on the order they'll probably go for Condition Overload. So look at as being locked to the current 6-effect value as your ceiling, but needing only half the Status effects, so the weapon will do it just fine on its own. Lower ceiling, technically, but we're talking 17x listed damage already and previously requiring two weapons and/or a Warframe ability to realistically reach. There's no content in the game vaguely appropriate for that on a weapon worth using, unless you count ego-stroking endurance runs that the devs have repeatedly acted to suppress. The current Blood Rush is in a similar boat of being wildly more powerful than the game needs, but again, the increased baseline should be able to substitute for anything the devs intend to happen, as what it's applying to seems to have a x4 multiplier to begin with, stacking with all other damage increases and running on (some of) the Channel mods. We're talking what looks to be routinely doubling to tripling the floor of melee, with Heavy Attacks being a further tripling to quadrupling. Edit: Reason for only quoting off the first page was because I expected the important criticisms to all be there
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