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  1. I think that making Loki's 1 multi-use should be just making it a sidegrade to Celestial Twin, where it's less damage and meat but does more things depending on what you're targeting. Instead of giving it Invulnerability on breaking and cycle to a separate hacking and damage function, make it contextual where it attacks with your actual secondary at fractional damage if cast on the ground, turns an enemy into a meatshield if you cast it directly targeting one, goes for interactables to auto-hack, open doors, and so on if you use it on a location with one in 3m, and acts as a buff of some description if cast on an ally, at the detriment of turning them into a bullet magnet. Then the augments don't need changed because it's still always a decoy, just with more functions. No real complaints with Invisibility having manual shutdown to re-cast, that's increasingly commonplace in reworks and new releases for the very same quality of life reasons. With Switch Teleport, my own suggested improvement is to, rather than bake in Safeguard Switch, make it so holding the ability teleports to the target while leaving a Decoy at your previous location, making the current intended maneuver one-button if slightly slower and less energy efficient. The Decoy already acts to be an anchor to teleport exactly where you want, it's just that it's an annoying bit of clunk like Gaara damage stacking or properly using Lavos because you have to keep targeting that spot to set it off while moving and use two buttons to do so. Again, you have Invisibility, now without awkward mid-firefight drops, you don't need much extra survivability. Radial Disarm is honestly fine with the sheer number of ways there are to avoid melee in the game, let alone Loki screwing with them by tossing Decoys and going invisible. The issue is that it's very rarely worth using even with the augment, and even with your improvement, because you also have a load of ways to avoid being threatened by ranged enemies, with the most direct being just nuking them into oblivion with weapons whenever your Invisibility timer's low to go back to being untargetable. It suffers the issue of all debuff-specific-enemy abilities in that you just kill them in two seconds anyways, so why waste the energy? Consequently, it almost needs the Chaos Sphere treatment, where it keeps disabling enemies in the area as they enter for a decent period of time.
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