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  1. Also, other thing to note is that the Helminth abilities include an Ability Strength booster, so the absolute limits will still vastly demand the original 'Frame to get that bonus. If it's exponential, then we're talking about the potential for a 70% Ability Strength increase on top of everything else.
  2. Maybe, but that's Dispensory. Pillage is doing the same as it does now, but costs Energy on other 'Frames, so it's "just" a defense-stripping shield recharger. My own take is that Roar is probably not going to be the meta for the simple reason that it's a team buff, so only one person needs it, so why not bring Rhino and stick some other big useful thing on the damage buffer that's virtually immortal? Like Dispensory to make that damage buff actually stick around forever and keep him not dying, while simultaneously giving everyone access to ammo and energy so they can actually make use of
  3. The implementation of it as a "freeform" setup would be most likely done as an advancement of the Helminth Chrysalis system, where you can literally bolt two 'Frames together. The associated graphical work would be factoring out the assets of the existing Warframes to procedurally merge their appearance, rather than from-scratch design, as you're literally stapling them together like Xaku was. Benefit-wise, it'd be allowing for taking an ability more permanently without occupying the Helminth slot, including 4s, alongside averaging stats, but the more intense the merger, the larger the comprom
  4. I like the idea of giving Darvo a larger role, and showing some of the wider world through him hawking off sufficiently-dangerous appliances, under-tested jank, and quality control failures on unsuspecting Tenno. Perhaps have categories of issue giving hyper-skewed properties that give one specific use-case, with each weapon having a selection of them it rolls from. Then Darvo rotates price tags, what property set each weapon has, and which property set he sells removals for. Maybe have the removals be Precept Exilus mods that provide a different skew. Being opt-in and having the methods
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