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  1. Rescue missions have a problem where extraction will not show up after rescuing the target. Even if you manage to find the extraction without the waypoint it will not allow you to extract until it actually shows up, if it does at all. On top of that it takes a while for the UI to indicate the rescue target is down. Was playing a sortie rescue and extraction never showed up, then it notified me the rescue target was down with 1 second to revive him. Its a coin toss whether rescue missions are even able to be completed. Fix this broken mode.
  2. I had the same glitch occur every time I chose the mission from plains, caused spawns to become nonexistent. Also messed up my UI one time.
  3. Ran the earth sabotage and couldn't find the last cache. Pretty sure I didn't miss it as I scoured the entire tileset for nearly an hour. I had on loot detecting mods and checked high and low for it, but never found it. I have included a video of one of my sweeps of the map I mark the locations where I found the other two caches, in the video you can also see I have on loot detection mods when an item dropped. If it's not a bug and I legitimately missed one, I would appreciate knowing where it is.
  4. Playing an arbitration survival and got instantly killed had nearly full health with nekros and shield of shadows up. Literally instantaneous death no chip damage, no status procs, no damage to my shield (i had overshield up too), just standing there one second the next I'm watching another player play.
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