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  1. Please expand Tennogen to allow music creators to submit Warframe-based music to be purchasable for the somachord on our orbitors. Somachord feels like a forgotten feature and really needs some updates and I feel this could fill the gaps.
  2. It only allowed to trade in 30k with at a time. I could do another trade right after, but only in increments of 30k
  3. Seen in many other games there is usually a dagger that gives a bonus to some type of "treasure hunter" skill. And so far we've seen this "extra loot" feature being added to different Warframes, but I've always been wondering if we'd ever get it on a melee dagger. Now if the rumors are true about a certain "Prime leak", and one of the weapons also being a primed dagger, I honestly couldn't see a better opportunity to add "pilfering" to the weapons bonus gimmick. Just let the "pilfering" effect only activate when performing a Finisher. Works perfectly with "Prime leak"s first ability right? Ijs
  4. "Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission."
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Corpus Spy, fall through floor/map. Elevator spy room (img1). VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: In all four corners of the room that looks like triangle flooring (img2), can fall to an empty room below (img3) where can further fall through the map (img4). EXPECTED RESULT: N/A OBSERVED RESULT: Was trying to shoot a camera above when I backed into this corner unintentionally, then fell through the floor. REPRODUCTION RATE: Tested it with all four corners with same results 100% of the time.
  6. Please and thank you
  7. Small bug but thought I'd report it here. So about the above picture there is one thing that is off about these plates. The fact that I have 12 when I should only have 11. Now how this happened was quite simple. The special room to obtain these in spawned twice on a single map, and when attempting to pay my coin to the second alter, instead of just giving me the next plate/codex entry, it gave me a duplicate of the one I already obtained in this same mission. But it all worked out for me in the end tho. I just used the backside of the duplicate for the top of my wall here. 🙂
  8. Idky but I need this so bad!!! Reminds me of the little broken guy from "Batteries Not Included". I can just picture a minima moa running around our Orbiter bumping into things and falling down backwards going into it's detonation animation but only releasing smoke instead. 😍😍😍
  9. ^ This I'm not doing it until it gets changed. If it doesn't then big whoop I lose out on a measly 1k I can easily make up for later on.
  10. Damage numbers are already there idk what you're talking about. I suggested in addition to what it already does but make enemies visually visible by making their silhouettes visible similar to Banshee's radar
  11. To me, Revealing Spores seems a bit underwhelming from something that we can already have from other mods within the game. So I have two suggestions that would slightly improve it, but not make it OP. 1) Reveal Mores- Bad joke, I kno. But in addition to the enemy radar attached to the infected enemies, also make those infected enemies visible through walls. Tho we already know the enemies positions due to the onscreen damage numbers and this change would seem purely cosmetic, the making of infected enemies visible through walls would also lead to that the mod should.... 2) Allow Spores to be applied to enemies through walls. Since the silhouette of enemies being visible through walls only applies to those that are already infected, this could be used for reapplying spores to enemies. Nothing ground breaking, but slightly better than what the current mod offers imo.
  12. "Added ‘Incomplete’ tab/category to the Avionics screen in the ‘Configure Railjack’ panel, Mods Segment screen, and the Codex." I originally misread this. Please add Avionics to the Codex!
  13. As posted as others in this thread. Also can't log back in.
  14. Please consider for possible naming option Mekhane "Mekhane or Also known as The Broken God... ...Knowing a battle between two gods would lead to great destruction he sacrificed himself to Trap Yaldabaoth and save humanity, Today only pieces of him are found through out cosmos taking the name The Broken God" https://omniversal-battlefield.fandom.com/wiki/Mekhane_(SCP_Foundation)
  15. Since the frame is built from parts of other frames, why not just make it a build-a-frame where BP requires you to select built pieces that can already be farmed in the game. Neuro- Ability 1 of used frame's part Systems- Ability 2 of used frame's part Chassis- Ability 3 of used frame's part 4th Ability- Something unique to the Warframe This would make multiple possibilities and some might make multiple versions of the Warframe to try different combinations. I would also let this frame be able to equip augments from the Warframes of the parts used.
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