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  1. Shigeru Miyamoto A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad. I am with you, but if exists something worst that a content drought, it´s a content drought with bad updates.
  2. Excuse me, i am a mindclosed that never play more that one game in a year. Uffff, demagogues.
  3. Not rude but it´s a lot of stupid spend all the time that you spend in this game, forum...etc. Only because you can play while see a movie without other reason. Maybe it´s time to move on to the anthem reddit, no?
  4. It´s more it´s even unnecesary that you return to warframe, if it´s a terrible game. I mean why you show interest in warframe if don´t have nothing for you. There is a lot of like you, that DE don´t listen, that warframe it´s bad... ok, but something good have if all still show interest in the game, even when is in the worst place in long long time. Just curious.
  5. Warframe and probably destiny. Warframe it´s always home, and i have faith in 2019 gonna be a good year. Destiny. Forskaen right now was a mirage, but like with warframe have faith the next 2 updates gonna be good.
  6. DE create a lot of things for everybody. Not work. The people have different taste, so the people need different things, we not are clones my friend, for example i am a lore nerd, the sacrifice for me it´s the most important update in the game, for others it´s dissapointed. People said that fortuna it´s bad, for me only need more missions, and it´s incredible because the lore is superior. Poetry. So yeah this community have a portion that want lore, other endgame, other fashion frame, other endurance missions, other pvp, other open worlds, the secret it´s try to sattisfied all, not only one portion, and if one part it´s small do things to attract more. If you catter always the same, you only retain the same, not grow.
  7. 1) Because there are people that want this. 2) Because it´s a great idea, my only hope it´s that DE continue developing and not rush, and finally do something specific for this audience and not try catter everybody, because no matter the hater gonna hate. 3) Because with mistakes i love that DE try to put new perspectives to the game. 4) Because DE need to stop listen the community, because the community show that not have idea that want with this game. If always DE need learn of bioware it´s that copy that is suceed in other games it´s more important that try to maintain a game listen everybody. 5) I see you post, and you say that anthem it´s like 1000 times better than warframe, so, this is a strategic reason because anthem don´t have pvp. So yeah i prefer that DE listen the people that want support their game, and not people that advertised a different game in their forums. Simple and fair.
  8. Anthem is a mediocre game, there is nothing that DE need learn form anthem, at least now. Warframe it´s not perfect but there is REAL GAMES out where DE can learn. Dark souls: Integrate storytelling and world building in the enviroment, descriptions and mechanics. And bosses. Destiny: Gunplay Witcher 3: Open worlds. There is more games here. PoE: How integrate new mechanics in the core gameplay and end game. Warframe only need more difficult, and put content frequently, with story, adding varierity and nothing more. Well there is one thing that can learn from Anthem, marketing.
  9. You have luck, because everything that you want is coming.
  10. Verticality and weakpoints. In my case, maybe it´s only me, but i like more the aesthetic of warframe that the anthem. Never believe said this, lol.
  11. The rewards not are bad, but can be better. I don´t say exclusive, i want the same rewards that obtain in pve. Example, obtain focus lens, normal and superior, and maintain like exclusive eidolon in pve. Obtain rare resources, kuva, argon crystals, nitain, orokin cells.... Obtain blueprints of weapon like you obtain in the log-in. We don´t need exclusive things, we need that our time in conclave will be rewarded in the game. And not is a slap in the face that the people obtain the skins only putting plat. People grind days or months for these, and other enter, and in 1 min have the skin. It´s a thing that i don´t want, but i think that is a thing that need this game. The people feel that not are good reward, this is a good reward. And yes for me it´s fine that people grind for this things. No it´s the same 10 min in the void t4 with enemies level 200, that 10 mins in the earth with enemies level 5. Other hand you can give a compensation for these people.
  12. I enjoy conclave. My answer is yes, change the skins for good rewards of pve. But please put the skins in the new mode, the wolf of saturn not in the market, maintain the skins like reward in the game.
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