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  1. -Leave us hunt thralls and larvling in the core of the game. -Will be nice have a mechanic that have sense with the lich hunt. For example. Capture. Capture a mini lich that is part of the organization of the lich. Give a little more of murmurs. Sabotage. Sabotage a ship (if is implemented in railjack, i have hope, the railajck ship) and obtain a little part of the resources that the lich steal us. -And a expansion in the voices and character of the liches. Good changes, this is the way team.
  2. I see. But they can make the spawn more closer. I mean i understand your frustation with the change, but this affect all, not only eidolons. Is like the armour, you can fix the scale or build a disproportional damage, after all this year what you think that it´s the best solution, fix how armour scale or give us uncontrollabe power. The same here, i think the way it´s change something in the eidolons, not in the archwings.
  3. So if the problem are the eidolons why not change the eidolons. Blink without cost of energy it´s just..... Yeah, sometimes i forget that the people play this game with macros. So IMO change the way that the eidolons spawn, give us a option to use something in the shrine and wake up the eidolon that you want. Leave the changes for itzal and prove it first specially with railjack.
  4. A destiny vet here, this is the reality all the good things that happen in destiny are outside of the game, things like the game have cross save, move to steam, go "F2P", split from activision, a lot of blueberries jump to the boat, then in game, bungie is making good activision, the number of mtx is increasing like never before, the loot is in min, and is starting to suffer the warframe experience reskin and reutilized the same thing until the extenuation,and at the same time feel like all with the chore resets you are playing like the 25% of the game and having fun with the 10% since forsaken, we have forges grind over grind, boring, we have gambit prime, a inferior version of gambit that the majority of the people hate because is so repetitive and unbalance, quest for weapons that we had in d1 but at the price of other 60 bucks more, more books of lore, that at this point i don´t know if the same guy that write the books play the game, because everytime looks like it´s writing about a different game, and jokes about the storytelling and the short lore of warframe, destiny story is a trailer at this point, Menagerie and zero hour content created for the studios of activision (in fact things like the gunplay in pc, because in ps4 is horrible, the pc port, big part of forsaken, whisper... that are the things that people like it about destiny are thing not produced for bungie) now we have the reskin moon, with the reskin loot, enemies, and game modes like vex offensive that is even worst that defection, and a escalation protocol 2.0 but again worst (again without the help of activision, na de na) Nerfs every week, mediocre new weapons.... And can follow but the real point here is, DE is not doing the things better, and this is the real thing because warframe drop, if warframe will be in a good state they will have big numbers. In fact if DE release railajck now and it´s good, the base of destiny maybe fall in a 5%, more or less, yeah surely there is new warframe players enjoying destiny, but in general i don´t think for experience that too much, and the same way people moving from destiny to warframe, yeah surely like me in the past, but again a little%, are two different games, despite that share the same category. So yeah the influence of destiny in warframe, and warframe in destiny, it´s only the playerbase that want be like the big guy. Honestly DE not need put the focus in that, the opposite, now it´s following all the old trends of the worst AAA, hyped content, total dependency of big updates vs progresive content that step a step improve and expand the game, unrealistic grind to force you to play between the gaps... The reality it´s both games if it´s follow the same path gonna have hard times, in fact we are in that point in warframe, so DE the most frustating part is they know the answer, create content, give the people what they want, decrease the grind and etc but just they don´t want. So yeah, sorry for my english, and less care about number of X game, and more about what is #*!%ing wrong in warframe.
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