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  1. Design- 10 of 10. Loyal to the grineer style and awesome.
  2. 1- Soft cap in range. 2- More complex missions that only do one thing all the time. Defend this, kill this. More Mechanics. 3-More resistant enemies. Still the perfect example is the nox i think. 4-Scalable rewards. That play against hard enemies will be rewarding. 5-Less stack % damage and maybe more additive, and less cheap, that only require put . One example you have difference of damage between 2 weapons, with mods this increase, with school focus this increase more, with arcanes this increase more, with buffs of warframe increase more, and optional but add rivens.
  3. Shigeru Miyamoto A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad. I am with you, but if exists something worst that a content drought, it´s a content drought with bad updates.
  4. Thanks for the new boss and new enemy. Hope see more in 2019. Great stream.
  5. Totally agrre. After the archwings rework i like it see zones where only you can explore with archwings. And i want know a little more about Unum.
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