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  1. The community only wants everything easier and by default every company complies to make it always sellable. Can't label the community in quotes as if everyone in the community is greedy or egoistical unless inside the quotes, even if the origins of that problem is with the company only hearing them, only complying with them. In the end, the game still is being developed by a team and other algorithms running behind the paychecks. It makes sense that not everything is as we like. What I don't get is when something is working just FINE or at least not causing any problem, and then it is remo
  2. I thought I was the only one bothered by immersion braker things. I'm glad I'm not. I totally approve that. But I guess at this point immersion is the last thing to be worked on in Warframe. We're barely heard about the most complex problems, other things may be considered petty and very unrealistic to ever happen. Sometimes we get lucky and they hear us, but in the end the masses always wins.
  3. The hosting should be logical. If you're inside your ship, you're the host. I hate when I'm inside mine's and then I pick a mission just to end up on somebody else's ship. Its nonsensical.
  4. Thank you since you represent a lot of what I think about the matter and thanks for being the first to speak so quickly, it is a good and solid feedback I think the devs may consider and think about. I had to edit this because I pasted the wrong quote. I'm more worried about leveling the Plexus up. I agree with removing the downsides but there are other things bothering me. We still can't link the mod configuration of it on the chat and I wonder why exactly, it is one of these things. I personally don't like the Plexus being a thing you can carry around other ships. That would be as
  5. Each 5 Railjack missions I do, 3 are bugged or glitched. Ranging from missing objectives to doors not opening. I understand how difficulty this is, but it seems like it was rushed. Not really necessary. I also understand the pandemic situation must be interfering, but I liked Railjack the way it was. I like the idea to connect the game to its many modes, but is this the real way to do it? Add back the ship docking supply 1- I don't like that I can't reload my Railjack from the dock anymore. The option should be added back to there. The forge should also be more clear about the maximum limit
  6. I can honestly say the integration is fun, it is the best Warframe has to offer mixed with my favorite mode. The problem = It still looks like a different mode trying to look integrated. It is easier for folks to fly Railjack now, that I can say, but that came at the cost of the Railjack uniqueness. Not to mention bugs still ruining the best of it. I'm neutral, at the brink of hating it. I don't like the Plexus and that thing wasn't what they promised when Railjack first came. It is taking me time to accept the new reality that was taken away from me. Again, like so many things taken
  7. I found out that when I click to go to a Railjack mission, I can end up on someone else's ship anyway, not because it was a bug but by design. That was a mix of disappointment with shock. I was loving the organic new feel on the rework, ground missions after blood boiling combat, all super fun. But now I wish the Plexus idea never happened. We could totally have the option to host your ship when you want to, actually it makes no sense to be physically inside my ship and end up on someone else's anyway. I can name my ship, I can paint it and skin it up in and out, but I can't choose to go wi
  8. Since you know WF for a long time I may say this. I agree that the update messes with the prime thing that made it attractive to me in the first place. But no way in hell the ground missions are a bad idea. It is the best and most ambitious ever, and remember, a free game having the audacity to challenge its own setup is no small feat. The problem that I hate so much is that they never had to create this ''Plexus'' thing to better integrate Railjack into the game and force you to join ships without requesting so. In that I can agree, it was an awful decision I don't like. But there is an
  9. Thank you OP because I was starting to think I was the only one. My Railjack is gone. I understand why it has been done and I like the idea, integration it is a dream I want to see happening. But the cost was really heavy in a place it really didn't need to. The Plexus (because it takes the feeling that your ship matters, it doesn't, its just a set of mods) and the inability to host your own ship at will. Just two things, massive disappointment, my ship doesn't look like a bus, it just look like some bigger archwing I just have to invoke and do the mission. This wasn't what they promised on th
  10. I came to understand that when I click to go some mission inside my Railjack, I can end up on someone else's ship anyway, not because it was a bug but by design. Now I wish the plex never happened. Or at least it could have the option for you to host your ship when you want to, actually it makes no sense to be inside my ship and end up on someone else's anyway. I can name my ship, I can pain it, I can skin it up in and out, but I can't choose to go with her unless I pre assemble a party. I understand the plex is for better integration, but that little host thing should have been an optio
  11. This is bad enough, but at least you don't need to risk going into the mission and trying to refill things in there. I hope they fix this soon.
  12. I'm Brazilian, mastery 30 and I play it for years now and my native language is Portuguese. English seems to be pretty much a global/universal language easily accepted to refer to things like "Iron Man" movie, no one anywhere on the planet says that franchise title in his own language - because it has become a thing already. We had that on Warframe, from which the title isn't translated either. No one here says "Homem de ferro" for Iron Man nor "Quadro de guerra" for Warframe, because some stuff simply doesn't require translation. Well, this is happening here. Apparently the translation eff
  13. I tried to find the right place, even tried to look for a megathread, couldn't find any. Can't reload Railjack from my dojo's hangar console anymore, like we used to do before the update. I have to actually go to a mission and refill things from there assuming I already found the stuff. Can't refill not even inside the ship both on dojo and the orbiter nor using the forges, prior to missions.
  14. Integration is great, it is actually a dream of mine to see game modes merge into one great game. But what made Railjack looking like a space ship was the matrix to work on. Sorry but the feeling was just like as owning a ship. Diracs made it look like it required special treatment. Now it is so super easy to build it and work on it, now it looks like a big arch-wing with friends inside. Luckily there is still a reactor and other pieces to replace or change, but sometimes during my gameplay on this new update, I wonder why I'm bothering trying to use my own ship, because it no longer feels
  15. I totally agree. I have been suggesting this way before this update. This time is great as any to consider.
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