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  1. I went back to WF to give the new update a try and see if other things got fixed. My first experience was as bad as the other few that followed Scarlet's expansion, because I love my Railjack and it toke me a lot of time and investment to make it strong. Not being able to unleash it is just frustrating. 30 minutes on the space and we only received 4 kill-codes. We had to abort. My second and third time trying that mission was just as frustrating, including ground people abandoning the mission after 20 minutes or so, rendering the previous mission time useless. Guys, this isn't working. The Earth mission is fun as hell, but we're only playing that. All the potential on the space is wasted away. Not fair. I suggest better balance or new rules. One thing that may help a lot is to store useless kill-codes from the Earth players with some sort of timing, or the squad being able to store it themselves. Maybe just 5 codes for space instead of 10. Problem: severe lag seems to take too long to communicate between squads. Lots of com in the chat announcing courtesies but when in reality you're not receiving any. I also did receive 2 kill-codes some 5 minutes after aborting the mission.
  2. I just hope Digital Extremes is aware of all that. Space mission on Scarlet is barely playable with the current lag and balance.
  3. My god 😮 that's even worse of what I have been experiencing. I wrote a large text explaining to DE over Reddit, I just hope they're aware it lacks balance. I don't want Dark Sector 2.
  4. First time trying Scarlet spear, only 5 kill codes came in a spam of 10 minutes. After half an hour we decided to abort. Then we came back to the flotilla just to see this. A lot of people were on Earth and just a couple on the space. What sort of sorcery is messing with math? And how I can see myself in the space ''receiving'' courtesies from people if I was already at the flotilla? I think all this suffering comes from severe lag or something. But to be realistic, that update is dreaming way too high. You can't really be depending of others like this. Unless the rules could adapt somehow.
  5. Does Kuva siphon has a chance for not showing up at Ceres? Kuva flooding in there never spawns. If not, it is one of the oldest bug that has never been fixed. These kind of problems are getting tiresome. Not sure if its map related or just a matchmaking bug. You click to go to the alert but the game send you to normal mission on Ceres too.
  6. Title. Things have been problematic enough on multiple fronts lately. Some very special people have been blocking and distracting the view.
  7. I'm very, very sad to see that classic self-damage that has been on action games since you were even born, has now totally been removed from Warframe. After 2 years and five thousand hours of devotion and love and care, I'm now considering to leave. That was the last enemy/mission/threat easing nerf I could take. I know I'm old news, I don't think DE need me. Already spent a lot in there. It toke me a lot of time to learn how to use my Lenz and Javlok and other overpowered explosive guns like Bramma etc, and I could still die if any mistake were made. The threat tasted good. That mechanic was fun. But now it just feels empty. Tasteless, insipid. As I can predict people in favor of that coming to subtle attack me, cheer up, you guys won already. Enjoy your unstoppable indestructible onslaught.
  8. Out of sudden I'm having these Ship name disappearing all over again. When it isn't the name its just the glyph. Very unstable.
  9. Agreeing with everything DE does with asinine comments isn't really supporting them nor the community, just so you know. It was more complex than that, so I'm sure not adapting my ways to please you.
  10. What I have heard is that Cautious Shot will help you get less knock-downs... knocking is irritating but it isn't the same as the threat of self damage. It is really sad. Not even impact status will count if I'm correct. I suggested what you just said, maybe something new for the entirety of the exilus mods not just a single mod. There is another thing, not related to Chroma but made me even more sad... hit-kill will also be removed. Reworked maybe. Even if the enemy has enough power to do it, he will have to take shields down first... regardless of his stats and yours. It is the end of classic bigger threats on Warframe coming soon.
  11. Me too exactly my thoughts. They usually listen to the community with care, but I'm afraid anything that makes it harder has the risk of getting ditched. I'm fully bored of Eidolon hunt but hey, I still use the dragon against the Orb. Luckily I don't need Kulstar in there. I would never ''save words'' to please specific readers but ''dumbing down'' is a word I could have used on my original text lol It is exactly what is happening on Warframe. When was the last time we got something buffed to hell instead of dumbed down the orbit in there?
  12. It is really much complex than just that.
  13. I could talk the problem at Eris where Kuva clouds are indistinguishable from red background or even the siphon's position, but that's gameplay you can work around and win. But when there is ''Ceres'' on alert, me and my clan mates immediately ignore it. Maybe it is a bug, maybe it is just us. Ceres usually simply won't spawn the siphon sometimes no matter if you explore 100% of the map and entering on every room. I wonder if the siphon goes on places we can see on the map - not secret rooms - but with door that are locked by design. As far I'm concerned, Kuva alerts aren't a matter of chance but actual spawning places. I wish we could have a fix on Ceres (not to be easier) but so it could at least spawn a siphon where we can actually walk on the navigable mesh.
  14. Edited: I'm glad people replied to me with good points, but I'm not here trying to please specific individuals or to annoy. This is something that can ultimately impact the gameplay, it is important. It is complex, the origins of it are too, so it requires words to express. I'm 100% against self-damage being removed from the game but I won't ask the same as hundred others did already. At first it sounds logical. There is no friendly fire on a game like this except for when radiation kicks in, but you guys are not considering how ugly it will look. Talking about difficulty. I'm not a hard game lover trying to humiliate people, but I do love when the game tries to stop me. But It just seems like I already have all the advantages over the enemies with overpowered guns and frames and incredible dumb enemy AI that has zero self-preservation instincts. As if it wasn't enough, Abitration got easier, Kuva Fortress challenge got easier, Liches got easier, everything is now easier and now the dangers of explosive weapons as well? Oh my... I see the enemies trying to take cover behind shields and walls when I can just press 4 and kill the entire room. That's best example of how ugly it looks regardless of the effect it is causing. I'm not just asking a mono-dimensional wish like ''please don't remove the self-damage" I'm asking DE to improve self-damage instead. Do something else with "Cautious Shot" instead of knock downs , do broader effects or more mods for weapon's Exilus slot to contain self damage, something smart for that matter instead of just plucking it off. Anything like that would please everyone. I think I would rather have something like other games that only a couple characters or guns can have it instead of a full removal of it.
  15. That made it look like the problem is so mono-dimensional, when It will ruin difficulty too, it will ruin the challenge (the little we have left) it will ruin the logic of overpowered explosive weapons. That's multidimensional problem.
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