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  1. I can swap annoying for hard to define it but people would complain even more. Let's try it out. I just had another bug when the animal capture spot is underneath the water exocrine. I just couldn't reach there. The other day I had a bug again with it where a Panzer Vulpaphyla was inside the exocrine, or I couldn't reach for a specific rare fish even with the right tool. These are just examples of how problematic it is right now and how it could improve even if none of my suggestions are good. That's annoying. So maybe I was wrong and now I think easy is a better word to describe how most o
  2. Nicks que não conseguiram ser recrutados nos últimos 2 dias, podem tentar de novo a vontade.
  3. I also forgot to mention that Deimos is supposed to be hostile, a 100% of the time everywhere anywhere. It is the infested we're talking about. A good proof of that is when Fass remains are scattered on some zones and it gives some status when you walk on it. It isn't really hard but its disconforting - exactly my point. Try to imagine the possibilities with other things in there. Also, the effects of these Fass remains are pretty cool looking when underneath the solid river, you can see down the exocrine better. I guess this is what the devs must be discussing about as you said they d
  4. Fundei o clã Infested Roses, aliança em crescimento Considero Warframe um hobby e ao mesmo tempo um projeto que levo a sério. Como Warframe é gratuito, muitas pessoas irão depender da eficiência do clã para poderem jogar. É ai que entra responsabilidade mesmo em um simples jogo. Todo aquele que ''brincar e zoar'' sem controle, sem metas e sem regras, irá acabar falindo. E junto com ele, levará pro fundo os que precisam da sua liderança. O chat poderá ficar inútil, desagradável, desorganizado. Mas se crescer bem, a muito custo, podemos criar juntos. É natural atrair dois tipos de
  5. Quando eu era iniciante, eu não tinha direção. Quase abandonei por não saber como ou por onde começar. Demorei pra descobrir a pérola oculta que é Warframe. Assistir vídeos ou só ir no wikia não era a solução, precisava também de apoio mas não tinha nenhum. Vi muitos clãs na época com o chat descontrolado e muitas coisas negativas. Os maus usavam várias desculpas para justificar, incluindo estereótipos para fazer o ruim parecer normal. Hoje conheço clãs bons, mas parece que vivem com medo dos ruins. É difícil de os achar, pois se escondem. Sofri descriminação em alguns porque eu era de ma
  6. I like to write, so be ready. Again, Deimos can be crossed over with a few bullet jumps if you know how. Let me emphasize and clarify things here for the record, what I had in mind when I wrote my idea down this thread. 1- If you can beat the dojo's track with no bugs and cheats within 10/15 seconds or less you know what I mean, Deimos landscape extension is way too easy for us, specially veterans. There is a difference between cheap hard and cheap easy and Deimos isn't exactly in the middle of that. 2- I write and make drawings for years now, I even won a dojo beauty contest past ye
  7. Not everyone thinks that having clean easy stuff is good. Hence why I did the first comment on spoiler. So they could remove the magnetic status from Eidolon plains so we don't get annoyed, but that would be as boring as walking above solid water. Hundreds of words and only ''annoyed'' got nitpicked, it definitely pays off my writing. Hopes to last they'll make it more cool anyway.
  8. When it comes to the ''water'' and fishing on Deimos, to be honest and straight forward, it feels incomplete or just won't match all the incredible stuff in there and in most aspects of game regarding creativity and difficulty. We could have a quicksand effect in the rivers and lakes instead of solid water, making it look more like some heavy jelly instead. We should have some sort of problem, or effect and even status, just to make us run slower in there. During the night, the Eidolon plains water gives us magnetic status if you step on lakes and rivers during the night. When around the
  9. To be honest, I have no idea why these games got them launcher working so bad. I gave up at some other online game BDO recently due excessive problems with no error codes so I could know what I'm up against. But it won't matter if the code is there but inconsistent with facts, it is just as bad if not worse. Past month I just logged in, clicked play and the dreaded ''no_internet_connection" showed up on the patcher, while everything else was just fine. It stayed like that for 3 days no matter the work-around I attempted to do. There is something about provider's IP block that made no sense
  10. The only problem here is a very, indecent super offensive slow download. 7gb that used to take minutes are now taking hours. No work-around actually worked for me and I'm not in the mood to do space-magic to make it work, like summoning ancient demons or using Internet explorer. I leave that to the hot-looking geniuses at DE.
  11. I have been blocked from playing WF for some unknown reason (maybe the classic IP thing) then out of sudden it worked after almost 2 days. I managed to get to the relay and enjoy the Tennocon. Did some missions after that with no problems. Toke care of my clan. All fine. Then during late night it started. I have found approximately too many Ayatan stars in an spam of 2 missions, being some of those cyan. All these years playing I have never seen that amount of stars, not in such short period of time. When it became 16 stars I decided to stop playing and to open a ticket because it is
  12. In the name of my entire clan I want to thank you all, it was about time the infested to have some further love from the artists, it only toke many years for them to be on the dojo. I'm really excited for decorations and drones, even with their cockroach-intelligence they're kinda cute. Now I can infest my entire dojo with it. If we're having more infested pustrels or something to place on the orbiter, that would be perfect eventually. Congratulations for keeping it up even during global pandemic. Stay safe out there my people.
  13. The only update I have is that out of the blue, it can be downloaded again. My provider probably did nothing that I asked for, and support never answered me. Luckily I can log in. I never reinstalled the game nor did anything else, just waited for like almost 2 days. Of course I'm not happy, it is frustrating and I wonder when will be the next time I will be so abruptly removed from my sacred farming, I was helping my clan spawn.
  14. I have heard about that and it is quite insulting actually, fearsome, when will be the next time my farm will be interrupted because of paranoia? I have turned the modem off many times, but I guess I'll wait for more hours before turning it on again. I did a ticket and I'm complaining with my provider. I'll come back to update later just to serve as reference. Funny that no other online game is having that - not even bigger or crappy ones.
  15. I did that but it did nothing. Very frustrating, already opened a ticket.
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