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  1. An easy way to confirm that it stops attacking is by having Energy Generator equipped and watching how many "assist tokens" Deth Cube generates. In my experience, the tokens don't increase once the bug occurs.
  2. I just got done testing with Swift Deth and I've run into the same results as I've previously posted. Vaporize>Swift Deth = DethCube randomly stopping attacking. Swift Deth>Vaporize = Vaporize is never used. Has anyone tried testing this with a normal DethCube? I've been doing it a Prime, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some different between normal and prime because of spaghetti code.
  3. I'm experiencing the same thing. Thought it was because of something SO related, but it's happening in normal missions, too. I believe it has something to do with precept prio. If I prioritize Vaporize over Assault Mode, DethCube will randomly stop attacking enemies. It will still look at enemies as if it were targeting them, but it will no longer fire its sentinel weapon or Vaporize. I can't seem to find a specific trigger for this, as it just seems to happen at random. I've had it happen as early as a minute into a mission, or as late as 10 minutes. If I prioritize Assault Mode over Vaporize, DethCube will not use Vaporize ever. I've tested with different weapons and having just those two mods on the sentinel, and it seems to give the same results.
  4. I agree with others, don't dilute the drops! This should be the premier endo farm. Put those new items (and Seeding Step) in the vitus shop. Also, am I understanding Bloodletter correctly? Would this not encourage you to sit around and not kill anything?
  5. I have to agree with a few things folks have been saying. 1. It feels like it takes a lot of work to keep Gauss going and the effort feels too great. 2. Move Gauss's energy regen from Kinetic Plating to Mach Rush. He should gain energy based on targets damaged by Mach Rush in any way. This could even still require Kinetic Plating to be active. I think this would make Mach Rush more satisfying. 3. Give him a passive that allows him to fire his guns from the hip while sprinting. He should be the ultimate run-and-gun frame.
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